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The Magus Era - Chapter 380


Chapter 380: Extreme Rage

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

The pavilion had fallen into a dead silence. Ji Hao widely opened his eyes in a great shock,

looked at Huaxu Lie, who had endured a big slap just now.

He was a prince of the famous, powerful Huaxu Family, and a direct descendant of Fu Xi, the

legendary ancient human emperor; he was one of the few well-known generals under Emperor

Shun's direct command, and one of the most important army commanders fighting in the Chi

Ban Mountain frontal line. Same as Si Wen Ming, Huaxu Lie was one of the few representative

elites among the younger generations of the humankind; but just now, he was slapped right on

the face!

And who slapped him, was one of the phoenix-kind.

A fierce gust of wind suddenly rose inside the pavilion. The magical creatures, Xie Zhi, silently

walked out from behind Hao Tao. The sharp horn on his head was shining brightly with cold

light and in the meanwhile, a horribly great pressure spread out, directly pressing on

everyone's heart, even making people feel hard to breathe.

Hao Tao's pair of large and square hands slightly crashed against each other, letting out a loud

noise that sounded like the clash made by two iron boards. Innumerable black spell symbols lit

up on his body one after another. Those countless tiny spell symbols then flew out from his

body, and transformed into an arm-thick chain, swiftly hovering in the air around his body.

That black chain let out a series of clangs, along with which, an invisible, even greater pressure

swept over from all directions. Because of this strangely great pressure, the air in the pavilion

even became heavier and thicker than before; people in the pavilion felt like their bodies were

locked by especially heavy chains and shackles, that every slight move now became quite


Hao Tao was in charge of the penalty of the humankind, he was the most impartial and

incorruptible one. Feng Qi slapped Huaxu Lie in the headquarters pavilion of the human army,

which had directly touched his bottom line, and also violated the military discipline of the

human army. Therefore, Hao Tao made his move without any hesitation, by coordinating with

the mysterious creature Xie Zhi, they firmly locked Feng Qi up with the invisible power streams

they released.

’’Si Wen Ming, should I do my job and take this unruly woman into custody?’’ Hao Tao turned to

Si Wen Ming and asked with a thunderously resonant voice.

Ji Hao took a deep breath, and at the same time, ninety-nine Gold Crow embroidered on his

cloak rose simultaneously, flying out from the cloak one after another, transforming into

ninety-nine streams of golden-red sword lights, roaring around his body. Within a raging

flame brought up by those sword lights, all ninety-nine Gold Crow flying swords aimed

accurately at Feng Qi; upon the order Si Wen Ming was about to give, Ji Hao would love to

coordinate with Hao Tao and Xie Zhi to poke tens of holes on Feng Qi's body!

Looking at Hao Tao and Ji Hao, who seemed as if they were facing a formidable enemy, Feng Qi

couldn't help but burst out a series of grim laughs and said, ’’What? Want to fight? I bet you dare

not, do you?’’

Feng Qi sneered, proudly held her head high then continued in a teasing tone, ’’Does your

humankind dare to offend our phoenix-kind? By harming even a single hair of mine, you would

be seen as offending the entire phoenix-kind!’’

Pausing briefly, Feng Qi went on in an even prouder tone, ’’Our phoenix-kind and the dragonkind

can be seen as an entirety... if you offended our phoenix-kind, you would be offending the

dragon-kind as well. Do you think that your humankind is capable of withstanding the

overwhelming rage of both of us?’’

On Huaxu Lie's face, a slim handprint was clearly visible. He rubbed his own face, but that sunwarm

smile on his face had never weakened. He then said, ’’Ambassador, my I ask what would

happen if your leader knew about what happened today...’’

Feng Qi blinked her eyes quickly. She looked at that hand print on Huaxu Lie's face, remained

silent for a while, then abruptly laughed grimly and said, ’’This is just a small lesson I gave you.

Even if my king knows about this, he would understand that you disrespected me first. Not to

mention that I slapped you, what worse could happen even if I killed you?’’

Huaxu Lie narrowed his eyes and said in a bland tone, ’’I came from the Huaxu Family, am a

direct descendant of Emperor Fu Xi.’’

Feng Qi was obviously shocked. However, she gnashed her teeth and yelled angrily at Huaxu

Lie, ’’What is the big deal about being a descendant of Fu Xi? What is the big deal about the

Huaxu Family? Anyhow, you're nothing but the lowly humankind!’’

Su Wen Ming suddenly applauded hard and laughed out loud, but that laughter of his was filled

with coldness. His pair of eyes were even colder.

’’The lowly humankind! Good, good, good, very good! Feng Qi, may I ask that, is this your own

thought, or the thought of your king? Or, are your entire phoenix-kind thinking that our

humankind is nothing but a lowly race?’’ asked Si Wen Ming.

Feng Qi was suddenly flurried a little bit. Ever since she got into this pavilion, she had never

mentioned her name. Hearing Si Wen Ming abruptly call her real name, she couldn't help but

scream out, ’’You know me? But, I've never seen you before!’’

Si Wen Ming stared at Feng Qi and responded in that cold voice, ’’You are an elder of the

phoenix-kind, in charge of Chi Ban Market affairs. How can I not know you? Dear elder Feng Qi,

as a great powerful being, you surely wouldn't remember small people like me.’’

Staring at her coldly, Si Wen Ming continued in a harsh tone, ’’Dear Elder Feng Qi, please answer

my question. Does 'the lowly humankind' come from you, or your entire phoenix-kind?’’

Next, Si Wen Ming slapped hard on that long stone table, shaking the magic sandbox violently;

at the same time, he growled resonantly, ’’Clerical assistant, draft an official letter to the

phoenix king, I would like to ask him about that, what exactly does the phoenix-kind think of

us, the humankind!’’

That official letter again!

Feng Qi thought of how did Hao Tao and Ji Hao threatened her before, and now looking at Si

Wen Ming's behavior, she couldn't help but roar out in rage and panic.

’’How dare you do this! Where is your respect to our phoenix-kind?!’’

Ji Hao looked at Feng Qi, as if he was looking at a hilarious clown, and said, ’’Feng Qi, what did

we do? Why do you think that we didn't respect your phoenix kind?’’

Feng Qi mumbled with hesitation. She didn't know how to respond!

She now felt a crazily great rage surging up from her heart. For nothing but a bloody tree, Ji

Hao, Si Wen Ming, Hao Tao, even this Huaxu Lie who had been faking that smile at her...why

didn't all these people show any respect to her?

They should be cringing her and groveling in front of her, politely, willingly giving her that

bloody Dragon Pool!

This was not the first time for Feng Qi to talk with human beings, but those people she used to

make contact with were all different; for example, an elder of the Ten Sun Country named Ying

Yunpeng, he had nearly worshiped Feng Qi as if she was his ancestor! In Feng Qi's eyes, this

was what human beings were supposed to do!

But today...

’’You, you!’’ Feng Qi was struck by such a great wrath that she couldn't even come up with a


She pointed that leather bag on the ground, which contained a hundred-thousand jade coins,

then glanced at that hand print on Huaxu Lie's face. Abruptly, she thought that the Huaxu

Family had a quite good relationship with the phoenix-kind. Back then, when Emperor Fu Xi

was ruling the human world, Emperor Fu Xi and the phoenix king once were closer friends.

According to the legend, Emperor Fu Xi had even solved a huge trouble for the phoenix-kind.

For the above reasons, the Huaxu Family had been maintaining a good relationship with the

phoenix-kind, and some powerful phoenix warriors were even secretly holding important

positions in the Huaxu Family!

It would still be fine if she had slapped someone else, but that was not what happened. She

slapped a Huaxu Family member!

Fang Qi fell into a slight panic once again. Pondering for a while, she took out quite a few

precious treasures, placing them on the small table in front of her in a straight line.

Gnashing her teeth, Feng Qi said in her typical proud tone, ’’A hundred-thousand is indeed not

enough, but every single one of these treasures is incomparably valuable. I trade these for that

bloody tree,,, I think these are more than enough, right?’’

Laughed grimly again, Feng Qi couldn't restrain that surging rage in her heart and added, ’’See

these as rewards that I granted to you!’’

Si Wen Ming's face turned slightly blue. He raised his right hand and a big brush pen instantly

appeared in his hand; clearly, he was going to write that official letter himself.

Feng Qi paused, stared at Si Wen Ming, whose face looked so serious that there was no way he

was just pretending. She stomped her foot against the ground heavily, took those few treasures

back and yelled, ’’Good, you're all brave! I, I'll remember what happened today!’’

Gritting her teeth tightly, Feng Qi then transformed into a multicolored stream of light, quickly

disappearing without leaving even a trace.


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