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The Magus Era - Chapter 373


Chapter 373: Message

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

In the meeting hall, Si Wen Ming and the other elders stated all kinds of rules and welfares,

which were effective to inner palace magi, to Ji Hao, Feng Xing and Yu Mu in details.

Without a question, compared to the outer palace, which was now in a state of disunity, rules

and disciplines of the inner palace were especially strict; all inner palace members were under

the governance of military laws. All inner palace Magi had been through long-term trial and

observation of Si Wen Ming and other elders, and were absolute elites, who were carefully

selected to join the inner palace.

Yu Mu and Feng Xing, who had lived for over ten years in the Magi Palace as apprentices, were

already quite lucky for being able to join the inner palace in such a short span of time.

As for Ji Hao, this especially talented kid, he was now holding the record for joining the inner

palace in the shortest span of time, ever since Si Wen Ming's father, Earl Chong had taken the

Magi Palace over and secretly established the inner palace.

If he didn't capture Di Suo, Di Mo and nearly a thousand Jia Clan big warriors alive, making a

great contribution that had even surprised Si Wen Ming himself, then abruptly brought a

conscious purple grain dragon sandalwood back, those inner palace elders would never agree to

let Ji Hao join the inner palace so soon.

The outer palace of the Magi Palace had already become a place where people contended for

powers and profits, and a short cut for people from big-scale clans or families to attain

promotion and get rich. The outer palace was now in a great mess, and was shrouded by a foul

atmosphere, filled with greedy and disingenuous elders like Ying Yunpeng, stupid, incapable

members like Meng Ao, and apprentices like Jiang Yong, Yao Kaiyuan, Yao Kaijiang, who knew

nothing solid but fighting for greediness and jealousy!

However, the inner palace was literally like an iron board. From top to bottom, rules were strict

and guarded, and levels were determined. Each one of the inner palace elders and Magi had his

or her own job and responsibility to work on. All elite members of the Magi Palace had been

gathered in the inner palace, the inner palace of the Magi Palace was a definite concentration of

elite human beings in the whole Pu Ban city.

Although all inner palace members were absolute elites, there were indeed differences among


According to the difference in power levels, inner palace Magi were divided into nine grades,

from one star to nine stars.

By using the meridian-expanding skill, which was only possessed by the inner palace, inner

palace members could easily figure out the connections between the 59472 meridians.0

Therefore, straightforwardly, to inner palace Magi, every six-thousand meridians represented

one star. Magi who had less than six-thousand new meridians opened up were one star Magi;

more than six-thousand yet less than twelve thousand were two star Magi, and the rest could

be done in a similar manner. Magi who had opened more than forty-eight thousand yet less

than fifty-nine thousand, four-hundred and seventy-two new meridians opened up, were all

nine star Magi.

The inner palace had specifically stipulated that all inner palace Magi were allowed to connect

with their spirit stars, grow spirit star powers and break into the level of Magus Kings from the

senior-level, but only after they had exchanged enough amount of contributions into the

meridian-expanding skill, and opened all meridians covered by the meridian-expanding skill


Magus Kings like this, who had broken into the Magus-King-level with tens of thousands of

opened meridians, could be over ten times more powerful than same-level, ordinary Magus

Kings. In terms of personal battle effectiveness, an inner palace Magus King could manage a

frontal and completely equal fight against a shell-breaking stage Jia Clan warrior, without

falling into disadvantage at all. Hereto, Si Wen Ming explained as follows.

’’Every single one of our inner palace Magi has to be a true elite of the humankind, and an

absolute high-end force. We don't need any douche who knows nothing but yelling around like

a half bucket of boiling water...Those outer palace Magus Kings, who have waken up thousands

of inherited meridians and started to be so proud of that, never thought of gaining any more

improvements and directly connected with the spirit stars and broke into the Magus-Kinglevel...

afterwards, all they have been doing was nothing else but swaggering through the

streets in proudness... these people are all douches!’’

To Si Wen Ming's words, Ji Hao just couldn't agree more.

When facing Jia Clan warriors in battlefields, one Jia Clan warrior could always fight evenly

against a couple of, even over ten human Senior Magi. Besides the lower grades of armors and

weapons, what had caused such a huge power differences between the human warriors and Jia

Clan warriors was the inherited power system of human warriors. Human beings had 129600

meridians contained inside their bodies, and all these meridians could be activated in

cultivation; however, most of human Senior Magi only had thousands, even hundreds of

activated meridians that they inherited from their clan bloodlines.

At the senior-level, human warriors were weaker than Jia Clan warriors already, therefore,

when Jia Clan warriors broke into the shell-breaking stage and gained an extraordinarily great

improvement in power, and human Senior Magi connected with their spirit stars and became

Magus Kings, human warriors still couldn't defeat Jia Clan warriors; even worse, the powerlevel

difference between the Jia Clan shell-breaking stage warriors and human Magus Kings

would be even larger than back at the senior-level.

To those outer palace apprentices, even if they could break into the Magus-King-level, what

could they possibly do when facing aggressions of the non-humankind, except for gaining a

better title and earning themselves greater powers and more benefits in the Pu Ban City?

Only inner palace Magi, who were cultivated by the inner palace, having opened up tens of

thousands of meridians and laid themselves a solid foundation, would be able to directly

contend against high-level Jia Clan warriors in battles, after they broke into the Magus-Kinglevel;

these Magi were the true mainstays of the human-kind.

Since they were the future true mainstays of the human-kind, the remuneration and bonus Ji

Hao and the other inner palace Magi would gain, were nothing that those outer palace

apprentices' incomes could compare with.

Not to mention Ji Hao, a weirdly talented genius who had already accepted a personal promise

made by Si Wen Ming that allowed him to unconditionally use all resources possessed by the

Magi Palace, at this moment, Yu Mu and Feng Xing were both dumbfounded by those highlevel

benefits they could have as inner palace Magi.

Cultivation of Magi required a lot of resources, especially to Senior Magi; and to Senior Magi

who had opened up thousands, even tens of thousands of extra meridians, the amount of

resources required by his or her cultivations would become stunningly huge.

The first benefit given to inner palace Magi was - the Magi Palace would provide unlimitedly

supply of magic crystals for Magi's personal cultivation! As long as one could prove that they

were going to use all these magic crystals on their cultivation and the opening of meridians and

Magus Acupoints, the Magi Palace would unconditionally and unlimitedly supply magic

crystals to fulfil all their needs!

The second benefit given to the inner palace Magi was - the Magi Palace would customize a

whole set of treasures for every inner palace Magus, including weapons, armors, even a

customized armor for their battle beast. The senior-level, Magus-King-level, divine-Maguslevel,

in each of these three stages, the Magi Palace would customize every single inner palace

Magus a whole set of magic treasure for free, and these treasures would perfectly match the

needs and power type of each Magus.

The third benefit - all secret scriptures and books possessed by the inner palace would be

available to inner palace Magi. With only a blood oath regarding never mentioning these

contents to any outsider, inner palace Magi were allowed to read all secret books and scriptures

in the inner palace's collections. One could find all kinds of secret magic, including the most

powerful ones, weirdest ones, cruelest ones and most effective ones; one could find anything

they liked and anything they wanted in the inner palace's collection of books.

The fourth benefit - the military power for emergent situations. With the ID tablet given by the

inner palace, every inner palace Magus was allowed to put a military force that had less than

ten-thousand human warrior, in use, anytime for any purpose, but under emergency situations.

Nevertheless, this benefit had its limitations, for example, if Ji Hao showed his tablet to Ying

Yunpeng and asked for an army, the outcome probably wouldn't be so ideal.

The fifth benefit - the right of making an arbitrary decision as the occasions required. If any

inner palace Magus found anyone or anything that was harmful to the humankind, he or she

had the right to make an arbitrary decision in taking any necessary action upon the situation.

For example, he or she could execute criminals without any trial, and wouldn't be punished for

that. The Magi Palace and the human Emperor would then take the blame for the killing. But of

course, this didn't mean that inner palace magi were allowed to kill anyone they wanted. After

the execution was done, the Magi Palace would investigate the whole case, and if any

intentional and unreasonable killing occurred, this Magus would be punished fairly and strictly.

One by one, Si Wen Ming stated all benefits that were given to the inner palace Magi, to the

three of them.

The above five benefits were only the most basic ones given to the inner palace Magi; as their

powers and grades went higher and higher, their contributions grew greater and greater and

their positions became more and more important, the level of their benefits would naturally

raise higher and higher.

Once they upgraded into nine star Magi, and gained the entire meridian-expanding skill,

opened up all meridians and broke into the level of Magus Kings, they would become elders of

the inner palace, attaining incomparably great powers and supreme level benefits.

While Si Wen Ming was introducing the current situation of the inner palace to Ji Hao, Feng

Xiang and Yu Mu, a close guard of his silently walked over.

’’Minister, Di Luoland and the other three Di Family elders arrived.’’


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