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The Magus Era - Chapter 361


Chapter 361: Spirit Blood

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

’’Yi Qingniao!’’ Ji Hao coughed a full mouthful of blood out, then mumblingly yelled at Yi Qingniao.

’’Don't curse, don't abuse.’’ Yi Qingniao grabbed Ji Hao's Gold Crow fiery cloak in his hand while sneering at Ji Hao in scornfulness and said, ’’Save some strength before you die, it'll make your death easier. Can cursing or abusing harm even a hair of mine?’’

Gripping the cloak with both of his hands, Yi Qingniao gave a deep roar. Muscles of his arms swelled up and thumb-thick blood veins bulged under his skin. In the meanwhile, muffled rumbles came out from his body, caused by surging blood streams in his veins.

As a Magus King, who had built the connection with his spirit star, whose body had already become as strong and strong as gods and devils, even a slight move launched by Yi Qingniao contained an immense power that could tear the ground apart and reverse a great river. At this moment, he had activated all of his power without even the slightest retention. Even a thick wall forged from bronze and iron should have been torn into pieces by now.

However, the Gold Crow fiery cloak stayed perfectly still. Not only that, an even more terrifying stream of counterforce burst out from the cloak, striking towards Yi Ningniao.

Following a bone-cracking noise, Yi Qingniao's ten fingers were all shattered by that counterforce. Yi Qingniao popped out his eyes in shock and pain, staring at that cloak wrapped entirely in a warm, golden light and blazing flame, as he yelled, ’’Wha-what kind of treasures is this?! It broke my fingers! Bu-but, how could those arrowheads I conveniently threw out possibly hurt this kid through such a powerful treasure?!’’

’’My Shifu said that, relying too much on tools and weapons is not good.’’ Looking at Yi Qingniao, who was still in a great shock, Ji Hao said word by word, ’’Therefore, this treasure could easily neutralize all attacks launched by you, but my Shifu has set a restraint on it. This cloak now can only provide the protection that is equal to the defensive power of my own body.’’

Cold sweat began flowing down from Yi Qingniao's forehead in big streams. For the very first time, he looked down at Ji Hao seriously, and said, ’’I just got myself into a big trouble.’’

’’You surely did get yourself in a huge trouble.’’ Ji Hao took a deep breath. Spirit blood surged inside his body like a flood, as those broken bone fragments stuck in his body were slowly moving out of his punctured internal organs and merging back together. Nourished by his spirit blood, his wounds were rapidly healing themselves. In the meanwhile, Ji Hao said, ’’So, now you want to silence me, don't you?’’

Yi Qingniao gave a bitter smile, then answered, ’’That's the only thing I can do,’’ he clicked his tongue and continued, ’’A cloak, with restraint, is still capable of shattering my finger bones. The person who gave you this cloak is indeed more powerful than I've estimated. I do not want to be hunted by such an old powerful one, so...’’

His handsome face suddenly twisted while he gnashed his teeth and raised his foot, stomping towards Ji Hao's head and growled, ’’So, I will not leave even a slight trace of your soul in this world! Just die! Die with a perished soul! That little girl, after I have tasted her, I will kill her and dissipate her soul as well. I won't leave any evidence!’’

A stream of purple mist rose from between Ji Jao's eyebrows, gathered into a small cloud and held Yi Qingniao's foot up.

Yi Qingniao threw a weird glance at that small purple cloud that rose from Ji Hao's forehead, and yelled impatiently, ’’What the hell is this? Trying to give a last shot? It won't work, you're only a Senior Magus while I, am a Magus King! Even if you have powerful weapons inherited from Magus Kings, even Devine Magi, you cannot activate the powers of those treasures! Neither can you stop me!’’

’’I don't have any treasure or weapon that once belonged to Magus Kings or divine Magi... what I have, is the immemorial sun streamer!’’ Ji Hao's voice was ice-cold and completely emotionless.

The three-inch long immemorial sun streamer swished out of that small purple cloud and released eye-piercing, dazzling golden light beams. Showering in that golden light released by the sun streamer, that feather boot worn on Yi Qingniao's foot, and his foot itself, were all as fragile as the thinnest fog. Countless golden light beams pierced into this foot like sharp and long golden needles, penetrating his skin, flesh and bones, and igniting it with a horribly great heat.

’’What the hell is this?!’’ Yi Qingniao screamed out in both pain and fright. His foot was now burning. That boot worn by him, which was made from feathers of cyan-colored Luan bird, by a master craftsman of the divine Yi Clan, was able to block an attack launched by a Magus King and remain unharmed, had been burned into a puff of ash within a blink of an eye.

His foot, which was even tougher that that boot, had now been burned to translucent and glowing red, like a piece of coal burning in flame. Clearly, he saw his skin and muscles were burned into smoke, his meridians and blood veins were completely evaporated by that golden flame, and his bones began disappearing.

His bones, which were deep cyan in color, and purely transparent without even a single flaw, like emerald, only lasted a moment longer than his skin and flesh. Within around one ten-thousandth of a second, his left foot bones were completely burnt away.

’’What the hell is this?!!’’ Yi Qingniao was frightened so badly that he had nearly lost his mind, continuously screaming and howling in weird tones.

’’This is the immemorial sun streamer, I've told you already!’’ Ji Hao looked at him coldly and blandly while saying, ’’My Shifu said to not easily use these life-saving weapons unless my life is in a real danger. Now my life is in a deadly danger.’’

Ji Hao's golden Dan was rotating rapidly. The golden Dan power transformed into a small purple cloud that held the sun streamer up. That three-inch long tiny streamer looked just like a toy for kids, however, within such a short span of time, the streamer had already destroyed a foot of Yi Qingniao, the Magus King that Ji Hao had failed to deal with even with all of his power.

Countless streams of golden light rose, coiled around Yi Qingniao's leg and thigh, then nimbly wrapped up his other leg, which was still unharmed. It was as if those golden light streams were some kind of living creatures.

Below his waist, Yi Qingniao's body was entirely wrapped in those golden light streams released by the sun streamer, after which, his body began burning.

’’Immemorial sun streamer?’’ Yi Qingniao stared at Ji Hao in confusion. He had never heard of this name. He couldn't understand why this three-inch long, tiny streamer, was capable of releasing such a great, destructive power.

’’Who's your Shifu?’’ Yi Qingniao's body was bound by those golden light streams and that great heat had already penetrated into his internal organs. He screamed in a hoarse voice, spending the last bit of his power to ask for the name of Ji Hao's Shifu.

’’You don't need to know.’’ Ji Hao raised his arms and gripped the sun streamer. This three-inch long streamer was as heavy as a genuine mountain. Ji Hao had only slightly wielded the streamer in the air, but that caused his body to soak in sweat immediately, and all muscles instantly suffered a bad ache.

Yi Qingniao roared out in anger and shock. Along with his voice, a palm-sized, cyan-green jade amulet flew into the air. From within that beautiful jade amulet, countless tiny spell symbols were rotating out, releasing a wide stream of cyan light, wrapping Yi Qingniao's body up.

That cyan stream of light vibrated intensely, dragged Yi Qingniao and attempted to break out from the durance of the sun streamer's power. The sense of power released from this jade amulet was impressively great, even similar to the majestic natural power which wouldn't allow any violation. Sensing this great sense of power, Ji Hao murmured to himself, ’’A life-saving amulet crafted by a divine Magus? Immemorial sun streamer, don't let me down!’’

The Golden Dan rotated once again and injected all of its power into the sun streamer.

A thick stream of flame, that was so condensed, that it even looked like a golden liquid, sprayed out from the streamer and immediately covered Yi Qingniao's body up. That cyan light released by that divine Magus amulet began burning rapidly. Within a single second, that cyan stream of light was burned out completely, after which, Yi Qingniao's entire body started blazing. In the span of a breath, Yi Qingniao completely disappeared from this world.

A fist-sized, cyan-colored drop of spirit blood was left floating in front of Ji Hao, releasing an amazingly attracting, pure sense of power.


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