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The Magus Era - Chapter 391


Chapter 391: Settle Old Scores

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

Thirty golden-teeth beavers held a long boa tendon in their mouths, and had been trying their bests to pull the boa tendon backwards; their long and shining fur had even stood straight up.

In front of them and on the other end of that boa tendon was Man Man holding it with a proud grin on her face, standing perfectly still on the ground without any difficulty. Meanwhile, she was grinningly yelling at those golden-teeth beavers, ’’Come on! Pull harder! Harder! Oi, haven't you eaten enough just now?’’

A group of human warriors stood aside, looking at Man Man, this tiny girl, with deeply confused, dumbfounded faces.

Even a claw of any of the golden-teeth beavers was as big as that Man Man's body, and all these golden teeth beavers were senior-level fierce animals. Moreover, the physical strength of animals was always much stronger than human warriors at the same level. Thirty golden-teeth beavers putting their physical strength all together, this almost equaled the physical strength of a newly promoted Magus King!

However, the combined strength of these thirty golden-teeth beavers was no greater than Man Man's power!

Man Man, such a tiny, adorable little girl, defeated whole thirty golden-teeth beavers on physical strength, by using only one arm!

’’Oh my good ancestors' souls, I must have had too much booze last night and still have not waken up yet!’’ A tall and sturdy human warrior rubbed his eyes pretty hard and said. He looked at those quivering golden-teeth beavers with a logy face, then turned to Man Man, who was standing perfectly still without even slightly moving her body, and couldn't help but want to grab a stone and knock on his own head to find out if he was dreaming or not.

Where did this little monster come from? How could she be so terrifyingly powerful?

Ji Hao walked out from the small town which was located on a hill. He leapt right up, legs apart and mounted on a golden-teeth beaver, then said to Man Man, ’’Man Man, stop playing. I found an old friend, let's go welcome him!’’

’’Yeah!’’ Man Man yelled out in excitement then threw that boa tendon away, skipping to behind Ji Hao and hopped onto the beaver's back, sitting down and putting her arms around Ji Hao's waist. That pair of lotus-shaped hammers was floating beside Man Man's body, seeming as light as clouds, following Man Man and flying in the air just like a pair of docile puppies.

Ji Hao raised his right hand. A fierce beam of light flashed across the tablet held in Ji Hao's hand, and at the same time, Ji Hao growled out in a harsh voice, ’’Warriors under my command, follow me!’’

Strong, resonant and short roars came out of the town in unison as a response to Ji Hao's order. Following that, over a thousand warriors, who were wearing flood dragon leather armors, carrying large numbers of spears on their backs and mounted on golden-teeth beavers, surged

out of the town like tidewater. These warriors closely followed behind Ji Hao rushing into a swamp area.

In front of these warriors, Yu Mu was sitting on a golden-teeth beaver's back. A giant piece of grilled meat was grabbed in his left hand and a vat of wine in his right. At this point of time, he was happily enjoying his personal banquet, nearly his entire face covered in greasy oil stains.

On the rear side of the troop, Feng Xing didn't use a mount. Instead, his body had almost transformed into a cyan gust of wind, staying very close to the surface of the swamp while swiftly gliding forward. Soon, the silhouette of his body completely disappeared among those dense, thriving aquatic plants, not leaving any trace.

Because of those contributions Ji Hao made in a row, the same time when he was invited to join the inner palace as a Magus, he had also earned himself the military leadership of a thousand warriors. According to the partition of military ranks of the human army, he was now a regimental commander.

Man Man, Yu Mu, Feng Xing, and Shaosi and Taisi, who were still accepting Candle Dragon Gui's secret tutoring at the moment, were the five deputy commanders under the command of Ji Hao, each of them having the military leadership of two-hundred warriors.

In this Evil Dragon Bay area, the mounting beast that was used the most often by human warriors was golden-teeth beavers; therefore, around a thousand senior-level golden-teeth beavers had also been incorporated into Ji Hao's command.

This large troop moved forward speedily. Without being directed by Ji Hao, a thousand warriors following behind him. Splitting up into three parts in a well trained fashion, they stayed around five-hundred meters away from each other while moving forward. Three-hundred warriors as the team of reserves were also tightly following the main troop around five miles behind.

Long fur of those swiftly moving golden-teeth beavers began shining with a dim blue light, while water blooms coiled up around their claws. No matter on the surface of mud or water, only slight ripples would be stirred up when the heavy bodies of these beavers trod across, and their huge and heavy bodies wouldn't sink even by a little bit.

Compared to those metal boats used by Yu Clan people, these golden-teeth beavers could adapt to the complicated watery area in this Evil Dragon Bay area much better. Therefore, in battles that happened in such areas, golden-teeth beavers were more flexible and reliable than those metal boats.

They rushed all the way. Not long after, Ji Hao reached less than a mile and a half away from Qian Tan. Ji Hao laughed out loud once he saw Qian Tan, and said, ’’Haha, you! The man who tried to take advantage of his family power to bully other people, but in the end, entrapped himself into such a miserable place, right?’’

While speaking, Ji Hao reached his right hand out. Followed by his move, one human warrior pulled a heavy and long spear out, and put it in Ji Hao's hand.

Ji Hao measured that spear in his hand, then handed it to Man Man and continued, ’’This is my place, Qian Tan! Since you've already come, don't ever think about leaving alive!’’

Man Man grinned happily, carrying that spear and standing up. She held Ji Hao's shoulder with one hand to steady her body as she flung the spear away with the other hand with her full strength. A shrill swishing noise instantly started, followed by which, the spear roared towards

Qian Tan, who was still frozen in shock on the prow of the boat. A strong airstream that looked like a violent serpent was brought up by the spear, roaring in the air along with the spear itself.

Qian Tan was truly stupefied by the shock, and also the surprise of seeing Ji Hao.

Ji Hao was also here?! Qian Tan recognized this boy, who made him be punished severely by his family. He was beaten savagely, then sent over here to the battlefront, all because of Ji Hao!

’’You bloody bastard! You! I was just looking for you, but you’’ Looking at Ji Hao, endless rage surged up from Qian Tan's heart. At this moment, the thing he wanted to do the most in this world was giving the order and letting his warriors rush out and hack Ji Hao into thousands of bits.

Qian Tan's deputy commander yelled out immediately while swiftly pushing his head down, face against the boat.

After an eye-piercing spell symbol dazzled, the spear thrown out by Man Man swooshed over, almost brushing against Qian Tan's scalp before it clanged against the deputy commander, a Jia Clan warrior's chest. A thunderous sound was caused as the spear blasted out and spell symbols attached on it exploded one after another. The Jia Clan warrior's chest armor was shattered completely, and a water tank-sized hole was left on his chest by the spear. He howled out, and was sent flying backwards.

The solid and huge body of that Jia Clan warrior was pushed up and backward by that horribly great power brought to him by the spear. He lost the control of his own body, knocking over ten Jia Clan warriors in the boat down in a row. These Jia Clan warriors then all fell out of the boat, heavily smashing on those rafts which were being dragged by the boat.

Tens of frog slaves on the rafts were smashed by those heavily armored Jia Clan warriors; their bones were broken and muscles were shredded, howling gravely before they soon died. The Jia Clan warrior, who had a hole in his chest, staggered up from the raft, tremblingly raised his hand, pointing at Man Man, who was behind Ji Hao. He then began vomiting blood in big streams and fell straight into the muddy water.

Countless fist-sized carnivorous fishes madly rushed over, surrounding the Jia Clan warrior who had just fallen into the water, crazily ripping his body with their sharp teeth.

The water splashed in all directions. At least ten-thousand carnivorous fishes had now been crazily flipping their bodies and striving for meat. Some fishes had even hopped into Qian Tan's boat, opened their large mouths and showed those sharp teeth, biting the boat rampantly and constantly started fire sparkles.

Qian Tan lied on the boat, stomach facing down, while looking at Man Man in fear, shock and despair.

Ji Hao pulled out a dagger, wielded it hard in the air towards Qian Tan and said, ’’Idiot, did you come here to die? This is my place, hehe, I will feed your skin and muscles to these fishes, then make your bones into the finest artworks, to decorate the altar I use to worship my ancestors in my ancestral temple!’’

Qian Tan stared at Ji Hao stunned for a short while, then desperately screamed out.

’’Kill him! Kill him! For whoever chops his head off, I will reward you with a manor abut Liang hu City!’’


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