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The Magus Era - Chapter 367


Chapter 367: Rich

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

From quite far away, Ji Hao saw eighteen dragon warriors pull out their weapons and leap down from the mountaintops they stood on, rushing into the group of Jia Clan warriors.

For the first time, Ji Hao saw Jia Clan warriors being slaughtered by the enemy who were much less than themselves in number. Also for the first time, Ji Hao saw warriors whose bodies were even tougher than Jia Clan warriors' bodies, and had even better fighting skills than them. Attacks launched by these dragon warriors were even fiercer and more brutal than attacks launched by anyone that Ji Hao had ever met before.

Puffing noises let out by Jia Clan warriors' heavy armors and shields, when they were easily sliced open, came from all over the place. That noise didn't sound like metal-clashing noise at all, instead, that was the noise one might hear when a sharp blade cut open a thin piece of wood.

Mixed with that puffing noise was the sound of muscles being torn apart and bones and meridians being smashed.

All these noises together composed a march that was so terrifying, it could even make people's hair stand on ends.

With the dim sunlight at dawn, one could see huge amounts of needle-thin streams of blood spurting up towards the sky. The shapes of these blood streams were so strange, which also clearly showed how tiny those wounds that let out these blood streams, were, and how sharp were those weapons that had made those wounds.

Jia Clan warriors fell down one after another, like grass that had been chopped by long and sharp blades. They couldn't even give a single roar before they lost their lives under the sparkling cold light of the dragon warriors' weapons. Numerous huge heads rolled all over the ground, then being stomped into a puddle of liquid by those violent dragon warriors.

’’Oh my goodness! It's like they're slaughtering a bunch of livestock!’’ Feng Xing's fine hair had stood straight up when he was watching this bloody, brutal massive killing. He couldn't even believe what he had seen.

Those, who were madly slaughtered by dragon warriors, were Jia Clan warriors, normally known as 'monsters'. In battlefields, one Jia Clan warrior could fight equally against five same-level human warriors! But now, they were being slaughtered by dragon warriors and seemed to have completely lost the power of resistance. Their flawless battle formation had collapsed almost in the blink of an eye.

The number of dragon warriors was less than one-tenth the number of Jia Clan warriors, however, the power released by them was more than ten times greater than those Jia Clan warrior' powers.

Crazy, full-strength counterattacks launched by those Jia Clan warriors struck on the bodies of these dragon warriors, but only managed to burst out a few fire sparkles, and couldn't even break their armors.

Normally, these dragon warriors were all around ten-zhang tall, but when they fought against those Jia Clan warriors, they swiftly shrunk their bodies to only half a size bigger than them. The height and physical strength, which was an absolute advantage, along with their incredibly destructive weapons, nearly unbreakable armors, great fighting skills and rich experiences...

All these had directly caused a bloody, massive, terrifying massacre.

’’These dragon warriors' weapons and armors are way too powerful.’’ said Yu Mu while watching this fight, the soft fat on his body even shaking.

Ji Hao and his teammates had heard the noise coming from the battlefield from a hundred miles away, but when they moved for tens of miles with their current speed and reached less than ten miles away from that small basin, the fight was already over.

Five Yu Clan warriors, whose faces were as pale as papers, now knelt on the ground with hands held behind their heads, tremblingly looking at a dragon warrior who had expanded his body back to around ten-zhang tall. All Jia Clan warriors under their commands were killed, therefore, these few Yu Clan warriors directly gave up on resistance.

Even though they still had some powerful amulets given by their family elders, and still had a chance to fight back, maybe turning the situation in their favor, they gave up on resistance anyway.

They were noble Yu Clan people after all. In their eyes, people that died in battlefields with bodies covered in blood, were all not noble beings, instead, those were idiots!

’’Oi, I've told you, if you buy those dragon tendons, you'll have to worship them, just like you worship your ancestors... otherwise, you'll have a huge trouble!’’ said the dragon warrior leader, while slowly squatting down in front of those Yu Clan men. Next, the dragon warrior leader raised its hand, flicked his finger on the heads of those Yu Clan men, one after another.

Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Along with this series of noise, the heads of four Yu Clan men were blown up completely. The last Yu Clan warrior gave a desperate scream right away, ’’I-I'm a direct descendant of the Qian Family, you ca-can't kill me...’’

The dragon warrior leader paused, and murmured, ’’Hm? A direct descendant of the Qian Family? Flicking you to death will indeed be little disrespectful to your family.’’ After this, the dragon warrior leader stood back up and abruptly wielded his broadsword.

Swoosh! The head of this Yu Clan man was sent high up into the air, then smashed by a stream of sword light. He then grinned, proudly nodded and continued, ’’Hm, now, even your family elder won't have any complaints. To be killed by a natural holy weapon, what a huge glory that is!’’

A few dragon warriors walked over with a big amount of small and shining objects held in their hands. Those were all pricey stuff they found on those dead Jia Clan and Yu Clan warriors' bodies. Among those, only magic tools were numbered nearly a hundred.

’’A small fortune!’’ The dragon warrior leader frowned. The long and golden moustache hung beside his mouth shook intensely, while he continued saying, ’’Not bad, these scums were much richer than I thought. Well, this journey of ours indeed was worth something.’’

After he gave a loud laugh, this dragon warrior leader suddenly burst out a great roar and pulled out his broadsword, wielding it backwards.

A nearly thousand-zhang long, blue-colored and arc-shaped stream of sword power roared out, bringing up a huge stream of blue light, swooshing towards Ji Hao and his teammates. This sword attack was incredibly fierce, and even when the main sword power stream was still around a mile away from Ji Hao and the others, horribly thin, yet strong and sharp streams of power had reached them, even leaving countless cuts on Yu Mu and Feng Xing' coarse clothes.

Ji Hao snorted, pulled out the Flame Dragon Sword and took a big step forwards. The power contained in all eight-thousand of his Magus Acupoints began boiling simultaneously. Tremendously great streams of power surged into the Flame Dragon Sword, following which, the long sword gave a sky-shaking dragon roar. Along with that resonant roar, another thousand-zhang long, arc-shaped sword power stream swooshed out, rumbling up along with a great heat.

The sword power stream released by that dragon warrior leader contained a great sense of water power. After all, they lived in the East Ocean, and every dragon warrior had a horribly great water-power-manipulating ability.

The other sword power stream released by Ji Hao came along with raging flames and terrifying heat. Blazing flame rose into the air, coiling and roaring, straightaway bumping into that blue stream of sword power.

Fire power and water power clashed against each other, soon generating lightning. Incalculable blue and red lightning bolts dazzled, along with ground shaking thunders. That noise was loud enough to even wake up the dead. The point where the two streams of power met, a small mountain instantly shattered and collapsed;tens of different-sized holes were struck onto the ground by those lightning bolts.

Ear-piercing clashing noise lingered in the air. The two streams of power coiled around each other, swiftly rotating, striking each other. A blue and red colored tornado was started, swooshing right up from the ground into the air thousands of feet high, looking just like a spinning pillar of wind, soaring into the heaven. The tornado had also drilled into the ground, creating a miles in radius gigantic hole.

After a long while, that tornado finally flew into the higher sky and disappeared. After that, a heavy rain of stones and dust fell, and fierce gusts of wind blew across, making the entire jungle area quiver.

The dragon warrior leader exclaimed out, ’’Not bad! Kid, you have just held off the sword power I released with ten-percent of my strength.’’

His eyeballs quickly rolled in his eye sockets, then fixed right on the Flame Dragon Sword holding in Ji Hao's hand and said, ’’Eh? Is that a dragon pattern on your sword? That sword is a treasure belonging to our dragon-kind, where did you get it? Kid, hand this sword over, and that cloak you're wearing...and that pair of hammers in the hands of that little girl, standing next to you. Then I can let you go!’’

Ji Hao was so angry about this dragon warrior leader's ridiculous words that he even laughed out. People always said that the dragon-kind was greedy, violent and rude... so all these were true!

These dragon warriors indeed had sharp eyes, and with a single glance, they had discovered the best treasures belonging to Man Man and Ji Hao.

Looking at those brightly shining holy weapons in their hands, Ji Hao began wondering, if all those holy weapons were robbed from others by these dragon warriors.

’’I don't want to talk too much to you, just let the old tree and leopard go. All the mess happening around here can stop now.’’ Looking at those dragon warriors who were approaching with big steps, Ji Hao said loudly and harshly.


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