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The Magus Era - Chapter 37



Ji Hao stopped by the two Jia Clan warriors. The slaves near Ji Hao were all huddled up on the ground and trembled in fear.

From the Cold Brook laid aside, the fat bear jumped out abruptly. The bear's fur was soaking wet;it leaped high in the air and raised its huge paw and slapped toward one of the Jia Clan warriors.

’’Faty! Get away!’’ Ji Hao's eye corners twitched;he let out a growl anxiously.

The bear's beady eyes turned into a blood red;thick strands of viscous white saliva hung from the corners of its mouth;every single of its hairs risen on end like steel needles;and the huge bear paw started a gust of fierce wind. The bear showed no sign of stop.

The Jia Clan warrior aimed by the bear raised his head, threw a sideway glance at the bear with that mocking smile remained on his face. He then quickly took a big step sideway, moved to under the bear's body and punched the bear's belly with his right fist.

This punch sent the gigantic bear flying into the air. The bear flew a mile away like a small flying-mountain, then pitched into the Cold Brook. The water rapidly turned red and then bear slowly floated up, drifted down along with the water flow then got stuck by several giant stones in the middle of the brook.

At the end of the valley, swirls of dust rose thousands of feet high in the air. Tens of Fire Crow Warriors who were guarding the end of the valley were rushing toward Ji Hao and the others.

They shouted aloud when they saw the two Jia Clan Warriors;looming fiery lights appeared behind their bodies. They raised their arms and threw their spears to the Jia Clan warriors across a distance of miles.

Tens of Mulberry wood spears were all wrapped by the blazing fire and darted toward the two Jia Clan Warriors in different paths, blocked all the possible side steps that the Jia Clan warriors might take to dodge the attack.

The Jia Clan warrior with the sword turned his head and gave a creepy smile to Ji Hao, who was having a very serious facial expression. The Jia Clan warrior then took the shield which was hung around his waist and raised it high then cast an odd spell. The shield suddenly emitted an eye-piercing light;the light soon formed an immense light-shield in front of the two Jia Clan warriors.

At the next second, all of the spears then shuttered against the light-shield along with a thundering bang, while the light-shield stood firmly without even a shake.

Ji Hao noticed that there was a familiar totem embossed on the surface of the Jia Clan warrior's shield A tower with a blood-red eye floating on top of it. That eye was shining with a blood-red light, very life like. Ji Hao gazed at that eye, shivered subconsciously.

Another Jia Clan warrior dropped his bola and soothed the bone joints of his fingers. He thrust his hands toward the tens of Fire Crow warriors who were rushing toward him and his partner. His ten fingers then started flicking like he was playing a pipa[1].

The air near his fingertips then started popping;countless fist-sized, dagger-like sharp gusts of winds darted out from near his fingers and suddenly hit on those Fire Crow warriors' bodies.

Every single flick of the Jia Clan warrior's fingers sent hundreds of gusts of winds toward those Fire Crow Clan warriors;these dagger-like winds broke their bones, pierced their arms and legs, hollowed their chests. Those Fire Crow warriors had no preparation for this;they were trembling intensely and vomiting blood;seemed as weak as grasses under the attack of these weird winds. soon, all of the Fire Crow warriors were sent flying backward by the rain-storm-like sharp gusts of winds.

’’So vulnerable! I'm disappointed. Haven't met any real rival yet.’’ Said one of the Jia Clan warriors.

The other Jia Clan warrior stooped flicking his fingers. Wisps of smoke rose from his ten finger tips, which caused by the friction between his fingers and the air.

Ji Hao gnashed his teeth and started at the two horrible enemies.

The shield was nothing but a magus tool with extraordinary defensive power. However, Ji Hao didn't sense even a trace of magical power from the guy who just knocked tens of Fire Crow Clan warriors down by flicked his fingers, which means that he was only popped the air with his physical strength and easily smashed a Fire Crow Clan warrior team.

Mr.Crow stretched his wings and slightly moved his claws which were gripped Ji Hao's shoulder;a trace of cruelty flashed through his blood-red pupils.

Ji Hao patted Mr.Crow and slightly shook his head. He has known Mr.Crow since he was a newborn baby;he clearly understood the meaning of Mr. Crow's actions.

There're some more powerful enemies who were hiding in that dense jungle all these time, which was why Mr.Crow didn't pay any attention to the Jia Clan warriors and kept a vigilant watch to the jungle.

’’You're very powerful. However, this is our Fire Crow Clan's territory.’’ Ji Hao stared at the two Jia Clan warriors who wasn't even gasping after all this, and said seriously. ’’No matter where you came from, you have invaded our territory, you...’’

’’This place is far, far away from the centre of your Fire Crow Clan, we're not afraid the revenge from your clan at all. Are you trying to stall us? Little guy, I have to admit that you surprised me. This cleverness of yours will make you worth even more!’’ The Jia Clan warrior with sword interrupted Ji Hao's speaking. He looked at Ji Hao up and down with his four cold eyes.

The other Jia Clan warrior picked up his bola, waved it then grinned and said to Ji Hao: ’’You'll be worth a fortune. I feel like I'm looking at piles of gold and jade. We can live a happy and comfortable life for a long while.’’

All the warriors guarding the Coldbrook valley were knocked down by this time;groups of Savages rushed into the valley.

These Savages had no sense of rules,they started damaging everything once they got into the valley.

Thanks to Ji Shu and his people, there were nothing like foods or equipment worth to be rubbed in the Coldbrook valley. The Savages rummaged for a while then fixed their eyes on those slaves who were still huddled up on the ground.

’’Meat! Smell so good!’’ Savages rubbed their hands and walking toward those slaves. They have fought hard for quite a while;at this point, they were all starving. The Savages could eat all living things;now these slaves who were powerless to resist were the best food to them.

A friction-sound came from the jungle. Three enormous metal beings walked fast out of the jungle along with the cracking branch sounds.

Ji Hao looked at the three gigantic things stunningly They looked like three huge metal spiders;the bodies were over twenty feet tall and the spider legs were nearly a hundred feet long, which allowed them to move surprisingly fast.

Soon, the three metal spider got into the Coldbrook Valley. They opened their mouths and made an ear-piercing sound. The Savages who were approaching those slaves started screaming immediately and trying to block the sound by cover their ears with their hands. They then left those slaves and fled away.

The three metal spiders quickly walked up behind Ji Hao while driving Savages away and slowly lowered their bodies.

The body of the metal spider in the middle opened a crack abruptly;A cold voice came from inside it.

’’Tie all the captives up. Now we only have to wait until the other people to come back and take care of them too, then we can finish this perfect hunting.’’

The voice paused for a second, then chuckled: ’’It's worth the wait. We have waited in the damn jungle for over a month. I'm very satisfied for our harvest this time.’’


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