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The Magus Era - Chapter 394


Chapter 394: Capture Alive

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

’’Kid, do you still remember what you owe me? You're dead!’’ Qian Tan stood on the prow of a boat, crazily waving his arms and yelling at the town with a badly twisted face. He was so furious that he was nearly leaping up from the boat, and white saliva foam was hanging on the corner of his mouth, making him look like a fierce ghost.

Ji Hao stood on the fence wall of the town, his whole body wrapped up by a raging fire while Gold Crow caws came out from his cloak.

He carefully detected the locations of those giant warships under Qian Po's command. Hearing Qian Tan's yells, Ji Hao pointed his finger quickly at him. Following his move, a cloud miles away slightly moved, and a water-tank size lightning bolt roared down, accurately striking Qian Tan's body.

Along with a loud hoarse howl, layers of blood-red defensive magic screens were released from Qian Tan's armor once again, barely shielding against the lightning bolt. However, the boat he was standing on was shattered by the lightning, and over ten Jia Clan warriors wailed out immediately. In the very next moment, these Jia Clan warriors all turned into streams of smoke in that destructive lightning bolt.

’’Idiot!’’ Qian Po stood on the prow of a giant warship, looking down at Qian Tan, who was desperately struggling in the water while black smoke puffed up from all over his body. Qian Po scornfully shook his head and gave a grim smile, as cold and sharp lights sparkled in his erect eye.

’’Send this trash to attack the town. I want to find out how many warriors do those barbarians have in this town.’’ said Qian Po. The steel plates on both sides of this warship opened like birds' wings. From inside the ship's body, numerous small and light boats were gripped in enormous metal hands, and steadily put down on the water surface. Those boats shook when tens of thousands of slaves walked onboard. Afterwards, magic formations set on these boats were activated, pushing the boats speedily towards the town.

A few boats quickly approached Qian Tan, who was still struggling in the water. Warriors on a boat dragged him up, after which, a few Jia Clan warriors with heavy shields forcibly grasped Qian Tan and rushed out of the boat, up to the shoal. Following them, tens of thousands of slave warriors directly drove their boats onto the shoal, leaping out of the boats and lining up into order in front of the town.

Through the magic formation pattern which now covered the whole area in a radius of tens of thousands of miles, Ji Hao clearly sensed that in the outer circle of the Evil Dragon Bay, large amounts of Yu Clan army forces had been gathering. Over seventy Blood Moon divine towers were gathered all together. Indeed, the military power of the Qian Family was a lot stronger than that of the Di Family.

Whether Qian Tan's squad or this elite family army under Qian Po's commander, they were all expendable cannon fodders for the Qian Family to take a feeler of the human army's defensive power in this Evil Dragon Bay area. If they found out that the defense of this Evil Dragon Bay area was still fortified, the main army force of the Qian Family might keep going ahead steadily and surely on attacking. But if they found out that the defensive force of this area was now rather hollow, then their main army force would launch an all-out attack with all of their powers, and try to break the Evil Dragon Bay, an important strategic point, head into the broad plain area on the south side of the Evil Dragon Bay, and twist the situation of the entire war.

Large clouds of steam rose from the swamps. In Ji Hao's nearly 'omniscient and omnipotent' eyesight, more non-humankind slaves had entered the Evil Dragon Bay area. In small groups, they were moving deeply into every corner of the Evil Dragon Bay, scouting the surrounding areas extremely carefully and cautiously.

In the air, silhouettes of the non-humankind were faintly visible as well. They were also trying their bests to burrow into every single move that happened in this area.

’’Prepare for the battle!’’ Ji Hao raised his right hand and clenched his fist.

’’Prepare for the battle!’’ Around a thousand warriors behind Ji Hao had formed a large-scale defensive battle formation on the hundred-zhang thick fence wall. Their extra large shields were straightened up one after another;on those shields, countless spell symbols were sparkling, gifting these shields a great defensive power.

Apart from this troop led by Ji Hao, more than ten troops like this were also standing on the fence wall. Around ten-thousand human warriors had now been standing on the fence wall, holding their brightly sparkling shields and having their coldly shining swords or machetes raised high. These warriors were breathing loudly, many of them had their skins turned thoroughly red and their tattoos even turned dazzling.

Qian Po stood on the prow of the ship and waved his hand. Following that, a muffled drum sound rose from the giant warship. Amidst Qian Tan's desperate hoarse yells and curses, the few Jia Clan warriors tightly grabbed him, took him to the front of all slave warriors, then began rushing towards the town in big steps.

’’Qian Po! You bloody scum! This is murder! Murder!’’

Qian Tan was struck by the lightning bolts released by Ji Hao for twice in a row and had nearly run out of the powers of all defensive magic tools he had, but now he was forced to launch the first attack on a firmly defended town that belonged to the human army. This was no different from murder.

For Yu Clan's noble people, they should always be on the backside of a war, to command their warriors to fight;there was hardly any Yu Clan being would rush to the battlefront and fight the war. Looking at the fence wall which was coming closer and closer to him, Qian Tan's erect eye even bulged up from his eye sockets and his eyeball seemed to pop out.

’’Bastard! Let go of me, let go of me!’’ Qian Tan desperately screamed himself hoarse, ’’Qian Po, nothing good will ever happen to you if you get me killed in here! My father would never let you live, my mother would never let you live! Ah! How dare you do this to me!’’

’’Man Man, give this douche a hammer strike!’’ Ji Hao looked at Qian Tan, who was madly struggling and screaming, grinned, waved his hand and said, ’’Are the internal strifes between these non-humankind monsters happening so intensely? Good to know!’’

Man Man excitedly yelled out as a response to Ji Hao's order, then grabbed a hammer, and aimed at Qian Tan, who was now less than hundred-zhang away from the fence wall, throwing it out with her full-strength.

The lotus-shaped hammer flew out along with a scorching stream of fiery light. In the air, the hammer expanded to around a zhang wide, smashing towards Qian Tan like a small hill. The few Jia Clan warriors around Qian Tan directly dropped him, turned around and fled right away, even throwing their shields on the ground. Seeing all this, even Ji Hao popped his eyes out- Isn't this a solid murder? Isn't this an obvious murder which wouldn't even be covered at all?

Qian Tan stared at the enormous hammer which was coming right at his head, utterly terrified. His armor had already broken into pieces after the two rounds of lightning strikes. While feeling the horrible, deadly sense of power released by the hammer, Qian Tan's erect eye suddenly opened and let out a fierce stream of blood-red light, along with a shrill sizzling noise.

That fist-thick blood-red light stream bumped against the hammer, and for a moment, the hammer was actually held in the air as it froze for a slight span of time. However, in the next moment, a few lines of spell symbols flashed across the hammerhead and a rumbling thunder followed that. The blood-red light stream shattered immediately. The corner of Qian Tan's erect eye split up and large streams of blood gushed out from the erect eye, in the middle of his eyebrows. Qian Tan buried his forehead in both of his hands, and began screaming in a badly hoarse voice.

The power of Man Man's hammer was way too immense, how could Qian Tan possibly hold the hammer off single-handedly?

Yu Clan people' erect eyes were the strongest, but also the most fragile organs of theirs. All of their special abilities existed on the basis of their erect eyes, but their erect eyes were also the most vital body part of theirs. If a Yu Clan man had his erect eye destroyed, his soul would also suffer a nearly destructive strike.

Man Man's hammer pressed down, the power vibrations released by it almost shattering Qian Tan's eyeballs. He sensed a sharp pain from his soul, and couldn't help but fall on the ground, twitching intensely.

’’Hah, capture him alive!’’ Ji Hao raised his right hand and said. A silhouette of a giant palm that was being coiled around by a flame stream flew out, grabbed Qian Tan then threw him onto the fence wall. A few human warriors rushed straight up, proficiently taking out a flood dragon tendon rope, and tied him up.

On the prow of the warship, Qian Po disappointedly spread his hands and said, ’’Why did you capture him alive instead of killing him? Damn, just launch the attack!’’

The war drum was beating once again. Tens of thousands of slave warriors wielded their weapons and rushed up to that hundred-zhang tall fence wall like agitated ants.


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