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The Magus Era - Chapter 383


Chapter 383: Plan

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

The white lotus bloomed. Dishi Yanluo snorted coldly and waved his sleeve. Following his

move, nearly a hundred Yu Clan people, who were standing behind him, all stepped out of the


Along with a deep and loud buzzing noise, the gate of the hall closed. Dishi Yanluo stayed inside

that hall alone.

A puff of bright, clear light spots rose from the blooming white lotus, from within that white

light, a human silhouette emerged, then stepped out of the lotus. That hazy silhouette gradually

became clearer and more real. It was a scrawny, middle-aged man.

That man was wearing a simple, coarse handwoven cloth, feet bared, long hair coiled into two

loose buns on his head, tied by two dimly golden ropes, which were thickly covered in golden

spell symbols. His left hand was holding a three-foot tall jade bottle, right hand carried an

eight-foot long, golden wooden stick. This middle-aged man, who was zhang and three feet

tall, expressionlessly nodded at Dishi Yanluo.

’’Your Majesty!’’ said that middle-aged man in a very deep voice.

’’Miao Lian.’’ Dishi Yanluo gave that man a grim smile and responded in a badly darkened face,

’’Don't even think about it. I will never accept your condition. To preach among my human

slaves? This can do absolutely no good to me. I will never, ever agree.’’

’’There is no absolute in this world. Everything may change, at any time.’’ said Miao Lian in a

bland and slightly cold tone, ’’For example, Your Majesty might be interested in the news I

brought over this time.’’

’’I won't be interested in any news.’’ Dishi Yanluo held his head high and looked at Miao Lian

proudly, ’’But I am very interested in your life!’’

Grinning maliciously, Dishi Yanluo's body flashed swiftly and suddenly transformed into three

streams of hazy blood-red smoke. He raised his right arm, which was now as sharp as a fierce

blade, hacking right towards Miao Lian's head.

Miao Lian slightly shook the jade bottle in his left hand. A back air stream and a white air

stream gushed out from the opening of the bottle, transforming into thick layers of clouds that

wrapped Miao Lian's body up. Dishi Yanluo's hand chopped on those black and white clouds,

bursting out a dazzling blood-red light, ripping layers and layers of black and white clouds up.

However, black and white air streams had been ceaselessly coming out of the jade bottle and

transforming into new layers of clouds. Not matter how fast and hard Dishi Yanluo wielded his

arm, he could never even touch Miao Lian's body.

’’Interesting!’’ Dishi Yanluo laughed viciously and said, ’’Before, every time I saw you, we were

out in the middle of nowhere. But this time, since you're bold enough to show up here in my

palace, I will let you have a taste of the supreme power of our Great Blood Moon!’’

While letting out a loud series of vicious laughs, the erect eye in between Dishi Yanluo's

eyebrows suddenly opened. Along with a deep spell chant, the roof of this great hall lit up.

Dense layers of blood-red clouds emerged in the air and began spinning slowly, same as those

clouds spinning above that tall tower outside. In the center of these spinning blood-red clouds,

a cloud hole was gradually forming.

’’In this case, You Majesty, you might have to suffer a little bit!’’ Miao Lian snorted blandly.

Next, he shook his left hand and right after that, an extremely shrill bird scream came from

between the black and white airstreams. Followed by the scream, a hazy silhouette dashed out

of the two airstreams. That hazy silhouette was holding a tiny hammer; especially swiftly, it

swooshed up and bashed that tiny hammer down towards Dishi Yanluo's head.

Dishi Yanluo didn't even dream that a man had been hiding in Miao Lian's jade bottle. In the

very next moment, that tiny hammer clanged against his head and an eye-piercing blood-red

light immediately burst out. That long blood-red cloak instantly released enormous streams of

blood-red flame, which then condensed into surpassingly beautiful blood-red blooms,

shielding against that tiny hammer. Nevertheless, those blood-red blooms were shattered into

bits by that tiny hammer right away.

Miao Lian again wielded his jade bottle. The black airstream and white airstream surged out in

roaring torrents, wrapped Dishi Yanlou's body firmly up and rotated speedily, seeming to crush

him. The blood-red flame streams released from Dishi Yanluo's blood-red cloak soon dimmed

down, dissipated by those black and while airstreams one after another.

That hazy human silhouette that came out from Miao Lian's jade bottle raised that tiny

hammer again, launching another heavy bash right on Dishi Yanluo's chest.

Followed by a muffled bong, the blood-red flame that had been shielding Dishi Yanluo's chest

disintegrated completely. The great impact caused by that hammer strike forced him to stagger

back. Blood surged right up to his head, and even turned his face to a blood-red color.

’’You bloody bastard!’’ Dishi Yanluo roared out furiously. He raised his right arm and clenched

his fingers, following which, a blood-red beam of light flashed across the air. An odd-shaped,

purely blood-red long sword appeared in Dishi Yanlou's hand, gripped tightly by him. He

swung the sword up and was going to launch an attack to that hazy human silhouette which

had attacked him just now, but before that, the wooden stick in Miao Lian's right hand

swooshed down towards his head.

When that wooden stick released its power, a splendid, golden sun glow rose into the air. From

within that beautiful glow, one could see tens of billions of different kinds of animals, sitting on

clouds and reciting lections; their faces were filled with smiles and their voices sounded

peaceful. A soft, gentle, clean and strangely peaceful aura, that could make people involuntarily

loosen their tightened bodies and relax completely, instantly spread out.

Being struck by that golden sun glow and hearing the lections recited by those animals, Dishi

Yanlou's moving speed instantly slowed down; at the same time, the raging blood-red flame

streams coiling around his body, were nearly crushed out by the great pressure given by the

golden sun glow. The wooden stick then slightly touched his wrist, almost smashing his wrist

bones. His long sword loudly clanged against the ground.

That hazy human silhouette came out from the jade bottle launched the third hammer strike.

This time, Dishi Yanlou burst out a resonant, raging roar and following that, a blood-red, heavy

armor appeared on his body. Incalculable Blood-red blooms swished out one after another,

layers after layers, fiercely flying towards that tiny hammer like countless swiftly spinning

cutter wheels.

That hazy human silhouette sighed and said in a low voice, ’’In this case, don't blame me for

beating you too hard.’’

Following his sigh, a dazzlingly shining golden talisman flew out from his left hand, releasing a

clear yet bright light, which seemed to even be able to light up the entire void. Those protective

blood-red flame streams released from Dishi Yanluo's armor disintegrated immediately after

touching this clear light. Therefore, that tiny hammer bashed heavily on his chest armor

without any difficulty.

Clang! Showering under that bright clear light, his chest armor shattered instantly, and that

tiny hammer smashed on Dishi Yanluo's chest through the broken armor, squeezed a stream of

blood out of his mouth, and sent him flying backwards, like a drifting dead leaf.

’’Great Blood Moon, please gift me inexhaustible, great power!’’ The cloud hole had formed

under the roof of this broad hall, and an extremely cold, strong, sticky power descended from

that cloud hole. Dishi Yanlou gave a twisted grin, while he waved both of his hands towards that

cloud hole.

The hazy human silhouette sighed again. The golden tablet that flew out from his left hand

shook in the air, releasing another strong stream of clear light, forcibly sealed that cloud hole.

Dishi Yanluo's grin froze on his face. He looked at Miao Lian and that hazy silhouette, seeming

to be dumbfounded, unable to let a word out for quite a while.

Miao Lian withdrew that black and white airstreams back into his jade bottle, then smiled at

Dishi Yanluo and said, ’’You Majesty, can you please listen to me quietly now? My younger sister

has a talented disciple under her guidance, named Qing Mei. This time, she found out

something, that might related to you.’’

Before Dishi Yanluo responded, Miao Lian smiled again and continued, ’’Perhaps, this time,

Your Majesty, you will be able to lead your army, break the humankind's defensive line in the

Chi Ban Mountain area, and directly occupy the fertile land under the humankind's domination,

making an incomparably great achievement.’’

Dishi Yanluo looked at that cloud hole, which was now sealed; he blinked his eyes quickly

seemingly hesitating, but after a long while, he slowly nodded.

’’Maybe, I should listen to your suggestion.’’ Dishi Yanluo looked at Miao Lian, presented to be

calm, and said, ’’After all, I still remember that you have, more or less, helped me in attaining

this throne of Emperor.’’

Miao Lian grinned bitterly, shook his head and responded, ’’As long as Your Majesty remembers

my humble contribution.’’

He then wielded the wooden stick and brought up another splendid glow; from within which, a

large map emerged. Judging from the geography feathers presented by that map, it was a

panoramic map of the Evil Dragon Bay.


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