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The Magus Era - Chapter 38



Ji Hao's heart was in confusion.

Ji Hao could explain the full metal armours which were wearing by the Jia Clan warriors with his previous life knowledge, but this three incomparably exquisite and agile walking-metal-spiders were completely beyond Ji Hao's imagination.

’’Haha, you southerners are really ignorant. I bet you've never seen anything as terrific as this. Hm, once we sell you at a good price, us, the 'Blood Tooth', can purchase another two best quality 'Sword Edge Spiders', then it'll be even more convenient for us to travel around the South Wasteland Jungle.’’

The Jia Clan warrior with shield and sword sensed Ji Hao's astonishment and confusion, he pointed at the metal spiders and boasted:’’Hey, little guy, these are 'Sword Edge Spiders', the fighting puppets crafted by Xiu Clan's master craftsmen;they running very fast, with good defensive quality, and... we're very satisfied with their large-scale-lethality. They're the most suitable equipment for travel around in this rough mountain area.’’

’’Toba, you talk to much.’’ Along with a metal friction sound, a metal ladder stretched out from the metal spider's body. A young man, who was tall and thin, wrapped his cloak around himself and slowly walked down the ladder.

Ji Hao looked at the young man, popped up his eyes.

The young man was only tow-fists-long shorter than the Jia Clan warriors, he has an extremely slim body shape;at the first glance, his waist was even no thicker than the Jia Clan warriors' arms.

The young man's skin was as white as the best mutton fat jade[1];his face was like an exquisitely carved sculpture, breathtakingly beautiful but with a slight trace of evil. Ji Hao even felt this young man was too pretty that even didn't look like a human. The purple cloak he was wearing was also extraordinarily ornate. Ji Hao recognised the texture of the cloak;it was the best quality silk;on its surface, there was complicated pattern embroidered with multicoloured silk threads by complicated embroidering process.

In the South Wasteland, people mostly use hides to make clothes, even the most primitive self-woven linen is very rare. Abruptly saw a luxurious cloak like this, Ji Hao got a strange feeling of time and space travel.

More astonishingly, on the forehead of the young man, there was an erect eye located between his eyebrows;the erect eye was a circle bigger than the other eyes, and was rolling agilely in his eye socket;circles of looming blue lights was flashing in the erect eye.

’’Three...three eyes?’’ Ji Hao was stunned, gazed at the young man.

’’Hm, what's wrong with three eyes?’’ All three eyes of that young man narrowed down simultaneously and looked at Ji Hao coldly and said. ’’As my captive, little guy, your attitude should be more respectful. For example, if you kneel down right now, I can make you suffer less.’’

The young man then frowned and continued: ’’What's that look? Do you think I'm a freak? To me, you people are freaks, monsters, barbarians, dirty and stupid savages! Stinky jungle apes!’’

’’Toba, Toao, what are you waiting for? Just tied this kid up. We can use him to treat his father later... His father is different from those two new Senior Magi. You don't want to deal with a powerful Senior Magi with over forty waken 'magus caves', do you?’’ The young man then twitched his mouth corners downward and showed a face of disgust, waved his hands and said.

The 'Sword Edge Spiders' were really high-speed equipment;they got into the Cold Brook Valley in only the span of a few breaths after they walked out of the jungle. Until the three-eyed young man showed up in front of Ji Hao, a troop rushed out of the jungle.

There were over two hundred of sturdy men with fierce looks in the troop. All of these men were over two-meter tall and wearing simple metal armours;their skins were as dark as irons;their right hands were holding heavy shields and left hands holding swords and other weapons.

These men were walking fast and orderly;they separated into groups of three and moved alternately and covered mutually. Every move that these men made left Ji Hao with an elite warrior impression. They followed the metal spiders and got into the Coldbrook Valley, started to tie those harmed Fire Crow Clan warriors with vines and give commands to those Savage warriors.

The three-eyed young man heard the troop, unconsciously took a glance back and gave an order loudly: ’’Kill all old, sick and disabled people! It's a shame to waste foods on those garbages. Tie all the strong warriors and slaves up. This time. we're gonna make a good price.’’

Toba and Toao also distracted by the troop for a moment.

Ji Ying any Ji Lang were badly injured, and Ji Hao was only a Novice Magus. Though Toba and Toao have always been very cautious, now they have relaxed their vigilance.

Ji Hao took this chance. He dropped Ji Ying and Ji Lang, who were still coughing up blood from time to time, and whispered the 'Nine Secret Words'. Once Ji Hao's voice faded, the ground under Toba and Toao's feet suddenly became a pool of slurry. Toba and Toao shouted out, fell into the slurry pool and unpreparedly and soon submerged in the slurry pool.

The three-eyed young man jerked his head back when he heard the plump, and stared at Ji Hao as if Ji Hao was a ghost.

Three 'Sword Edge Spiders' eyes emitted a piercing red light;they then leaped high into the air and speared toward Ji Hao's chest with their long metal legs. The 'Sword Edge Spiders' moved fleetingly, Ji Hao couldn't even saw their moves clearly.

Luckily, Ji Hao had no need of defense. Mr.Crow enlarged its body into his real size in a blink of an eye;streams of fire darted out from every single feather on his wings;he then flapped his enormous wings toward those metal spiders for three times. Instantly, cracking sounds came from inside the metal spiders' bodies;all three of them were then sent flying by the fierce air flow.

The metal spiders were sent flew miles away and fell hard on the ground;their bodies were still wrapped by a blazing fire and soon became glowing red, finally turned into a puddle of iron melt.

Mr.Crow then rose high into the air and grabbed toward the three-eyed young man's head with his huge and sharp claws.

The three-eyed young man raised his head panickily, a blue light flashed across his erect eye;then a sharp gust of cyan wind darted out from his erect eye. The cyan wind quickly dilated to thousands of feet wide and started rotating rapidly.

The cyan wind wrapped up Mr.Crow's body and rolled him high to the air. Numerous sharp wind knives lashed his steel-like hard feathers and splashed fire sparkles.

Wisps of hot blood dropped from the air. Mr.Crow was harmed by the wind from the three-eyed young man's erect eye.

Angry roars came from the slurry pool. Toba and Toao tried everything to get rid of the slurry;however, there were nothing to hold or step on in that pool. It seemed that they couldn't

get out of that slurry pool for a while.

Ji Hao found out the weakness of the Jia Clan warriors They had enormous physical strength but knew nothing about magical power and sorceries.

Went from one extreme to another. If the Jia Clan warriors only had physical strength, then what about the three-eyed young man? Ji Hao thought.

’’Kill!’’Ji Hao let out a growl. His body then transformed into thousands of fire sparkles and appeared behind the three-eyed young man at the next moment. He locked his hands together, cast a spell then palms struck on the three-eyed young man's back with all of his power.

All three eyes of the young man were nearly popped out from his eye sockets. A stream of blood spurted out from his mouth;he felt like even his internal organs were about to flew out of his boy through his mouth.


Toby and Toao finally sank to the bottom of the slurry pool. They stamped hard on the pool bottom and then leaped high into the air, heavily landed on the ground beside the slurry pool.


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