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The Magus Era - Chapter 393


Chapter 393: Encircle the City

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh


Ji Hao laughed once he saw the silhouettes of those giant warships.

He and those nearly a thousand human warriors under his lead were actually baits released by the human army. But unexpectedly, Qian Tan and his people were also baits released by the Qian Family. This giant warship troop at least carried a whole army of armored elite warriors that Ji Hao and these few warriors of his couldn't possibly confront with.

Not to mention that, every one of these humongous warships could serve as a small fort with its immense and solid metal body.

Hundreds of extra large arrows zipped over. Followed by Ji Hao's resonant growls, nearly a thousand golden-teeth beavers dashed back out from underwater, carried their owners up and immediately fled towards the South.

Those arrows came way too fast. Over ten golden-teeth beavers had fallen back slightly, and before their owners mounted onto their backs, those huge arrows had already swooshed down, easily puncturing the thick layers of fur and fat of these battle beasts. They pierced into their strong muscles, even broke their bones apart, violently nailing them on the ground.

Golden-teeth beavers which were shot by those arrows howled out in pain, their bodies tightened while shaking intensely.

Ji Hao gave a long roar while clapping his hands quickly. Along with his voice and moves, tens of enormous mud-hands thrust out from the muddy water, each gripping an arrow and pulling it hard out. These arrows brought out streams of warm blood from the bodies of those beavers, splashing everywhere. Those injured golden-teeth beavers hurriedly struggled up from the ground, carried their owners up and fled in helter-skelter, while howling shrilly in pain.

At first, these injured golden-teeth beavers could only move staggeringly as blood that had shreds of muscles and fat mixed in it constantly spurted out from their bodies. But after the first few steps, their especially strong life-force burst out. Their wounds began healing swiftly and their running speed grew faster and faster. Soon, they disappeared completely, only followed by streams of watery mist.

’’Damn it! Go get that boy!’’ Qian Tan stood on the prow and yelled while madly waving his arms, ’’Get that pretty young woman! I want that pretty young woman! I offer thirty-thousand jade coins for her!’’

Ji Hao mounted on a golden-teeth beaver's back. He wasn't preparing to pay any more attention to Qian Tan, but hearing Qian Tan's yell, Ji Hao turned around, narrowed his eyes and quickly aimed at Qian Tan with his fingers, from three to four miles away. Next, he slightly flicked his fingers and right after that, a water-tank-thick roaring lightning bolt descended from the sky, along with raging streams of flame, right onto Qian Tan's head.

The entire Evil Dragon Bay area, that had the radius of around five-hundred miles, was entirely covered by the magic formation blueprint Yu Yu lent to Ji Hao. Within this area, every slight move of every single strand of natural power was under Ji Hao's full control. With a slight little bit of golden Dan power, which was too little to even be worth mentioning, Ji Hao could launch a terrifyingly powerful, highly lethal attack, through that magic formation!

Within the coverage of that magic formation, Ji Hao was just like a god!

That roaring lightning bolt, which was five to six times more powerful than a full strength attack launched by an ordinary peak-level Senior Magus, violently struck on Qian Tan's body. That grey, inconspicuous armor worn by Qian Tan immediately released an eye-piercing sphere of blood-red light. At the same time, at least over a hundred defensive magic screens burst out from the armor, shielding Qian Tan against that lightning bolt.

The lightning bolts dazzled ragingly while the fire seemed even able to scorch the sky. A deadly, frightfully great heat immediately evaporated everything within the area of a hundred zhang in radius around Qian Tan.

Three boats around him were all burned into smoke and dissipated in the air. Around fifty Jia Clan warriors on the three boats were turned into ashes. Large pieces of muddy water disappeared within a moment. Qian Tan's deputy commander, who was standing next to him, also had brightly shining defensive magic screens burst out from his armor. However, those were only ten layers of thin defensive magic screens. Under the destructive power of lightning and fire, those defensive magic screens shattered in a moment, and the deputy commander, who was also the leader of Qian Tan's guards, and the one Qian Tan grew up with, gave a despairing wail as he was burned into a puff of ash due to that dazzling lightning bolt.

’’No!’’ Qian Tan screamed out piteously, then sorrowfully knelt down in a ten-zhang deep pit.

This crazy lightning bolt launched by Ji Hao was incomparably powerful, and after killing tens of Jia Clan warriors within a second, it directly evaporated all the water in that area which was nearly hundred-zhang deep, leaving a ten-zhang deep and hundred-zhang in radius round-shaped pit on the ground.

The internal surface of that deep pit was perfectly smooth. The sticky mud was burned to crystals, and now had a texture of colored glass. Qian Tan knelt in the pit, and was raised up with a great impulsive force and pushed out once water and mud gushed in along with a roaring loud noise, from surrounding areas, after a span of around one breath.

’’Rush up! Kill that boy!’’ The deputy commander had been serving Qian Tan since they were both little;they had grown up together. The deputy commander was Qian Tan's absolutely trusted subordinate, the one who would never ever betray him. Now he was killed, and he could even sense a great pain from his heart because of his death. Hysterically, Qian Tan gave his order to a giant warship that was moving over from behind him.

On the full-bodied prow of that warship, which was in the front of this troop of warships, a Yu Clan commander, who was wearing a heavy armor, slightly headed down, glanced at Qian Tan, then curved his lips upwards, showing a faint, grim smile. He said, ’’Qian Tan, mind your position! Although you're my're still a sinner, who is punished by the family and sent to the battlefront! In here, you don't get the round to give orders!’’

That Yu Clan commander puffed his chest out, seemingly taking pleasure in Qian Tan's misfortune, and continued proudly, ’’I Qian Po, am the highest commander of this family army! You're nothing but a tiny squad leader under my command!’’

Qian Tan stared at Qian Po in both anger and shame. The erect eye in between his eyebrows sparkled for a short while and his body swaying rose while swaying, landing in another boat that was quite far away from the pit, in an awkward shape.

Qian Po narrowed his eyes, coldly glanced at Qian Tan, then pointed his finger at the front and yelled in a frosty tone, ’’You can't even do your own job - standing sentry and exploring this area! You're truly a humiliation to our noble family name! Take your warriors and catch up with the enemies! Follow them, find their base camp!

The geographic condition of the Evil Dragon Bay area was complicated. Countless branch rivers flew across each other randomly, making this place a total mess. These giant warships under Qian Po's lead were great weapons for water-based battles on great rivers or oceans, but in this Evil Dragon Bay, which was covered in swamps, shallow pools and small branch rivers, these enormous things couldn't even move freely in here without special magic formations to raise the footage.

Even though these giant warships were now already driven into the Evil Dragon Bay, their moving speed was strangely slow. Therefore, if they wanted to chase Ji Hao and his warriors, they still had to rely on Qian Tan's boats.

Qian Tan gritted his teeth while giving a response to Qian Po's order. He then gathered all the remaining warriors and boats under his command, activated the magic formations set on the tails of each boat, and headed to where Ji Hao went with full-speed. The tails of these boats all began shining with an eye-piercing light;meanwhile, around ten-zhang tall waves were stirred up. These boats moved swiftly forward on the water surface, as fast as dashing horses.

’’Great supreme Blood Moon, please, let this trash die in here!’’ Qian Po prayed in a low voice, ’’If he dies, my number in the order of succession to the throne will go up by one. Oh, many of our brothers wish he dies in here!’’

The other few Yu Clan commanders who stood behind Qian Po, blinked their eyes and looked at Qian Tan's back, all seemed to be lost in a deep thought.

Ji Hao and his warriors ran back to the town that was located on the hill. On that hill, which extended for tens of miles long, spell symbols attached on the surfaces of all rocks began sparkling brightly. The magic formation that was set in surrounding areas of the hill was activated. The pools and swamps surrounding the hill all began shaking intensely, and at the same time, large rock pillars raised from swamps one after another. Streams of multicolored, poisonous miasma spurted out from those swamps immediately and completely sealed the area in a radius of fifty-miles.

Soon after the magic formation was activated, Qian Tan's boats arrived.

In an hour, giant warships slowly ripped the poisonous miasma open and gradually approached the town. Following Qian Po's order, those warships separated into small groups and surrounded the town, where Ji Hao was staying in.


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