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The Magus Era - Chapter 386


Chapter 386: Start

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

The Blood Cloud Mountain was nearly fifty-thousand meters tall, and was entirely red, shaped

like a stone table. Compared to the other mountains in the surrounding, the Blood Cloud

Mountain was soaring and rugged; with its precipitous geographic feature, the Blood Cloud

Mountain had become an important stronghold for the human army's defensive line, that was

nearly ten-thousand miles long.

The Blood Cloud Mountain, which was nearly fifty-thousand meters tall, was cliffy and

dangerously steep. All four sides of this mountain were basically cliffs and had zero vegetative

coverage. Therefore, even apes could barely climb up to the mountaintop. A few extremely

precipitous stairs were carved out of the mountains, which were the only path, leading to the

mountaintop from the ground.

The mountaintop was a smooth, flat area, had the radius of around twenty miles, and was in a

roughly round shape. An army force encamped in here, and tens of thousands of Senior Magi

warriors had been guarding this spot. With the geographical advantages, this place looked quite

like an iron fort that could never ever break.

The human army had spent a genuinely lot of efforts on this Blood Cloud Mountain, to turn it

into a stronghold. A great lot of caverns were dug into the solid body of the mountain, as

storage spaces for weapons and supplies; a great-scale magic formation was set up around the

Blood Cloud Mountain, and the mountain was the most essential and solid core of this magic


Looking from far away, one could find out that the Blood Cloud Mountain was in the middle of

two great rivers, which looked like a pair of sharp and long blades. Mountains standing by the

sides of the two rivers had been glowing brightly with blood-red light, reflecting the entirely

blood-red Blood Cloud Mountain. Both of the two rivers had been flowing rapidly. When

sunlight shone on the river surfaces, the river water would reflect the sun glow and create

thousands of fierce, white light beams, dazzling everything all around them. From a great

distance, one could sense an amazingly strong aura of killing, reaching straight to one's face.

Tens of metal saucers, around a-zhang in radius each, were swiftly hovering in the sky. Yu Clan

warriors who stood on those flying saucers had been carefully observing every single move that

happened on and near the Blood Cloud Mountain, from hundreds of miles away and with their

brightly shining, blood-red eyes.

As the Di Family was continuously sending their army forces to where the Blood Cloud

Mountain was located, the number of human warriors gathered around the Blood Cloud

Mountain had grown bigger and bigger as well. Normally, only twenty to thirty thousand

human warriors were stationed in the camp on the mountaintop, but within only a couple of

days, the scale of the camp had expanded for at least three times.

Except for those warriors stationed on the mountaintop, in the dense woods surrounding the

Blood Cloud Mountain, simple wooden cottages had been built up in a line. Every day, large

groups of people would sneakily walk in and out the woods. Deeper in the woods, large pieces of

ground were exploited and cleaned, on which, large groups of human warriors would practice

battling all day and night. The heavy breathing of those warriors sounded thunderous, and

could even be heard over a hundred miles away.

Within the two great, rapid flowing rivers, which seemingly were pressing the Blood Cloud

Mountain from both sides, a large number of serpents and boas were faintly visible. Among

those serpents and boas, hazy silhouettes of flood dragons could be seen and from time to time,

dragon roars would rise into the air as well. Northern Wasteland Senior Magi in black cloaks

were mounted on those serpents and boas; each one of them held their heads high, looking

proud and confident.

On the mountains, standing on both sides of the two rivers, large groups of fierce battling birds

had been rising and landing. Countless archers came from the Eastern Wasteland, mounted on

those large birds, and had been hovering around in the sky. Sometimes, some of them would

even drive their birds and chase those Yu Clan warriors that stood on the flying saucers; archers

and Yu Clan warriors often chased and launched threatening attacks against each other in the

air. The winner could never be determined between them, even if this kept happening for half a


Hundreds of miles away from the Blood Cloud Mountain, twenty-two Blood Moon divine

towers had been standing in a straight line.

Every twenty minutes, a perfectly straight, scanning light stream would be released from one

divine tower towards the Blood Cloud Mountain, leaving an immense arc in the air. Every time

before that scanning light stream, which was tailed by a long and huge arc, landed on the

mountain, snow-white fierce light streams would rise from the rivers on both sides of the

Blood Cloud Mountain, heavily clashing against the scanning blood-red light stream.

A loud series of popping noise was what would come next, followed by which, the scanning

light stream would be blasted out. Countless thumb-sized, blood red spell symbols would be

sent swiftly flying away in all directions, even o tens of miles away. Soon after, those blood-red

spell symbols would explode all at once, after which, large amounts of twisted spell symbols

would sparkle in the air and quickly merge back with the sky.

This magic formation that centered the Blood Cloud Mountain was called Perpetual Fastness

magic formation, and was also located on the human army's defensive line. It was set up upon

tremendously great amount of rare and precious materials, and carefully designed on the basis

of the surrounding, geographic environment. Magic formations like this could serve as a real

iron wall, but it could never hide under the scanning light released by Blood Moon divine

towers. Therefore, without much of a difficulty, the Di Family found out the existence of this

great-scale magic formation.

Discovering this magic formation was indeed quite easy, but if they wanted to destroy it, they

either had to break and evaporate the two great rivers, which extended for over hundredthousand

miles, or flatten the entire Blood Cloud Mountain. Apart from these two methods, no

other ordinary move could do any harm to this great-scale, powerful magic formation.


Hundreds of non-humankind slaves, which had dark-brown skins that were dotted with large

green flecks, were yelling in a very strange tone. They were wearing rag-like leather armors,

carrying broken wooden shields, holding machetes and spears and rushing towards the Blood

Cloud Mountain.

They rushed for around ten miles and stepped in the range of that great-scale magic formation

set around the Blood Cloud Mountain, which was just detected by the scanning light stream.

Instantly, the two rivers let out thunderous buzzing noises and large amounts of spell symbols,

which were drifting in the air, sparkled. The moisture in the air then quickly condensed into

thousands of fist-sized, dazzlingly shining ice daggers, darting down towards the ground along

with an ear-piercing swishing noise.

Those hundreds of non-humankind warriors burst out hoarse howls and screams. Those

shining, as especially sharp ice dagger chopped them into pieces, broken body parts scattering

all over the ground, while blood ceaselessly seeped into it.

The ground, which was covered by that magic formation, now became as greedy as devils. Flesh

and blood of those non-humankind warriors was gradually swallowed up by the slowly

squirming soil, after which, an extremely faint stream of blood mist flashed across the surface

of the Blood Cloud Mountain. A gale then blew across the mountain, bringing up huge puffs of

blood-red light spots, which then condensed into a thin, blood-red cloud drifting above the

Blood Cloud Mountain!

Every time when living creatures died in battles within the range of this great magic formation

around the Blood Cloud Mountain, a blood-red cloud would rise from the mountain. This was

the origin of the name of this mountain, Blood Cloud Mountain.


Ji Hao bared his upper body, which was now completely soaked in sweat. A thick stick was

carried on his shoulder, and a city-destroying demon crossbow was hung on that stick. He

arduously carried that city-destroying demon crossbow and slowly moved this strangely heavy,

destructive weapon into an arrow-releasing room, along one of the narrow tunnels inside the

Blood Cloud Mountain.

All four walls of this arrow-releasing room were hardened by spell symbols. The north wall had

a narrow breach on it, which could allow arrows to fly out of the mountain.

Normally, a hundred archers would guard this room; if the enemy attacked, they could release

as many arrows as they liked from this arrow-releasing room. This room was located hundreds

of meters high above the ground, and arrows released from this altitude had higher lethality. In

the last few great wars, countless non-humankind warriors had been killed by arrows released

from the Blood Cloud Mountain's arrow-releasing rooms.

But today, no archers were guarding in here, and a city-destroying demon crossbow was carried


Even among the administrative class of the alliance of human clans, only a few knew about

these city-destroying demon crossbows. With some solid difficulties, Ji Hao and a few other

warriors, who were absolutely trusted by Si Wen Ming, carried these strangely heavy, giant

crossbows all the way here.

While gasping desperately for air, they moved the city-destroying demon crossbow to the most

strategically appropriate spot, then pressed on a huge spell symbol on the crust of the

crossbow. Immediately after that, streams of bright light started flowing on this large-box-like

city-destroying demon crossbow, and in the meanwhile, six sharp and thick thorns suddenly

thrust out, piercing into the ground and firmly fixing the crossbow on the location.

Gasping for another while, Ji Hao and the others walked out quickly, carrying another citydestroying

demon crossbow out of the storage room.

There were whole forty city-destroying demon crossbows in total, and Ji Hao and the other few

warriors had just settled twenty of them. Suddenly, long and shrill horns came from the

outside. Muffled footsteps started and dense clouds of dirt rose into the air. The Di Family had

launched their first wave of attack.


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