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The Magus Era - Chapter 395


Chapter 395: Abandon the Town

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

A brutal, massive killing happened right away.

Once those short and scrawny non-humankind slaves rushed up to the fence wall, flagstones, that were condensed by a special kind of magic smashed directly down from the wall. These flagstones were all ten-zhang long, two-zhang wide and three-inch thick, falling straight down from the top of the fence wall, which was hundred-zhang tall;just like a giant clapping a giant-sized brick severely on a group of ants.

When those black flagstone were falling down, thousands of spell symbols sparkled on the surfaces of those flagstones, making these flagstones heavier, more solid, falling down faster and surely, more lethal and destructive.

Tens of non-humankind slaves, who were rushing in the front, were struck by those flagstones. Along with ear-piercing bong-cracking noises, those flagstones smashed flat on the ground.

Followed by a buzzing noise, those flagstones slowly rose back up, leaving tens of puddles of scattered blood and smashed flesh on the ground. Large amounts of blood splashed on the fence wall, leaving a big area of stains.

Non-humankind slave warriors growled and screamed while rushing forwards. From the top of this section of the fence wall, tens of flagstones were constantly falling down and rising back up, then falling down again.

Booming noises lingered in the sky. Within a blink of an eye, thousands of non-humankind slaves were smashed into meat paste by those flagstones, however, before these non-humankind slaves died, they had stuck a lot of enchanted magic stones, which were produced by the Xiu Clan, on the bottoms of these flagstones.

On the prow of a warship, which was far away from the fence wall, a Xiu Clan elderly man slightly wielded a black magic wand held in his hand. Next, nearly a hundred enchanted magic stones attached on the tens of flagstones blasted out, causing a thunderous series of booms, following which, all flagstones exploded into pieces. Huge amounts of stone pieces zipped in all directions, knocking another hundreds of non-humankind slaves down, in puddles of fresh, warm blood.

’’Take my arrow!’’ Sideway, a fierce stream of light flashed through the air, and at the same time, Feng Xing's silhouette swooshed across, then disappeared again.

The Xiu Clan elderly man standing on the prow gave a muffled moan, meanwhile, a couple of jade amulets hanging around his waist exploded simultaneously. Nine layers of light shields appeared and wrapped his body up. That arrow was coming right at his erect eye between his eyebrows, but after piercing through the nine layers of light shields, the arrow deviated from the track, puncturing his left shoulder and sending his body flying backwards.

Clang! After puncturing the Xiu Clan old man's shoulder, that powerful arrow pierced into the thick armor worn by a Jia Clan warrior standing behind him, stringing the two of them up like a kebab.

’’Be careful! There're powerful archers among the enemies!’’ A few Jia Clan warriors carried huge and heavy shields and rushed up, hurriedly shielding this Xiu Clan old man behind.

Qian Po stood on the prow of the warship next to the one that the Xiu Clan old man was on. Watching all this, his eye corners began twitching. That Xiu Clan old man was the only Xiu Clan magic talisman artist under his command. Qian Po had spent an immense price to recruit this Xiu Clan magic talisman artist under his command. Just now, when the fight had just begun, this magic talisman artist nearly fell under an arrow released by the enemy;this made anger rise directly up into Qian Po's heart.

’’Launch all-out attack, no need to pay any attention to Qian Tan's life.’’ said Qian Po in a low voice, ’’For our family glory, he is supposed to die in a battle, instead of being captured alive by the enemy. As his cousin, I'd love to do him a favor and make his personal glory perfect and flawless!’’

Followed by Qian Po's order, muffled yet resonant buzzing noise started from the deck of over a hundred giant warships. Gigantic crossbows vibrated, sending out thousands of enormous-sized arrows roaring towards the frontal side of the town.

A few large spell symbols flashed across the fence wall of this human army's town, and a yellow-colored magic defensive screen emerged swiftly, shielding the fence wall against those extra huge arrows. Muffled bumping noises were caused constantly, and countless ripples were stirred up on the defensive light screen. Those large arrows exploded, spraying out puffs of drifting, blood-red spell symbols. The zhang-thick, yellow-colored defensive magic screen was weakened by those blood-red spell symbols ceaselessly, yet, it had also been continuously recovering.

The magic defensive screen was vibrating. As nimbly as monkeys, those non-humankind slaves under the fence wall formed a body staircase and climbed up. They rushed up to the fence wall top while screaming and yelling. The first thing they did was taking out exquisitely crafted enchanted magic stones and pressing them on the defensive magic screen with all of their strength.

Ji Hao didn't make any move, only looking at these non-humankind slaves, who were surging up to the top of the fence wall while disregarding their own lives.

Behind Ji Hao, human warriors raised their spears, axes, swords or machetes, hacking and lunging with full-strength. Whenever these human warriors moved across, those non-humankind slaves, who could only reach the waists of human warriors in height, were sliced into pieces, as easily as mowing. Blood spurted out from their broken bodies, and broken body parts were thrown all over.

Nevertheless, more non-humankind slaves crazily rushed up;they just simply rushed up, not showing any fear to death.

Yu Mu, who was standing among the troop of warriors behind Ji Hao, slightly twitched his finger, preparing to release poison. Ji Hao sensed Yu Mu's move, hurriedly turned around and shook his head. Yu Mu grinned, took out a large piece of grilled meat instead and began wolfing the meat, stopping his move of releasing the poison.

Two Yu Clan young men pulled the arrow out from the injured Xiu Clan magic talisman artist's shoulder, making this Xiu Clan old man, who had grey hair and beard, scream himself hoarse in pain. After those Yu Clan men roughly dealt with his wound, this Xiu Clan magic talisman artist stood back up, carefully hidden behind a few heavy and huge shields, narrowed his eyes and nervously looked at this human army's town.

’’Something is wrong. Judging from the scale of this battle fort, it should be guarded by at least hundred-thousand barbarians.’’ This Xiu Clan magic talisman artist, who was quite experienced, murmured to himself, ’’But only around ten-thousand of them have shown up! And all of those are the lowest-grade warriors! Where're their archers? Where're their Maguspriests? Where're their large-scale weapons? Where're their flying cavalries? Heavy armored cavalries? Where're those horrible, odd battle beasts of theirs?’’

’’It's quite empty!’’ yelled this Xiu Clan magic talisman artist at Qian Po, who was standing on the other warship, ’’General! Their battle fort is very empty.’’

Qian Po narrowed his eyes, which were now shining with blood-red light and were fixed on that fence wall. He didn't say anything.

That Xiu Clan magic talisman artist gave a weird, malicious grin, rubbed the wound on his shoulder, gritted his teeth and said angrily, ’’It has been nearly a thousand years, I've never injured before. Bloody barbarians, they'll have to pay for this.’’

The five eyes, which were also sparking in a blood-red light, blinked on his face, after which, this Xiu Clan magic talisman artist raised his magic wand and said, ’’I heard that on the south side of the Chi Ban Mountain, the territory of these barbarians is very fertile. They have many cities, countless villages, mines, incalculable beautiful women and wealth...’’

Qian Po said in a frosty tone, ’’Break this defensive line, and all those can be ours. You... will have a good share.’’

That Xiu Clan magic talisman artist grinned viciously, then suddenly clenched his five fingers. A thunderous series of noises started immediately after that. Those enchanted magic stones left on top of the fence wall by those non-humankind slaves, by giving up on their own lives, exploded one after another. A large number of twisted spell symbols released their powers in all directions. Instantly, that thick layer of yellow-colored magic defensive screen attached on the fence wall became thin and twisted;many areas of that defensive screen had become as thin as mist, as if ready to dissipate anytime.

Another wave of arrows was released, roaring towards the fence wall. Along with a terrifyingly loud blasting noise, that defensive screen shattered. Over a hundred huge arrows swept across the top of the fence wall. Tens of human warriors howled out in pain when their bodies were punctured by those arrows.

Next, those huge arrows blasted out, and those human warriors, who were shot by those arrows, were blown into puffs of blood-red mist. Afterwards, blood-red spell symbols released by the explosion of those arrows exploded all of a sudden. Within the coverage of the explosion of those blood-red spell symbols, a troop of a whole thousand warriors were injured, blood and muscle pieces splashing everywhere.

After the effects of the explosion of those huge arrows faded, a whole thousand human warriors all fell to the ground. They were breathing deeply and fast, quickly activating their life-force to heal their wounds. Their wounds began quickly squirming, and meanwhile, their broken body parts began regrowing.

However, their injuries were rather severe;even though their wounds were healed within the span of a few breaths, huge amounts of their life-force were consumed.

’’Take the captive, and retreat!’’ Ji Hao wielded his arm and gave out the order. After that, he grabbed Man Man's little hand, leaping down from the top of the fence wall.


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