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The Magus Era - Chapter 366


Chapter 366: Dragon-kind

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

Mr Crow grabbed Yu Mu's fleshy shoulders, and had been gliding in the air, a few feet high above the ground.

For the first time in his life, Yu Mu was moving at such a swift speed. Looking at the ground, which was rapidly slipping away under his feet, he excitedly waved his arms and yelled in surprise, ’’How wonderful! Why was I so dumb?! I needed to get a battle bird as well! I've heard that some people in the Magi Palace are especially raising and training all kinds of battle birds... I need to go get one!’’

Yu Mu then proudly grinned at Feng Xing and said, ’’What do you think about my brilliant idea? With a powerful mounting bird, I will never ever again slow us down!’’

’’Well, whichever bird that might be chosen by you, probably is cursed by Shaosi, right?’’ Feng Xing responded in an evil tone, ’’With you, such a huge pile of fat sitting on the poor bird all day long, how can the bird still be able to fly anyway?’’

Yu Mu's face turned blue in anger instantly. He pointed his finger at Feng Xing, trembling in irritation. A short while later, he patted hard on his own fat belly, causing waves of fat-ripples on it, then yelled out angrily, ’’You're jealous of me! You must have been so jealous of my fat!’’

Feng Xing snorted on Yu Mu's shameless words, then trod on a cyan gust of wind and raised his speed. Abruptly, Feng Xing turned to Ji Hao and said with a serious look, ’’That was a drop of pure Magus King spirit blood! Ji Hao, I will certainly...’’

’’Don't say such words.’’ Ji Hao interrupted Feng Xing, and responded, ’’We're friends, brothers. That Magus King spirit blood was indeed precious, but Yi Qingniao's spirit blood can only release its maximum power and effect in your body. It suited you the most.’’

Feng Xing clenched his fists, nodded, then remained silent. However, his look had now become extra determined.

A living Magus King was burned alive, and one mere drop of spirit blood was extracted from his body. He felt like he owed Ji Hao a huge one, an incredibly huge one. Even though they were friends and brothers, he still had to imprint this big favor deep in his heart, and when he had the chance, he would certainly pay Ji Hao back.

Yu Mu hesitated for a while, then turned his head to Ji Hao and said, ’’Ji Hao, you taught us the meridian-expanding skill that you learned from your Shifu...In the Magi Palace, only carefully selected apprentices of the inner palace are qualified to learn this skill, and not all of the inner apprentices have the opportunity to learn that. But you have taught us the skill, is it alright?’’

Ji Hao gave Yu Mu a profound glance, smiled and answered, ’’The meridian-expanding skill may seem to be mysterious, but it's actually not a big deal.’’

Pausing briefly, Ji Hao continued, ’’Those meridians are right inside our bodies, it's just that we don't have the power to know about them and exploit them. Back in the ancient time, when our ancestors had just gained consciousness, their knowledge-accumulation was nearly negligible, therefore, they could only beg the other kinds of creatures for help, and inherit powers that belonged to those creatures. The lives of ancient human beings were tough, and they didn't have too many choices.’’

Taking a deep breath, Ji Hao looked at the east, where the sky was gradually lighting up and said with a grin, ’’We, as descendants of the ancient human beings, are much more powerful than our ancestors. We have gained knowledge, and we understand this world much better than them. If we can't even figure out the mysteriousness of our own bodies, do you think we would have the face to meet our ancestors after we died?’’

Ji Hao then slightly waved his hand and continued, ’’The meridian-expanding skill is just a small step forward, for us to get to know the mysteriousness of our own bodies. To my Shifu, that is nothing important but a small easy trick, no need to worry at all.’’

Feng Xing and Yu Mu quickly glanced at each other, then said together with faces that looked incomparably serious, ’’We swear on the name of our ancestors' souls, we will never ever tell a word about it to anyone.’’

Ji Hao grinned at them. He truly wanted to tell Feng Xing and Yu Mu to not see this meridian-expanding skill as such a serious deal. Since Si Wen Ming and the other Magi Palace elders had already mastered a part of this skill, it shouldn't be a secret skill anymore. What Ji Hao did need to avoid was letting the others know that all of his existing meridians had already been opened up.

They rushed all the way. Yu Mu, who once was the biggest drag amongst the whole team, now had raised his speed with the help given by Mr Crow. This time, he didn't slow the team down. They leapt high and darted in the air, as if they were flying like birds. They moved back along the road they came from, and soon had made hundreds of miles far.

By now, the old tree and the leopard were tightly bound by that huge, dragon tendon net. No matter how hard they struggled, the net would only shrink tighter and tighter. Ten Jia Clan warriors lifted up the old tree and the leopard, who were wrapped in that giant net, preparing to head back with their trophy. But abruptly, over ten dragon-kind warriors, who had human bodies and dragon-heads and were wearing golden armors, showed up.

Standing on top of the surrounding mountains, these dragon-kind warriors, who were nearly ten-zhang tall, let out resonant roars. Each with a pair of ragingly-blazing eyes, they stared at that giant net, which had wrapped the old tree up. One dragon warrior, whose horns were polished to shining, and were decorated with many pearls and gemstones, said coldly, ’’Did you weave dragon tendons into a net? Hm, you have two-hundred and fifty people in here, choose two heads to chop off as an apology, then leave this old tree and piss off!’’

A few Yu Clan warriors instantly yelled out in anger. One Yu Clan warrior took two steps forwards and growled at that dragon warrior, ’’Those dragon tendons belonged to criminal dragons, and were purchased from your Dragon King Mansion! You bastards! You sold those to us yourself...’’

That dragon warrior rudely interrupted him, looked up, showing the whites of his eyes, then said carelessly, ’’Ah, I remembered. Those criminal dragon tendons were indeed commodities sold by us! However, we sold those to you for letting you worship our great dragon kind, you should worship those tendons, like people do to their ancestors... Who told you to weave those into a net?!’’

That group of Yu Clan and Jia Clan warriors was so angry, that they even had smoke puffing up from their heads. They pointed their fingers at that dragon warrior, but couldn't let a word out.

What a shameless, heartless word! Those tendons were goods sold by the Dragon King Mansion, and the customers bought those at a sky-high price. But how to use those tendons should be the customers' very own business, how could they just say that those tendons were supposed to be worshipped by customers, just like people do to their ancestors?!

Who would buy a fake ancestor at a sky-high price, take it back home and worship it?!

’’You filth!’’ A Yu Clan warriors burst out a curse in rage.

’’You insulted our kind, that makes you doubly guilty!’’ That dragon warrior conveniently grabbed a broadsword that had a golden dragon pattern embossed on the hilt, then easily wielded it in the air. Following that, thousands of zhang long, blue-colored and arc-shaped sword power stream tore the air open, and slashed an immeasurably deep cut in the ground, fiercely roaring towards that Yu Clan man.

Two Jia Clan warriors immediately leapt up, raising their heavy shields against that sword power stream.

Puff! Two three-foot thick, solid shields were ripped apart like two pieces of dried beancurd. The two Jia Clan warriors howled out simultaneously, while that stream of sword power cut them into four pieces. Blood splashed out all over the ground.

That Yu Clan man screamed out in shock while three blood-red amulets tied around his waist blasted out, releasing a zhang-thick, blood-red light screen, shielding him behind. Within that light screen, a blood-red, erect eye was clearly visible. That sword power stream bumped into that light screen and caused a thunderous bang. Next, the sword power stream and that light screen perished together. The Yu Clan man staggered backwards, nearly falling on the ground.

’’Eh? Quite powerful amulets! The problem is, how many amulets like this do you have?’’ said that dragon warrior, while raising his long broadsword up proudly, ’’How many more moves of mine can you take?’’

Over ten dragon warriors raised their weapons all together. Strong and cold sense of power instantly rose from those weapons, and fierce aura of killing spread out speedily. Astonishingly, all those weapons using by these dragon warriors were natural holy weapons!

The dragon-kind was indeed as rich as people said they were!


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