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The Magus Era - Chapter 396


Chapter 396: Blood Bait

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

’’Clear the way if you don't want to die!’’

Ji Hao gripped Qian Tan's neck and put Qian Tan in front of him, as a human shield, and forcibly opened up a path in the group of non-humankind slaves, who were now all fleeing in all directions. Behind him, thousands of human warriors whose bodies were all covered in blood followed up. They quickly retreated through a rough path.

Three giant warships released another wave of arrows towards this direction, but the distance was too great and all those non-humankind slaves had been fleeing around in disorder, blocking the sight of archers on the warships. Therefore, this wave of arrows didn't manage to even harm a hair of those human warriors. Instead, all stuck randomly on the ground, and exploded into spheres of blood-red light.

Behind Ji Hao, the gate of the small town, which was big enough to contain tens of thousands of people, were broken by those non-humankind slaves. Tens of thousands of non-humankind slaves gushed into the town, excitedly breaking into the store space of the town, carrying huge amounts of wines and dried meat out, then madly waving their arms, hailing and cheering in happiness.

This was the fifth town that Ji Hao had abandoned in these few days.

Every abandoned town was guarded by around ten-thousand human warriors, and every time Ji Hao retreated from a town, he would use Qian Tan as a shield to open a path. Those human warriors who retreated along with him scattered in all directions while retreating, therefore, even though he had abandoned so many towns, the number of human warriors following behind him was constantly reducing. This gave the others a feeling that tens of thousands of human warriors had all fallen already.

Within the past three days, every time Ji Hao abandoned a town, three to five thousand human warriors would rush out from the other towns that belonged to the humankind and was located in surrounding areas, and attack Qian Po's army from both sides. This gave the feeling of that the humankind wasn't willing to admit the failure of the fight and was putting up a desperate struggle, attempting to take the lost territory back.

When facing Qian Po's giant metal warship troop that was formed by over a hundred, solid and powerful metal, gigantic warships, these three to five thousand human warriors, as a standard-less, temporary troop, would always suffer a fierce wave of arrow attack launched by extra-large-sized crossbows on those warships. They would throw a few dead bodies, drag huge groups of injured fellows whose bodies were covered with wounds and blood, and flee away in uncollected shapes, as fast as they could.

Seeing Ji Hao once again take a few 'survived' warriors and flee out of a town in dispirited shapes, Qian Po, who was already having an extreme-degree inflation of confidence, stood on the top of the defense wall of this town, which had just been stormed by his army, raised a flag which had a pattern painted on it, while roaring harshly at Ji Hao's back.

’’You lowly barbaric creatures! You can never stop me! Just be afraid, quivering and despairing in front of my, Qian Po's powerful army! Then kneel on the ground and surrender to me!’’

Over ten Yu Clan deputy commanders standing beside Qian Po laughed out loud. Looking at the dense watery mist rising from the south, they each gave a big grin, showing all of their teeth. They seemed to have already seen the vast plain area on the south side, and those extending mountain ranges behind the plain area, and that broad, fertile, rich and flourishing territory dominated by the humankind.

’’General, we should continue the attack!’’ Elegantly, a Yu Clan deputy commander puffed his chest out, slowly bowed to Qian Po and said, ’’Witnessed by the great, supreme Blood Moon, because of your bravery and skillfulness, we have taken five human towns in a row! Oh, my great Blood Moon, in the history of the war between our Yu Dynasty and the humankind, in the past a thousand and three-hundred years, not a single Yu Clan army commander has managed to reach such a great achievement, which you have, just achieved!’’

Qian Po gracefully dropped the pattern flag, then raised his head high, looking towards the south.

Pondering for a while, he responded in a bland tone, ’’Go inform the main army force of our family, tell them that we don't need the reinforcement of their elite forces. Instead, I need more slave warriors and slaves, and more small-scale boats, which are quicker and nimbler. I also need more magic crystals, and other supplies.’’

Narrowing his eyes, Qian Po gave a 'naughty' grin, and continued, ’’Count the numbers of magic crystals and supplies we have consumed these days. Multiply it by ten and then report to them.’’

A group of Yu Clan deputy commanders laughed out in a relaxed way. This was the bonus that they were supposed to gain.

In the past thousand and three-hundred years, and in battles that happened in this Evil Dragon Bay area, not a single Yu Clan army commander had ever managed to break even one town that belonged to the humankind. Qian Po had just broken five towns in a row. Therefore, he was going to make a slightly exaggerated report of his battle expenditure and attain everybody some bonus. This was a hidden rule that those family administrators would all acquiesce in.

Suddenly, a group of non-humankind slaves extremely delightedly carried more than a thousand metal boxes out of the storage space of the town. More than excitedly, they opened those boxes and instantly, countless top-grade magic crystals, that were all exquisitely crafted into standard shapes and were glowing, were exposed in front of everyone.

These magic crystals should be the backup power supply for the defensive magic formation of this town.

’’Ah, such a good harvest!’’ Magic crystal was condensed from the purest natural power. It was a form of natural power;therefore, magic crystals had always been the most solid type of currency. Gaining over a thousand boxes of magic crystals from this town, added with all the harvests attained in the other four towns, Qian Po couldn't help but let out an ear-to-ear grin, and give high-fives to those deputy commanders. Everyone's faces were now filled by happy grins.

Soon, the official document of requesting more slave warriors and slaves made by Qian Po had reached the main army force of the Qian Family, which was staying at the backside.

In a portable city-fort, which was surrounded by around seventy Blood Moon divine towers, tens of Qian Family leaders had gathered together, looking at this official document made by Qian Po in a complicated way.

’’How's the battle in the Blood Cloud Mountain going?’’ A mature and experienced Qian Family army commander asked for the newest battle report.

’’Three strongholds of the human army were broken, but they managed to seize them back. Today, the human army launched a surprise attack on the Di Family with the secret blood offering ceremony and the price of casualties of over a hundred thousand human warriors - They took out a Blood Moon divine tower of the Di Family!’’ said a Qian Family army commander in a gloating tone, ’’A Blood Moon divine tower. I can't wait to see our emperor's face when he hears this news.’’

’’So, will this Evil Dragon Bay be a trap?’’ A Qian Family army leader knitted his brows and asked carefully, ’’Family elders told us to be extra careful and cautious... but, I don't think this is a trap.’’

’’How dare those humankind barbarians set up a trap and ambush us?’’ said another Qian Family army leader proudly, ’’Besides, we all know that these barbarians are all simple-minded. In the wars that happened in the past countless years, every time, they fought till the last moment of their lives. Trap? Ambush? I don't think they're that smart.’’

’’And they extremely value their clan's glory.’’ said an elderly Yu Clan army commander, ’’They would rather die than giving up on their territories. This would humiliate their clans, therefor...’’

When the Qian Family army leaders were discussing the current situation, in the afternoon of the day when Ji Hao abandoned the fifth town, Qian Po finally encountered his first difficulty.

This was a larger scale town, many times larger than the previous five towns. In this town, which had a great defensive power itself, a whole hundred thousand human slave warriors, who were also condemned prisoners, wore brand new armors and held sharp weapons, looking just like an official standard army, had started a bloody fight against Qian Po's army.

This cruel and brutal fight had lasted two hours. Relying on those powerful giant warships and the power of that Xiu Clan magic talisman artist, Qian Po broke the fence wall of this town, and damaged the defense of this city. Non-humankind slaves and slave warriors numbering many times more than human warriors who were defending the town had surged into the town.

A hundred-thousand human warriors had all fallen in the battle. The casualty of slaves and slave warriors of Qian Po's army was twice as great as the loss of human warriors. Thousands of Jia Clan warriors in Qian Po's army had also fallen, moreover, over a thousand Yu Clan warriors were killed or injured.

A hundred-thousand human warriors fell in the battle?

Soon after this news was delivered to family leaders, the main army force of the Qian Family aggressively marched into the Evil Dragon Bay area, moving forwards, seemingly with great strength and vigor. Just like a starving, evil dragon, the Qian Family's main army force roared while moving speedily towards the south. Within twenty-four hours, they had moved twenty-thousand miles into the Evil Dragon Bay.


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