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The Magus Era - Chapter 382


Chapter 382: Yanluo

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

A thick layer of cloud had been spinning slowly. All clouds in the air, within an area that had tens of thousands of miles of radius, were spinning.

In the center of those spinning clouds, a mile in radius hole was faintly visible. Innumerable blood-red lightning bolts had been dazzling and flashing in that cloud hole, and muffled thunder had been roaring. An immense, evil and completely negative power vibration had been ceaselessly spreading out from that cloud hole, dying the surrounding clouds a faint blood-red color.

Right below that cloud hole was a tall, blood-red tower. The tower top reached directly into the clouds, and the entire tower had been shining with a dense blood-red light. Above the tower top, a blood-red, erect eye had been releasing an eye-piercing light. From time to time, blood-red lightning bolts would descend from the cloud hole and strike heavily on that blood-red erect eye;every time that happened, the entire tower would release even brighter blood-red light along with a loud, buzzing noise.

'Ho! Ha! Ho! Ha!’’

Large groups of human slaves bared their upper bodies, and were carrying heavy iron sticks on their shoulders;gigantic metal boxes hung on those iron sticks. These human slaves were numbered off in groups by a hundred;they carried those giant metal boxes and walked up from the ground, through the stairs coiled around that tall tower, step by step, slowly reaching the tower top.

Numerous heavily armored Jia Clan warriors had been standing on the stairs, holding long and thick whips in their hands. If they saw any human slave who moved slightly slower, a fierce lash would immediately land on that human slave's body.

When those whips, which were thickly covered in thorns, lashed on bodies of those human slaves, huge pieces of skin and muscles would be ripped off easily;many times, their bones were even exposed. After a long and deep breath, wounds on the bodies of those human slaves would begin healing quickly;edges of those wounds would squirm and soon, those lost skins and muscles would grow back.

Those Jia Clan warriors had been laughing, while throwing those large pieces of human flesh to their battle beasts or birds, which were squatting beside their owners. After having swallowed certain amount of fresh human flesh, these beasts' eyes had now become purely blood-red.

Those human slaves were moving to the rhythm of a chant while climbing the tower step by step, along the coiling stairs. Perspiration poured down from their bodies in streams. Those heavy iron boxes even bent their spines. By now, their eyes were all filled with blandness and confusion, not a slight bit of life-force could be detected.

They climbed up step by step, and the iron sticks on their shoulders and chains that were used to tie those iron boxes clashed against each other and let out ear-piercing noises from time to time.

On top of that tower and below that enormous blood-red erect eye, many huge iron boxes, which were around a-hundred-zhang squared in size, were piled up orderly, looking like a great mountain.

When the number of iron boxes reached a whole thousand, those human slaves linked those chains tied around those boxes together, and made the one-thousand iron boxes into an entirety.

A Yu Clan elderly man raised his head, gripped that long cane held in his hand, and cast a spell in a deep voice.

Blood-red lightning bolts dazzling in that cloud hole grew more and more, thicker and thicker, along with ground-shaking, metal-clashing noises. In a not so long time, a mammoth chain, which was around a-hundred-zhang thick, descended slowly from the cloud hole. Human slaves rushed up together, hooked that gigantic hook hanging on top of this extra-enormous chain on those linked chains tied around the one-thousand iron boxes. After that, they leapt back down to the tower top and tried their best to stay as far away from that hook as possible.

Buzz! All blood-red lightning bolts blasted out simultaneously, seemingly dyeing half of the sky blood-red.

The incomparably gigantic chain slowly tightened and began moving back up towards the air. A whole thousand metal boxes were pulled up, slowly rising into the cloud hole.

Clang, clang, clang... Followed by loud series of metallic clangs, that mountain-great pile of metal boxes gradually was pulled into that cloud hole, and soon swallowed by blood-red lightning bolts, disappearing completely without leaving any trace.

Next to the tall tower, an entirely blood-red palace was floating in the air.

Dishi Yanluo stood on the veranda in the outer circle of the palace with both hands held behind his body. He was staring at those iron boxes which were disappearing in the cloud hole with a frosty look. Abruptly, he laughed grimly and said, ’’Greedy bastards! Great Blood Moon, please bless them, let them all die on women's bellies!’’

Compared to ordinary Yu Clan noble people, Dishi Yanluo was taller and sturdier, looking even as strong as those powerful Jia Clan warriors. The sense of power given off by him was especially cold and fierce. The blood-red, long hair of his were fluttering in the air without been blown by wind, ceaselessly releasing a forceful, frigid sense of power, which could even froze people' souls.

Nearly a hundred Yu Clan noble people stood at the end of this veranda, quite a distance away from Dishi Yanluo. Each one of them was looking straight at his or her own tiptoes, with an obedient face. None of them dared to raise the head and look at Dishi Yanluo. During these couple of days, seven to eight poor, unlucky men were torn into pieces by him because of some random reasons, and they didn't want to be the next one at all.

As for Dishi Yanluo's curse, well...they could simply listen to it.

Besides, same as Dishi Yanluo himself, these Yu Clan people had also been utterly detesting those greedy beings. They did hope that those greedy beings could all die on women' bellies too! To those greedy beings, 'die on women' bellies' was the worst curse these Yu Clan people could come up with, because it didn't sound possible for them to die in any other ways.

Human slaves had still been working extremely hard to carry those gigantic metal boxes onto that tower one after another. On the square where the tower was located, countless metal boxes like that were waiting to be carried up to the tower top, by human slaves

A large group of Xiu Clan people each trod on a round, flat, flying saucer, and were counting the number of goods contained in those iron boxes. The lids of many iron boxes were opened, exposing huge numbers of magic crystals, top-grade jade and gold, and all kinds of refined, pure metal blocks contained in them.

In some iron boxes, numerous coffins made from ice-jade were piled up.

Countless human young girls, who were as beautiful as petals, lied quietly in these coffins. They had all fallen into a deep sleep because of the ice power released by those coffins. With a quick glance, one could found at least ten-thousand iron boxes like this, which contained ice-jade coffins.

’’They will die on women's bellies sooner or later!’’ Dishi Yanluo gave a malicious laugh and turned around, walking across the veranda, into a hall behind it.

Nearly a hundred Yu Clan people hurriedly followed up Dishi Yanluo, all walking into that hall as well, without making even the slightest noise.

In that broad hall, which was tens of miles squared, a nearly thousand-zhang wide river was dug out, along all four sides of walls. Many lotuses were planted in that blood-red river water. Leaves of those lotuses were blood-red, and petals, even stems were all blood-red colored.

These purely blood-red lotuses were swaying without been blown by any wind. The air was filled with a bloody scent released by these lotuses.

Dishi Yanluo stood on the long bridge behind the frontal gate of this hall, and was coldly staring at that throne, placed in the center of the hall.

This was a broken throne. It was unexpectedly hacked into two by a nameless man during the fight between Emperor Shun and himself, that happened a couple of days ago in the void. With his nearly supreme power, Dishi Yanluo failed to notice where that sharp stream of sword came from, and neither did he see the person who launched it.

’’A bunch of douches!’’ Dish Yanluo looked at that throne which was now in two pieces, suddenly bursting out a raging roar towards those Yu Clan people standing behind him, ’’You can't even conquer a small Chi Ban Mountain area! Do you want me to fight the battles myself?! Do you want me to attack the Chi Ban Mountain myself?!’’

Those Yu Clan people lowered their heads, no one daring to talk.

Some of them were silently murmuring in their heads though - You had indeed launched the attacks by yourself, but look at how it ended? Haven't you been scared back off by a sword light?

Dishi Yanluo just couldn't stop crazily growling and cursing towards these Yu Clan people under his command, but abruptly, he stopped yelling.

From a blood-red lotus that was not far away from his body, a beam of white light rose and upon that white light beam, a glowing white lotus bloomed.


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