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The Magus Era - Chapter 387


Chapter 387: Make A Show

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

Along with a loud series of noise made by giant wheels rolling across the ground, beasts of

burden, which were as gigantic as small hills, drew cartloads of magic crystals to under those

Blood Moon divine towers, one after another. Elite warriors of the Di Family stood in a perfectly

straight line, each with one hundred percent pride and confidence. As gracefully as dancing in a

luxurious ball in a palace, they were carrying boxes of magic crystals out of those gigantic

chariots and filling those crystals in the divine towers.

These people had powerful space magic tools, which had amazingly great capacities, but they

didn't use those tools at all; instead, they choose to carry that horrible great amount of magic

crystal with these enormous chariots, dragged by those gigantic beasts of burdens, which now

stood in such a long line, that one couldn't even see its end with a glance. They just chose to

show their family wealth in such a complicated way.

Beside every enormous chariot, a Jia Clan big warrior and tens of elite Jia Clan warriors were

guarding in straight lines. In ordered lines and with measured steps, they slowly moved

forward along with those chariots. The pace of each one of them was exactly the same. The

rumbling footsteps even made the ground shake slightly, and stirred up large clouds of dirt,

directly into the sky.

With the nearly inexhaustible supply of magic crystals, those Blood Moon divine towers that

belonged to the Di Family all released eye-piercing lights. Streams of scanning light ceaselessly

descended from the air like a heavy rain, striking on the magic formation centering the Blood

Cloud Mountain.

Pop, pop, sizzle...Blasting noise of those scanning light streams rose wave by wave; meanwhile,

countless tiny blood-red spell symbols had been exploding high up in the air. The dense bloodred

light released by the explosion of these small spell symbols even lit up a big half of the sky.

Those drifting spell symbols around the Blood Cloud Mountain had been sparkling speedily.

The watery mist-like spell symbols flew while spinning swiftly, heavily and intensely clashing

against those scanning blood-red light streams. Muffled booms vibrated the magic formations,

causing tens of zhang tall waves to surge up from the two rivers. Incalculable fierce, white

airstreams were roaring crazily across the sky; within a hundred mile in radius around the

Blood Cloud Mountain, the air was entirely filled up with dense white mist.

Inside the Blood Cloud Mountain and down in the foundation of that great-scale magic

formation, a huge number of magic crystal pieces, which were piled up in small hills, had been

swiftly melting.

Fighting against those scanning light streams had consumed a lot of the magic formation's

power. Every time a scanning light exploded, those tiny blood-red spell symbols released by it

would consume the power contained in hundreds of magic crystal pieces, in the foundation of

the magic formation. Large groups of Magi Palace people had been constantly carrying more

magic crystals into the foundation of the magic formation to fill them all into the core of the

magic formation.

Even before this war officially started, the amount of consumed magic crystal had become a

great deal for both the human army and the Di Family.

Ji Hao was standing in an arrow-releasing room, observing the main army of the Di Family

through the breach. His pair of pupils had been shining brightly with a golden-red light; with

those eyes, he could clearly see the operating track of the Blood Cloud Mountain magic


Exactly as Yu Yu said, the Blood Cloud Mountain magic formation had been simply piling the

power from nature up. The Blood Cloud Mountain was the core of the magic formation, and

with this core, the magic formation was allowed to transform natural powers. Activated by

magic crystals, the magic formation could compress the water in the two rivers into sharp

water daggers and send them in all directions; this was the essential spirit of the design of this

large magic formation.

A magic formation like this was simple and violent, and although it was gravely powerful, it

could also be seen as a complete money-burning monster. Every minute, a great lot of magic

crystals would be consumed, in order to keep this magic formation running on a regular basis.

If Ji Hao was allowed to remold this magic formation, this Blood Cloud Mountain magic

formation would be thoroughly different; it would become another, completely different, large

magic formation.

The two great rivers would still be the base and resources of the magic formation's attack, but Ji

Hao would draw the power of the earth meridians to the formation as the driving force. In this

way, except for a certain amount of magic crystal that would be consumed when the formation

activated, no other addition fuel would be needed after the formation started running.

Not only so, Ji Hao would also set up a newly designed, smaller magic formation inside this

large formation. On peaceful days, the natural power ceaselessly delivered over by the two

rivers and the inexhaustible power contained in the earth meridians would be compressed into

power crystals, which were similar to natural magic crystals, by that smaller magic formation.

These power crystals could then be stored in the mountain. These power crystals could not only

served as power supplies for the daily cultivations of those warriors who were stationed in this

area, but could also be used as power supplies for the large magic formation during wartime.

This Blood Cloud Mountain magic formation, built by the Magi Palace, was still at the

elementary level on 'borrowing' power from nature, while the new Blood Cloud Mountain

magic formation that Ji Hao designed in his head could already start to 'control' natural


’’When this war is over, I have to give my new blueprint of this magic formation to uncle Wen

Ming as soon as possible. Hm, that blueprint can at least get me a special grade military

exploit.’’ Ji Hao patted on the city-destroying demon crossbow behind him, then made a hand

gesture to the other few warriors. After that, Ji Hao and the other few warriors who were all

under Si Wen Ming's command, headed back towards the storage room in a great rush. There

were still more than ten city-destroying demon crossbows that needed to be settled.

Long and resonant horns lingered in the sky. Four Blood Moon divine powers began

approaching the Blood Cloud Mountain from the South. These four divine powers were around

twenty miles away from the others. Groups of non-humankind slaves and slave warriors held

their weapons, huddled up in the square spaces between every two divine towers, in orderly

lines, and carefully launched tentative attacks at the Blood Cloud Mountain. The looks on their

faces were all especially nervous.

Slowly, very slowly, the blood-red light screen, released and supported by the four Blood Moon

divine towers, touched the Blood Cloud Mountain magic formation. Instantly, countless white

ice daggers roared down from the air, towards the blood-red screen. Those swiftly spinning

white daggers emitted shrill, ear-piercing screams and brought up waves of air blasts, madly

striking on the blood-red screen, like dazzling lightning bolts.

The blood-red screen and those white, fierce streams of air blasts bumped into each other and

clashed against each other in the air, constantly letting out muffled, rumbling and thunderous


Non-humankind's slaves, who walked in the front, let out waves of screams and howls the first.

Strong power vibrations released by the magic formation spread out in every direction,

shattering the internal organs of those non-humankind slaves, making them vomit blood in

big streams, knocking them down to the ground and turning them into the first batch of

sacrificial lambs in this Blood Cloud Mountain area.

A clear spell chanting sounds started. Tens of Xiu Clan master magic formation artists rushed

out of the groups of slave warriors, wielding their arms in the air. Along with their moves,

numerous blood-red pillars transformed into long and thick blood-red streaks one after

another, darting out and deeply piercing into the ground, forming a simple defensive battle

magic formation.

Dense red light covered the ground. The strong power released by this defensive battle

formation twisted those spell symbols drifting above the Blood Cloud Mountain magic

formation. Following this, those serried ice daggers, which had nearly covered the sky in the

outer circle of the magic formation, instantly became a couple of times thinner; the attacking

frequency of these ice daggers decreased a lot as well.

Inside the Blood Cloud Mountain, those Magi Palace Magi slowed their moves of filling magic

crystals into the core of the magic formation. Some of them had started chanting, reducing the

intensity of attacks launched by the magic formation by more than fifty percent. On the outside,

the attacks launched by the magic formation became weaker and weaker, and those ice daggers

diving down from the air, became thinner and thinner.

Followed by an exciting roar, tens of thousands of slave warriors wielded their weapons and

thrillingly dashed out of the protective zones given by the four divine towers.

On the Blood Cloud Mountain's side, a series of hysterical yells and roars started as well. Tens

of thousands of tall and muscular men, who had rough and dark skin, bodies covered in thick

leathers and furs, carried their roughly crafted spears and machetes, rushing out while

growling. Like a group of crazy buffalos, they heavily bumped into the tens of thousands of

non-humankind slave warriors.

A brutal, massive killing began. Machetes hacking down, spears piercing into human bodies;

the noises of bones cracking and muscles tearing rose wave after wave. The world seemed to be

completely filled by desperate curses, yells, blood and broken body parts, which were all over

the ground now.

While this pure violence was happening, quite a lot broken limbs were thrown to over ten miles

away. Soon, the ground in tens of miles radius around the Blood Cloud Mountain was entirely

covered in blood and broken limbs.

A deep yet resonant drum sounded, followed which thousands of luckily surviving nonhumankind

slave warriors turned around immediately and fled. At the same time, around tenthousand

human warriors staggered back towards the Blood Cloud Mountain as well.


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