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The Magus Era - Chapter 392


Chapter 392: A Small Loss

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

A manor abuts Liang Zhu City?

The eyes of over a thousand Jia Clan warriors standing on those boats simultaneously popped widely out. All thousands of eyes of theirs suddenly turned pure red.

’’Great Blood Moon, please gift me the inexhaustible power to destroy the enemies in front of me!’’ Those Jia Clan warriors roared out one after another to pray to that Blood Moon they believed in and worshipped.

Blood-red light rotated in their eyes, while their muscles began swelling. Wisps of blood-red mist spurted out from their pores. The bodies of a few big warriors instantly swelled to a size bigger, becoming half a body taller than the other Jia Clan warriors standing next to them.

A manor abuts Liang Zhu City!

To noble Yu Clan people who came from wealthy families, like Qian Tan himself, such a manor was only a slightly small bit of their personal properties, not even worth mentioning. But to these Jia Clan warriors, they had to fight extremely hard for hundreds of years, to earn and save money that could possibly be enough to afford a manor like that!

Along with a loud, rumbling series of roars, over a thousand Jia Clan warriors burst their powers out and attempted to leap up. But once they moved slightly, their boats started swaying intensely, causing them to hurriedly stop their violent moves.

Frog slaves quacked out while speedily leaping down from the rafts with incomparably nimble moves, diving into the muddy water. Some frog slaves stayed underwater and swiftly moved towards Ji Hao and his warriors, while the others trod right on the water surface, rushing towards Ji Hao with big steps, seeming ready to launch fierce attacks.

Those Jia Clan warriors growled out in anxiousness. They wanted to launch the attack, yet they were all surrounded by the muddy water of this seemingly bottomless swamp. They had incomparably great nerves, but the natural environment in this area forbade them from launching attacks.

’’Ha, destroy those boats!’’ Looking at those Jia Clan warriors who were yelling and cursing and wielding their weapons, Ji Hao grinned while waving his arm hard in the air.

Human warriors behind him all laughed out loud. They pulled out the spears and flung out with full strength. These stupid non-humankind monsters... without enough amount of water based battle beasts, how could they possibly fight against human warriors who were mounted on golden-teeth beavers, only with those metal boats?

Spears roared down from the air like a heavy rain. Jia Clan warriors standing on those boats madly and furiously wielded their weapons to fend off these spears. With their mature fighting skills, they managed to fend over ninety percent of these flying spears, but the rest struck down like ground-shattering lightning bolts violently on the boats they were standing on, knocking numerous giant holes in those boats.

Jia Clan warriors had huge shapes and extremely heavy bodies, not to mention that their armors and weapons were even many times heavier than hills.

Those boats split up one after another. Magic formations that were set on those boats to raise the footage shattered instantly. Next, broken boat pieces sank speedily down like iron weights, along with those Jia Clan warriors. Within a blink of an eye, sixty to seventy boats were broken, and eight to nine hundreds Jia Clan warriors howled out in despair and indignation, then swiftly disappeared under the water surface. Soon, large amounts of bubbles popped out from the water.

’’Great supreme Blood Moon!’’ Qian Tan was nearly driven crazy. The fight wasn't even started yet, but how come he had already lost a big half of his elite warriors?

’’You bloody slaves, just come back to save them!’’ Standing on the prow, Qian Tan yelled and cursed in anger and fear, almost flipping out.

’’Haha, too late... they will all become the materials of my fish soup!’’ Ji Hao laughed loudly and growled. He gave a shrill whistle, following which, the pair of magic fire snakes lying on his shoulder suddenly expanded their bodies to over zhang long, then nimbly darted onto the water surface, spurting enormous streams of earth core flames out from their jaws.

Nine Dragon Fire Pearl swooshed out from between Ji Hao's eyebrows. That fist-sized pearl then dove deep into that muddy water, and a loud swooshing noise started to come from the muddy water, as an immense sphere of red light, that had the radius of around fifty-zhang, bust out all of a sudden. Dense and white watery mist rose from the water surface immediately, and what came next were great amounts of scorching hot water bubbles.

Within no more than one second, all the water areas, including rivers, pools and even swamps, began boiling intensely, as the heat released by these areas constantly increased.

The pair of magic fire snake gave a full play to their natural abilities. The mud was melted by them, turning into burning hot lava streams. Glowing red waves were raised, which were now roaring towards those frog slaves and Jia Clan warriors one after another.

These poor frog slaves were nowhere near powerful. They were mostly at the stage of Novice Magi, and even their leader, the most powerful one amongst them, was only at the Junior-level. The lava waves raised by the two magic fire snakes burned those frog slaves for seventy to eighty percent well with a slight single touch;then the water boiled by the nine Dragon Fire Pearl splashed on their bodies, cooking them fully well.

Nearly ten-thousand frog warriors, who were staying on the hundreds of rafts dragged by those boats, were all boiled into pieces by that bubbling muddy water;not a single one managed to return to Qian Tan.

Those Jia Clan warriors, who had sunk to the bottom of the water, were desperately struggling. Their eyes were blocked by sticky mud and couldn't even see their fingers under there;the river bed was covered in a thick and soft layer of mud that they had nothing to grab or stand on. Even more terrifyingly, an overwhelming heat was coming from all directions, burning their armors to sparkling.

Some Jia Clan warriors couldn't hold back their anger and wanted to growl out loud, but once they opened their mouths, that sticky, stinky and disgusting mud that only god knew what it contained, immediately gushed into their mouths. That hell-like stink and taste could make anyone cease breathing.

Ji Hao raised his right hand and wielded in the air. Following another shrill whistle given by him, all human warriors behind him leapt down from their mounts together. Over a thousand golden-teeth beavers happily and swiftly drilled into the water, while wagging their huge and fleshy tails.

These battle beasts, which were born with the ability to control the water, moved quickly and nimbly in the water, while cutting the bodies of those Jia Clan warriors who had sunk to the bottom with their golden, large and sharp front tooth, which were sharp enough to break heavy armors. Not long after that, big streams of blood rolled up from the bottom of the river and soon, the water surface within miles in radius had been dyed pure red.

Qian Tan was frightened so badly that even his limbs were all soft and powerless. He screamed out hoarsely, ’’Idiots! A bunch of idiots! Do something! Do something!’’

Qian Tan's head was all blank now. He had been accepting the education especially for noble Yu Clan people since he was little. He knew very well how to command a war in a safe and flat place, and how to gracefully launch the attack on the enemies' fort, which was built on a tall mountain, or even how to elegantly burn down a city which was rooted in woods.

However, the education for noble Yu Clan people didn't include how to embarrassedly and desperately fight against enemies while rolling and struggling in stinky and sticky mud!

For graceful, noble Yu Clan people like him, how could they possibly tangle with enemies in nasty mud?!

’’Do something!’’ Qian Tan grabbed the neck of his deputy commander and threw a big slap on his face.

’’Lord...let's retreat!’’ Qian Tan's deputy commander gave the most reasonable choice, ’’We can't deal with these troublesome water beasts. Our warriors were all in heavy armors, and once they fall into the water, they would completely lose their battle effectiveness. We can't fight against them!’’

Qian Tan trembled in anger. When he was preparing to pull his sword out and force his deputy commander to come up with a better idea, a shrill horn came from the behind.

An enormous black silhouette came through the dense watery mist, and approached swiftly.

That was a tremendous, metal warship, and was nearly a thousand meters long and over a hundred zhang tall, looking as gigantic as a castle. Not just one, around a hundred warships like this had been pushing forward in a straight line, seeming considerably aggressive. From tens of miles away, a series of thunderous 'bong' was started, as hundreds of enormously huge arrows sliced the air up while fiercely roaring towards Ji Hao and warriors under his command.


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