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The Magus Era - Chapter 390


Chapter 390: Make Battle Formation

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

The great show in the Blood Cloud Mountain was being performed thrivingly. Slaves of the Di Family and the humankind dyed that cruel outdoor theatre red with their own blood and flesh. Apart from those expendable slaves, occasionally, both sides would send out a real elite force and do some wrestling. Every time these true elite forces fought, the mountain would shake and the ground would rumble; one could say that the theatrics of this show were extremely excellent.

But at this moment, Ji Hao already stood in the military camp of the human army, in Evil Dragon Bay.

Si Wen Ming, Huaxu Lie, Hao Tao and the other ministers of the humankind, and Magi Palace elders such as Wulong Yao and Fangfeng E, were all standing beside Ji Hao, gaping in shock. From their eyes, ears, mouth and nostrils, slight streams of blood seemed to be flowing out. Everyone's facial expression was seriously weird.

Similar to the expression Candle Dragon Gui showed that day, after he sneakily tried to look into that magic formation blueprint lent to Ji Hao by Yu Yu with the power of his soul but ending up bleeding from his eyes, nose mouth and ears, the looks of all these ministers and elders of the humankind were now extremely strange.

The four long swords and a magic formation blueprint that Yu Yu lent to Ji Hao, were now floating in front of him. That magic formation blueprint had been sparkling with a magical and mysterious light. In that magic formation blueprint, which seemed to be completely empty, streams of grey mist had been swooshing across each other chaotically. Meanwhile, an unexplainable sense of solitariness, wildness and death, had spread out, pressing straight on everyone's face.

The four different-colored and simple-shaped swords looked humble but mysterious; these swords were completely lusterless, not releasing any glow either. Nevertheless, just now, Si Wen Ming and the other ministers and elders had done what Candle Dragon Gui did earlier, trying to sneakily look into the four long swords with their soul powers. Consequently, each one of them had blood spurting out from their eyes, nose, ears and mouths, making them look quite embarrassed.

’’This magic formation blueprint is lent to Elder Candle Dragon by an old friend of his, you said?’’ Wulong Gui stared at the four swords and the blueprint with fixed eyes, seeming to still not have woken up from the great shock he suffered just now, while murmuring to himself, ’’Truly is the legendary Elder Candle Dragon, who has worked with quite a few generations of emperors. The powerful people that he knows, we can't easily make contact with.’’

’’This magic formation blueprintwith this blueprint, the preparation we have done in this Evil Dragon Bay area is now a lot fuller.’’ said Si Wen Ming grinningly, while he wiped the two streams of blood under his nose with his sleeve, ’’What a fierce and violent formation blueprint Once this magic formation is activated, hehe, I can't even imagine how powerful it can be!’’

’’Cut the crap, just hurriedly set this magic formation up and let us have a look!’’ yelled Mi Qing Kong, who was known as the number one magic formation artist in the Magi Palace, after a series of loud laugh, ’’Just let me have a look! I still have to go to the Blood Cloud Mountain area to handle the large magic formation there can't give the Di Family a chance to make those false things become true and entrap us.’’

Ji Hao grinned at him, then locked his fingers together the way Yu Yu taught him, and slightly pushed his hands forwards towards the magic formation blueprint.

Following his move, the formation blueprint, which was only feet wide and long, silently expanded. Within a big cloud of misty grey light, the earth power, water power, fire power and wind power began growing and rumbling. At the same time, the natural powers from the surrounding environment began to be drawn into the blueprint ceaselessly like flowing water streams. Along with all this, images of incalculable mountains, rivers, stars, even the universe and many other magical scenes, emerged from that grey, mist sphere of light.

This small magic formation blueprint seemed to actually contain the entire universe in it. As lights sparkled, a seemingly inexhaustible, boundless power surged out towards everyone. A dense stream of power that contained a trace of the soul and spirit of Dao touched and nourished everyone's soul. All the people who were now looking at the formation blue-print, including Si Wen Ming, felt like the whole world before their eyes was enlightened suddenly, and their souls were so relaxed. All of a sudden, they seemed to have learnt many, many truths.

However, the natural truth or natural law contained in this magic formation blueprint was way too mysterious and profound. Therefore, although all of them felt that they had found out some real truths in the past moment, if one was to ask them to explain what they had learnt, none of them could actually say anything.

’’Wha-what a-a, terrifying magic formation!’’ Mi Qignkong's whole body was soaked in cold sweat now. He then yelled out in a massive shock, ’’Elder Candle Dragon, what, what a big face he has! Where on earth did he borrow such a terrifying thing? This, this, I'm afraid this is one of those legendary beings, right?’’

The magic formation blueprint silently expanded, then quickly merged with the air, completely disappearing without leaving any trace.

Si Wen Ming and the others couldn't see where the blueprint was anymore. Only Ji Hao, who was controlling it, clearly sensed that by now, the entire Evil Dragon Bay had already been covered up by the blueprint. An extremely mysterious power had been hidden in the tracks of the great, natural power of Dao in the Evil Dragon Bay area. Within this area, which had the radius of tens of thousands of miles, even the moving path of a grain of dirt could be easily detected by that power.

The four long swords flashed slightly in the air, then silently disappeared as well.

In the next moment, Ji Hao sensed that one sword had floated in each of the east, south, west and north sides of the expanded formation blueprint, and had perfectly merged with the natural environment already.

Overwhelmingly great amount of information had surged into Ji Hao's soul, like an endless flood.

The growth of each flower and grass, the flow of each drop of water, every move made by every living being, the fluttering track of each hair on everyone's bodies, the flying route of each grain

of dirt, and the slightest change that happened in those dirt grains when they bumped into each other

Within the coverage of that formation blueprint, literally every single thing was under Ji Hao's control.

With Ji Hao's current power, he couldn't possible withstand such a huge information intake from such a big area, which was tens of thousands of miles in radius. However, by now his soul and spirit power had perfectly connected with the formation blueprint. This formation blueprint was like a powerful being that was capable of anything and knew about everything; it helped Ji Hao attain and manage all that information.

Even the power streams flowing inside the bodies of Si Wen Ming and the others, their blood flows, every single heartbeat of theirs and every breath taken by them, even every thought that flashed across their headsall these had clearly and completely been revealed before Ji Hao's eyes!

As long as Ji Hao wanted, at this moment, Si Wen Ming and the others could have absolutely no secrets in front of Ji Hao.

Ji Hao avoided reading information regarding Si Wen Ming and the others. Finally, he figured out that in this terrifyingly powerful and enormous magic formation, the four long swords were responsible for killing, while the blueprint took the control of every single thing. Literally, the blueprint had taken every single thing within its coverage under its own control; the trace of existences of all living creatures, the marks these living creatures left in this world with their existences, had all been exposed in front of Ji Hao through the blueprint without any reservation.

Within the area tens of miles in radius, the weaknesses of all living creatures, their past and present, even the possibilities that might happen to them in the future now, because of this magic formation blueprint, were all under Ji Hao's watch and control!

By controlling the blueprint, Ji Hao could manipulate the four fierce swords and easily destroy all living beings within this great magic formation's coverage with a single thought.

Additionally, Ji Hao could also choose a different method to make them perish. He could destroy their bodies, or dissipate their souls, or kill both their bodies and souls, or even choose only one soul and two spirits or two souls and four spirits from the three souls and seven spirits of each living beingOr, he could disable a certain ability of a living creature, making a special gift of its extinct, or take away a certain type of power from it!

Under this magic formation's coverage, all living creatures had absolutely no mysteriousness and secrets in front of Ji Hao; he could kill anyone or anything he wanted, or take anything away. He could do literally anything he wanted he was now omnipotent!

Even all of the mysteriousness of the four long swords had now revealed clearly and completely in front of Ji Hao because of this magic formation!

These four weapons of slaughter were so violent, so terrifying and so cruel Through the blueprint, Ji Hao had only slightly sensed the power released by the four long swords, before he felt that even his soul was about to be crushed and die out in this universe.

These four swords were supremely ferocious weapons, existing purely to kill and destroy.

Suddenly, Ji Hao felt an unprecedented, extremely great confidence - under the coverage of this magic formation, as long as he slightly triggered the mighty powers of the four long swords, even if Dishi Yanluo came over by himself, Ji Hao could chop him into nothingness with one single move!

Gasping deeply, Ji Hao then clapped his hands and said, ’’This great magic formation is settled. Uncle Wen Ming, troops of the Qian Family have arrived as well one among them is an acquaintance of ours!’’

From around a hundred miles away, nearly a hundred boats quietly approached. Qian Tan was standing on the prow of his boat, and was looking at a small hill, which had a small, firmly defended town built on it.


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