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The Magus Era - Chapter 381


Chapter 381: Qing Mei

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

’’Bastards!’’ Feng Qi transformed into a multicolored stream of light, swishing in the air. While

flying, she was constantly yelling and cursing.

'Damnable humankind, damnable Hao Tao, damnable Si Wen Ming; and the most damnable one

was that kid, Ji Hao.' Feng Qi had shown them more than enough respect, she was even willing

to pay them a fortune for that purple grain dragon sandalwood, but they rejected! How could


She sent Song Gu to persuade Dragon Pool, but Dragon Pool turned him down. Well, this could

be understood as after all, Dragon Pool, that purple grain dragon sandalwood, was a treeman,

who was dumb and silly, not knowing what was good, thus rejecting her kindness; Feng Qi

could still manage to accept this.

But how dare Ji Hao reject her offer and her kindness, and even talk to him in that teasing,

scornful tone?

Sure indeed, a hundred-thousand jade coins was not a lot, and was way less than the value of

that piece of natural soil essence and ancient Green God's tree-heart which Feng Qi promised

Dragon Pool; however, Feng Qi thought that this price was absolutely reasonable for Ji Hao!

What was Ji Hao? He was nobody but an ordinary young human being; Feng Qi had already

given him enough respect by offering him a hundred-thousand jade coins.

In Feng Qi's expectation, things should have gone in this way - She offered Ji Hao a hundredthousand,

Ji Hao willingly agreed to persuade Dragon Pool to follow Feng Qi, Si Wen Ming and

the other human leaders made use of this opportunity to take Dragon Pool into becoming a

slave of the phoenix-kind together.

That one-hundred-thousand jade coins could serve as an opening word, and as long as Feng Qi

showed her intention of recruiting Dragon Pool, Ji Hao and those human leaders should

immediately have given Dragon Pool to her with respect and trepidation. That... was the right

thing for them to do!

However, these human beings had actually rejected her kind offer!

They taunted her, threatened her... they threatened her with the name of the phoenix king over

and over again!

She had even failed to attain Dragon Pool after offering that many genuine treasures! Those

human beings, how could they disrespect her to such a degree?!

In Feng Qi's eyes, the humankind had always been lowly and menial; hadn't they been

especially respectful and cautious when facing the phoenix-kind all the time?

But this time, they had actually, directly rejected her offer and made her lose face!

’’Damn you! Damn you, damn you!’’ Feng Qi irritatedly waved her hands, releasing multiple

golden palm silhouettes, which silently flew towards the ground and bashed countless,

hundred-mile in radius holes out of the ground. Under these golden palm silhouettes, those

solid mountains were as vulnerable and fragile as pieces of tofu.

While dashing in the air and bashing the ground to abreact her anger all the way, Feng Qi's

eyeballs rolled in her eye sockets; she was still thinking about how to get Dragon Pool.

For a purple grain dragon sandalwood, no matter how much it might cost, it would be worth the

price. The Chi Ban Market was a place for the phoenix-kind to collect all kinds of treasures, and

as the phoenix-kind's administrative elder in the Chi Ban Market, Feng Qi's accomplishments

were directly connected with those treasures she attained.

To the phoenix-kind, a purple grain sandalwood, that was capable of improving and purifying

souls, could be more valuable and precious than any treasure.

If she could get Dragon Pool, this credit might push her a level higher amongst the

management class of the phoenix-kind; even possibly, she could become an elder, who was

truly in power.

’’Feng Qi, my dear friend, why are you so angry?’’ While Feng Qi was pondering, a voice suddenly

came from a big mountain below, and in the meanwhile, an invisible stream of power abruptly

emerged, blocking that stream of multicolored light transformed from Feng Qi's body.

Feng Qi was instantly enraged again. She wasn't in a good mood at all, and this person was bold

enough to block her way! Wasn't this provocative to her, and the entire phoenix-kind? She

stopped wrathfully, knitted her brows and looked down at that big mountain.

On top of that mountain, a beautiful young girl, who had long loosened hair, was standing

under a giant pine. She was holding a bowl made from white jade in her left hand; contained in

that bowl was some clear water, and in that water, a silvery pearl was immersed. Her right hand

held a six-foot long, thin and soft wintersweet branch; within those thick and thriving green

leaves attached to that branch, a few green, tender and lush blossoms had been blooming


Feng Qi was preparing to launch an attack directly in rage, but suddenly, she found that this

young girl wearing white dress looked quite familiar.

Hesitating for a while, that stream of multicolored light transformed from Feng Qi's body

descended from the air, showing up, trodding on a multicolored cloud. Feng Qi narrowed her

eyes and gave a measured glance at that girl, and said, ’’You look a bit familiar to me, where did

we meet?’’

’’Feng Qi, my friend, as a respectful being you surely have short memories.’’ The girl smilingly

saluted to Feng Qi and said in a soft, gentle tone, ’’Five hundred years ago, by the coast of the

East Sea, I, Qing Mei, and my Shifu were trapping that nine-headed ghost dragon by using

ambergris... We met there once.’’

’’Ah, yes! You're...’’ Feng Qi remembered about meeting this girl.

Five-hundred years ago, Feng Qi hadn't yet taken up the post of the administrative elder in Chi

Ban Market. Instead, she was just an ordinary sentinel leader of the phoenix-kind. That day,

she was on a mission with a team of phoenix warriors. In an extremely dangerous and outlying

area by the coast of the East Sea, in the Eastern Wasteland, she met this girl, who was named

Qing Mei, with a few of her brothers and sisters, along with their immeasurably powerful Shifu,

were hunting a nine-headed ghost dragon.

’’Your Shifu, her name is...Miao Yin, right?’’ Feng Qi smiled, ’’Your names are all weird.’’

’’My Shifu is no one else but Miao Yin,’’ Qing Mei smiled back to her and said, ’’Feng Qi, my

friend, you do remember me, Qing Mei. You seem to be in a great rush, may I ask what kind of

great matter has happened?’’

Feng Qi's face darkened immediately. Seeing Qing Mei's incomparably beautiful face and

feeling that extremely gentle and friendly, affable vibe given off by her, Feng Qi didn't hesitate

too much and directly told her everything about how Ji Hao and the other human leaders

humiliated her.

’’How daring? When the humankind was weak and vulnerable, how many times did our

phoenix-kind help them?’’ said Feng Qi in that lingering anger, ’’This time, I went to them all

the way there by myself... if they remembered all those favors we did for them back then, they

should have given that Dragon Pool to me without asking why.’’

Qing Mei raised her eyebrows and also said in an aggrieved way, ’’You're absolutely right! How

respectable you are, my friend Feng Qi... I can't believe they acted so rudely and disrespectfully,

every one of them should be executed...Feng Qi my friend, you visited them by yourself, this

was such a great honor for them, do you have any idea? But, the human beings are just

the most rude, most impolite kind... no wonder you're so angry!’’

’’Tell me about it!’’ Feng Qi continued, ’’I was going to try talking some sense into their heads,

but they mentioned sending an official letter to my king over and over again. They kept

threatening me with the names of our king and elders, I couldn't do anything but leave. What a

bunch of bastards! They should die!’’

Qing Mei even yelled out as if she was filled with indignation too.

’’How ridiculous!’’ said Qing Mei, ’’Feng Qi my friend, you nicely visited them, but they didn't

serve you carefully and cautiously at all... this was already an immense impoliteness. In

addition to this, they actually threatened you, my friend! This, this... oh my, what's wrong with

this world?!’’

Feng Qi yelled out as well, ’’What's more, currently, a great war between the humankind and the

Yu Clan is happening, but when I got into their headquarters pavilion, I found Yu Clan powerful

people in there. Those few sneakily got away once they saw me, as if I couldn't see them in that

way, but of course I did! And on that long stone table, a map of the Chi Ban Mountain area was

flashing, who knows what kind of dirty scheme they were planning there?!’’

Qing Mei's eyes suddenly shone when she heard this. Afterwards, she said to Feng Qi in a calm

and bland tone, ’’Hm? Were they colluding with the Yu Clan powerful people? If this is true,

Feng Qi my friend, if you can expose their dirty scheme in front of the human emperor and let

the human emperor punish them gravely, that Dragon Pool would naturally fall into your

hands, don't you think so?’’

Qing Mei then smiled and continued, ’’They threatened you, my friend, with your king, you

should pay it back by threatening them with their emperor... this is called retribution.’’

’’This!’’ Feng Qi raised her eyebrows as she was convinced right away.


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