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The Magus Era - Chapter 363


Chapter 363: Be of One Heart

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

Looking at Yu Mu, who was trying so hard to catch his breath, with the sweat running down like raindrops, Ji Hao and Feng Xing both stopped talking.

’’You bloody fatso, if wasn't for Ji Hao, you would now be right on time to collect my dead body and bury me!’’ Feng Xing squat down in front of Yu Mu, sighed slowly and said, ’’And by doing that, you would gain a big extra advantage. Because the grave you were gonna dig for me, would be at least five times smaller than the one that I might dig for you some day!’’

’’Bu-bury, bury my ass!’’ Yu Mu swung his big chubby palm and slapped hard on Feng Xing's forehead, as he yelled, ’’Asshole! Who do you think we are! Do you think that you're the only hero while we all are ball-less twats? And we would leave you to die?!’’

Then he turned to Ji Hao, gave an embarrassed grin, with his cheeks that were a little bit blushed, and said, ’’I, I'm just a bit late, but, but I've been running as fast as I can!’’

Ji Hao smilingly looked at Yu Mu, nodding satisfyingly and said, ’’We're not blaming you for running late, you have all that precious fat after all, right? Yu Mu, meridian-expanding skill, do you want to learn?’’

Ji Hao looked at Yu Mu, abruptly changed the topic and asked, ’’Open up more meridians in addition to your old inherited meridians, set a better foundation for your future cultivation. No matter the level of Senior Magi or Magus Kings, you will be more powerful than the others!’’

Yu Mu popped his eyes out, and got choked by his own saliva pointing his finger at Ji Hao. He mumbled with his throat, trying to breathe but couldn't, nearly directly choking to death. He madly waved his arms and kicked his feet, and even his eyeballs had turned red.

Feng Xing hurriedly stood up, walked behind Yu Mu, and kneaded hard on his back.

Boom! A huge stream of saliva sprayed out of Yu Mu's mouth to tens of zhang away. Yu Mu then looked at Ji Hao while gasping deeply and quickly, couldn't wait any longer and yelled out, ’’I do! Whoever doesn't want to learn the skill is your grandson! But, but the meridian-expanding skill is a secret one, only elite inner apprentices of the Magi Palace can learn! You, how did you...where did you learn that?’’

Ji Hao looked at Yu Mu, chuckled and responded, ’’I have a good Shifu!’’

Yu Mu again popped out his eyes. Thinking of that mysterious Yu Yu, who had an ocean-wide range of abilities and was immeasurably powerful, Yu Mu raised his head, nodded at Ji Hao with an extremely admiring, respectful look, then said, ’’Ah, so it's him. Right, things that Minister Si Wen Ming can do, he can surely do too.’’

Ji Hao then ripped Yu Mu's clothes off, exposing his tender and soft fat. Sharp, needle-like fiery light beams zipped out of Ji Hao's fingers once again, and deeply pierced into Yu Mu's skin. Extremely thin beams of fiery light swiftly passed through Yu Mu's body, opening up his sealed meridians and lighting up his dead Magus Acupoints one after another.

Same as what he did to Feng Xing, Ji Hao opened over twelve-thousand new meridians up for Yu Mu and woke up over a-hundred Magus Acupoints of his. Yu Mu was continuously gulping dragon blood amber, his body had been digesting those amber pieces into strong life-force, that then transformed into swooshing streams of power, gushing into those new meridians and Magus Acupoints, supporting those meridians and Magus Acupoints, to keep them from re-sealing.

With the solid foundation Ji Hao set up for him today, in the future, Yu Mu only needed to simply cultivate himself, continuously grow and accumulate power, expand his meridians and Magus Acupoints. By doing all this, his power would soar rapidly, and soon would grow to many times greater than his current power.

During this process, Ji Hao drew a slight stream of the power of the immemorial sun streamer, letting it surge around inside Yu Mu's body to expel those highly toxic impurities, which couldn't be absorbed by his body, and had accumulated in his body. These impurities came from all those poisonous materials he had eaten all these years.

From Yu Mu's white and tender skin, multicolored, sticky, slurry like excretions had been ceaselessly oozing out. The horrible odor releasing from his body made Man Man's adorable face twisted, and pushed her horribly away for over ten miles.

That pungent odor was impressively horrible, smelling hundreds of times worse than a blasting latrine pit. Ji Hao was still working on expanding Yu Mu's new meridians, while Feng Xing was constantly putting dragon blood amber into his mouth, so neither of them could leave. By now, both of their faces were covered in tears because of that crazily horrible odor.

’’Oh! My dear ancestors!’’ Ji Hao had sealed his nose, eyes, ears and mouth with his power, even tightened all of his pores, but still couldn't block this terrifying smell.

A gust of wind blew across, along with which, that horrible odor released from Yu Mu's body transformed into a cloud of multicolored smoke, drifting into the woods nearby. Thriving trees in that woods instantly withered and became rotten, collapsing down, then turned into puffs of black ashes, and dissipated in the air.

Those highly poisonous impurities accumulated inside Yu Mu's body had already become a strange kind of toxicant. If today, Ji Hao didn't expel those toxic impurities for him by using the pure sun flame contained in the immemorial sun steamer, these impurities would certainly cause a large, negative effect on his later cultivation, and even shorten his life.

’’You bloody fatso...from now on, don't eat too much dodgy stuff.’’ Looking at Yu Mu's badly twisted face, Feng Xing said quite worryingly.

’’Save that for yourself you bastard! Don't ever play hero again!’’ Yu Mu glared at Feng Xing while showing his teeth, yelling back at him.

’’You both shut up! You think it's not stinking enough?!’’ Ji Hao shouted out in anger. Mr Crow let out streams of raging flame, burning those excretions, which had been oozing out of Yu Mu's body, into big, black and dense clouds of smoke, rising into the sky. The two magic fire snakes had darted a long distance away, ceaselessly breathing out strong gusts of gale, blowing the black smoke far, far away.

Worked truly hard for a whole hour, Ji Hao finally completed the expansion of over ten-thousand meridians of Yu Mu, and threw a heavy kick on Yu Mu's butt.

Yu Mu burst out a loud laugh and abruptly leapt up high into the air. He shook his body to send those remaining excretions far away, then stretched his body. Abruptly, Yu Mu yelled out in a great surprise, ’’My body! How come my body has become so light?! Eh? Eh!’’

Moving slightly, Yu Mu had actually brought up a couple of shreds of afterimages. Although his moving speed was still far slower than Feng Xing and Ji Hao, compared to his old, turtle-like speed, this was already an impressively great improvement.

’’Haha! Good brothers!’’ Yu Mu laughed out loud and put his arm around Ji Hao's shoulder.

’’Good brother!’’ Ji Hao slapped hard on Yu Mu's back. All of a sudden, he thought of the scene when Yu Mu rushed over in a hell-like rush, as if his butt was grilling with flame.

Back then, when this fatso thudded his butt against the ground and widely opened his mouth for air, he still had a couple of tails of poisonous snakes and scorpions squirming in his mouth. This fatso had risked his own life for Feng Xing. He had rushed all the way while swallowing all kinds of highly poisonous materials;he was well-prepared for a true deadly fight!

Such a fatso was a good fatso, such a fatso was well worth making!

’’My good brothers!’’ Feng Xing leapt up as well, spread his arms around Ji Hao and Yu Mu's shoulders, and held them tightly, while saying, ’’From now on, we will deal with all troubles together! Haha! Even Yi Qingniao was killed by us! He was a Magus King, but what is the big deal about being a Magus King?!’’

Yu Mu quivered instantly, and yelled, ’’Damn! Magus King? Have you just killed a Magus king?! Gosh, why couldn't I run faster?!’’

’’Good sister, good sister!’’ Man Man happily rushed over, grabbed Ji Hao and Yu Mu' arms, rubbing Ji Hao's arm hard with her little pink cheek.

Ji Hao, Yu Mu, Feng Xing and Man Man glanced at each other. At this moment, a warm feeling that was hard to describe, burst out from all of their hearts. After that, all four of them raised their heads and laughed out loud towards the sky. But then, Ji Hao suddenly quivered.

’’Crap! Where are the old wood and that big leopard?! They were a bit slower than us, but both should have arrived already! They can't be even slower than this bloody fatso!’’


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