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The Magus Era - Chapter 362


Chapter 362: Expanding Meridians

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

That small purple cloud transformed from purple mist retracted back in between Ji Hao's eyebrows. The immemorial sun streamer went back into his spirit space as well, slowly and stably rotating around the Golden Dan, releasing beams of golden light that seemed like sunlight, to nourish the Golden Dan. Meanwhile, the golden Dan released streams of purple mist that contained Golden Dan power, as a feedback to the sun streamer. When the golden light and purple mist mixed together, a mysterious and magical atmosphere naturally grew and spread out in Ji Hao's spirit space.

That fist-sized cyan drop of spirit blood floated before Ji Hao's face, releasing waves of incredibly strong life-force and sense of power, which was beating slowly in the entire area about one-zhang in the radius around the spirit blood drop. Gradually, Ji Hao's heart beating was even affected by that of the life-force and power waves released by the spirit blood, and began echoing the frequency of the beating of the spirit blood. Ji Hao couldn't control it.

A powerful Magus King, who had beaten Ji Hao so hard that nearly disabled him from breathing, left nothing else but this purest drop of spirit blood. All the essence of Yi Qingniao's body, including his blood, flesh, bones, marrows, his internal organs and all the power contained in his awakened Magus Acupoints, had condensed into this drop of spirit blood.

’’Such a nice smell!’’ Ji Hao sniffed towards this spirit blood drop, then struggled up from the ground. His face had even twisted in pain when he stood up. Ji Hao took out another big handful of dragon blood amber and swallowed it. Multicolored flames burned those dragon blood ambers into streams of colorful light, surging into every corner of Ji Hao's body, nourishing his severely wounded body.

’’Is it getting dark? Oh I feel so dizzy!’’ Man Man slowly staggered back from quite far away. She wasn't hurt at all, but she had rolled for tens of miles just now, tumbled on the ground for thousands of times without knowing what had happened. Till now, she still suffered a bad dizziness and couldn't even walk steadily. She staggered and trembled all the way, seeming to be pretty embarrassed.

’’It's still dark.’’ Ji Hao raised his head, looked at the sky and said. The starry sky was beautiful, streams of starlight falling down like a shining, sparkling rain.

He then grabbed that drop of spirit blood and walked up to Feng Xing, gripped that huge arrow stuck in his chest and carefully pulled it out, inch by inch.

Those thorns attached on the arrow stick cut Feng Xing's bones and muscles, letting out an ear-piercing, metal-like clashing noise. Feng Xing gnashed his teeth and growled out in pain. He had even bitten his gingiva broken and made blood gush out through his teeth. Spell symbols embossed on the arrow stick were sparkling quickly, releasing fierce air streams to slice his body, which even caused Feng Xing to shed some tears.

’’Don't you laugh, It's not as painful as it looks.’’ Feng Xing stared at Ji Hao and squeezed these words out of the slits between his teeth, one after another. ’’This is human instinct...I can't control it...the tears flow out by itself. I'm not crying... I'm not weak!’’

’’You're not weak, I know it. You're just a bastard!’’ With some solid difficulty, Ji Hao finally pulled out that huge arrow, which was stuck in the ground through Feng Xing's body for at least three-foot deep. After that, he threw a few pieces of dragon blood amber into Feng Xing's mouth, then gave a heavy punch on Feng Xing's left face while yelling, ’’If you had waited for us to all gather together, with Yu Mu releasing his poison by our sides, we wouldn't need to spend so much efforts, only for taking out this bloody cyan bird!’’

Feng Xing coughed a huge mouthful of blood out, then gave an embarrassed grin and responded, ’’You have no idea how powerful those arrow guards were...’’

Ji Hao abruptly nipped Feng Xing's face to make his mouth widely open, then thrust that spirit blood, once belonging to Yi Qingniao, into his mouth. Afterwards, Ji Hao slapped hard on Feng Xing's mouth to make him swallow the spirit blood. Feng Xing swallowed that drop of spirit blood, which was as heavy as mountains, then popped his eyes out in a soul-level shock, staring at Ji Hao while letting out a mumble from his throat, but couldn't say a word.

Great, vigorous power spread out inside Feng Xing's body. Loud popping noises caused by his meridians and blood veins when they were forcibly expanded by that power, came from Feng Xing's body. Cyan light spots lit up one after another, thickly covering all of his body. His muscles began twisting into strange shapes, sometimes these muscles would suddenly shrink and tightly wrap his body, but soon they would swell up like balls. When his muscles were swelling and shrinking, from under Feng Xing's skin, large amounts of sticky, wasted liquid flew out.

Even for an ordinary human being, a drop of spirit blood that was condensed from all of the essence of a Magus King's body could certainly send him or her straight up to the level of Magus Kings, that is, if the body of this human being was able to sustain that bursting power.

Feng Xing's body was shaking intensely. Two cyan stream of light spurted up three-foot high from both of his eyes. He had howled himself hoarse, and only felt that he was thrown into a boundless darkness. Tiny gusts of wind ceaselessly blew out of his pores.

Ji Hao gripped the arrow stick, which was stuck in Feng Xing's left chest, then conveniently threw another heavy punch on his right face, while saying, ’’I am punching you, because I want you to remember that in the future, if any enemy came for you, we will deal with the trouble together. Don't try to avoid entangling us, or one day, we might entangle you!’’

Ji Hao tried quite hard to grip this arrow that was covered in thorns, and extra carefully pulled it out. This arrow had punctured Feng Xing's body, nearly brushing against his heart. Therefore, if Ji Hao wasn't careful enough when pulling it out, Feng Xing's heart could end up being damaged.

Then, Ji Hao pulled the one stuck in Feng Xing's lower abdomen out. After all three arrows were pulled out, and under the effect of Yi Qingniao's spirit blood, Feng Xing's wounds began healing rapidly.

’’I-I...I'm having a breakthrough!’’ Thousands of cyan light spots thickly covered on Feng Xing's body all let out beams of cyan light. He stared at Ji Hao in a great panic while screaming, ’’But...How am I supposed to break into the Magus-King-level?! Spirit star?! Where do I find my spirit star?! How?!’’

’’Do not break through!’’ Ji Hao looked at Feng Xing and said confirmedly, ’’You aren't able to do it anyway...Remember these meridians.’’

Streams of magical red light spurted out from Ji Hao's pair of eyes. Ji Hao concentratedly looked at Feng Xing's body while saying, ’’My good Shifu taught me a wonderful skill that can expand human meridians. He knew that the meridians contained in our bodies are not only those we have inherited.’’

’’Hm, I haven't learned too much yet, only memorized the locations of 12960 meridians.’’ While speaking, sharp fiery lights zipped out from Ji Hao's fingers, with which, he swiftly pierced into Feng Xing's body. Thin streams of fiery light speedily spread out inside Feng Xing's body, and under the control of Ji Hao's spirit power, those fiery light streams quickly began surging along some meridians.

Cold sweat ceaselessly dripped down from Ji Hao's forehead. The septum that had blocked those naturally sealed meridians of Feng Xing's body were burnt broken by Ji Hao's Gold Crow flame. After that, roaring streams of power released by that drop of spirit blood gushed into those newly opened meridians, while giving tsunami-like rumbles.

These new meridians, which were even thinner than hair, suddenly had been expanded to tens, even hundreds of times bigger. Because of the great pain, Feng Xing's eyeballs were filled with blood streaks, and he let out another series of hoarse screams. Along with loud popping noises, Ji Hao accurately pierced those fiery light beams into Feng Xing's hidden Magus Acupoints. One after another, he broke the septa covered on those Magus Acupoints.

Magus King spirit blood swooshed into those new Magus Acupoints, and incomparably pure cyan-colored power streams began rotating swiftly in those new Magus Acupoints, continuously expanding and solidifying them.

Meridians were opened up and Magus Acupoints were awakened one after another. Within a blink of an eye, over ten-thousand new meridians were opened up inside Feng Xing's body, and ten-thousand new Magus Acupoints were woken up all together. These new meridians and Magus Acupoints had contained more than a half of that drop of Magus King spirit blood, and the rest of that drop of spirit blood had merged deeply into his muscles, bones and marrows.

Feng Xing took a long and deep breath, and a gale then rose around Feng Xing's body while he leapt right up into the air and easily brought up hundreds of shreds of afterimages in the sky.

’’My power!’’ Feng Xing yelled out in surprise, ’’I feel I can fight against a Magus King right now!’’

’’Then you will end up in as ugly a shape as I did.’’ Ji Hao struck Feng Xing straight with his words, ’’Your power is now equal to mine, but facing enemies like Yi Qingniao...’’

A loud, desperate breathing noise interrupted him. Yu Mu, whose body was entirely covered in flowing sweat streams, rushed over while gasping desperately for air. Seeing Ji Hao and Feng Xing were both perfectly unharmed, he sat directly down on the ground, unable to let even a single word out.


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