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The Magus Era - Chapter 36



’’Ha! Hehe...’’

’’Yo hohoho!’’

’’Ho ho! Ho!’’

Seeing Ji Ying and Ji Lang lying on the ground and trying to struggle back up with faces covered in blood, all of the Savages, who was badly frightened by Ji Hao's slaughter and struck dumb by the death of their leader, have now started shouting and jumping for joy.

Due to the generally low intelligence of these Savages, their behaviour was animal-like. Once their leader has been defeated, they would turn and flee right away;but if their leader has gotten the upper hand in a battle, they would become the most ferocious warriors and tear every single enemy into pieces!

At this point of time, they picked up their weapons and turned around, glared at Ji Hao and the Coldbrook Valley behind him while shouting and clamouring. The scary enemies just killed their leader have been knocked down by their honoured guests, which largely encouraged these flurried Savages who were just about to run.

’’Human! A lot of humans! Meat! Delicious meat!’’

’’Olds, chewy! Youngs, tasty!’’

’’And women! Hey! Women! Hehe...women, mine!’’

The Savaged was drooling and yelling while they approached Ji Hao carefully. The bigger their steps were, the greater courage they had. Abruptly, one among them gave a growl, then thousands of Savages started rushing toward Ji Hao and the Coldbrook Valley with their weapons raised high.

’’Hao! Step back! Quick!’’ A Qing Yi Clan warriors shouted to Ji Hao from the top of the unfinished fence wall.

Tens of Qing Yi Clan warriors then pulled their bows and shot hundreds of arrows in the span of two breaths.

Wisps of arrows whizzed through the air and flew into the Savage crowd like an intense rain. The remarkable shooting skill of the Qing Yi Clan warriors allowed every single arrow winded a unique path through the air like snake-wiggling.

The arrows went through one, and two, and three, even more of the Savages' throats. Each of the arrows pierced, at least, three Savages' throats;one of them even punctured fifteen madly running Savages' throats then finally stuck in the ground slantingly.

Immediately, blood splashed everywhere, covered the earth and the sky.

A few Savages who were running in front of the crowd fell on the ground, howled and struggled painfully with their hands around their punctured necks, then died soon.

The momentary courage of the Savages has now gone without a trace. Those Savages luckily survived the arrows started screaming terrifyingly;they dropped their weapons and fled in the opposite direction of the Coldbrook Valley with all of their remained strength.

The two armoured Jia Clan warriors frowned and shook their heads.

’’These useless wastes! These Savages are no better than animals! They're even not qualified to be slaves! We have to do this ourselves!’’ Said the Jia Clan warrior who held a bola in his hands. He then sneered and continued: ’’The two of us are enough to capture the entire valley!’’

The Jia Clan warrior with heavy shield and sword let out a sneer as well and said: ’’We still need these Savages to send all these captives out of the valley for us. We can't let those arrow men kill all of them!’’

The Jia Clan Warrior hung his shield on his belt then held his sword with his left-hand and crooked his middle finger of the other hand toward Ji Hao;slightly raised his the left corner of his upper lip and said with a mocking smile: ’’Hey, little kid, such a young Magusreists. you're really good! Come, let us see what else have you got!’’

Ji Hao took a deep breath. His black pupils suddenly turned into a gold red colour;nine spell symbols of the 'Nine Secret Words' loomingly appeared around both of his pupils. The power of the 'Nine Secret Words' began to drag the nature power into Ji Hao's body, even darkened the dayglow tens of feet around Ji Hao.

The Jia Clan warriors curiously looked at Ji Hao and showed no sign of attack. Obviously, they didn't take Ji Hao serious at all, they were just curious about what Ji Hao was going to 'perform' for them.

’’Hao! Back! You can't deal with 'em!’’ Ji Ying shouted. He was hit hard on the back head by the bola warrior and almost lost his consciousness;he has now leaped up from the ground and raised his ablaze spear and stabbed toward the Jia Clan warrior's neck. The spear left a huge arc of fiery light in the air.

The life fore of the Senior Magi were extraordinarily strong. The heavy bola punch may have the head of an ordinary man smashed;however, Ji Ying was only felt dizzy after he was hit by the bola, and soon recovered from it;rose and fought again with his full power.

At the same time, Ji Lang, whose forehead was bumped and broken, face covered with blood, leaped high in the air as well. He jerked out a black dagger and poked toward the other Jia Clan Warrior's face.

In the meanwhile, he also shouted to Ji Hao: ’’Hao, draw back! Quick! Everyone stay back! Back! Back!’’

Ji Hao calmly looked at Ji Ying and Ji Lang, didn't move.

Mr.Crow quietly stood on Ji Hao's shoulder and ruffled his feathers. He fixed his eyes into the dense jungle, where all these enemies came from and totally ignored the two Jia Clan Warriors.

Ji Ying and Ji Lang cast their counterattacks simultaneously. However, the two Jia Clan Warriors suddenly stretched out their arms at exact the same moment and grabbed the necks of Ji Ying and Ji Lang, smashed them hard to the ground.

The earth shook intensely;Ji Ying and Ji Lang's body then deeply bumped into the ground.

’’Kill!’’ Ji Ying gave a roar from the hundreds of feet deep hole his body crushed into, then jumped out of the hole with his body wrapped by a blazing fire and rushed toward the Jia Clan warrior again.

’’We're Senior Magi from the Fire Crow Clan!’’ Ji Lang spat a mouthful of blood out and also jumped out of the other hole. His dagger has gone missing when he was hit into the ground;he has now clenched his fists and throwing punches to the Jia Clan Warrior.

’’They're way stronger than you! Way stronger!’’ Ji Hao gnashed his teeth and growled in a low voice. ’’Why're you have to be so stubborn?Do you have to risk your lives against these guys?!’’

Both of the two Jia Clan warriors took a step aside and easily dodged the attacks of Ji Ying and Ji Lang. Their actions were so unified, which gave a weird feeling that was very hard to explain. They avoided Ji Ying and Ji Lang's attacks with only one simple step;then crooked their arms and leaned their upper body forward, struck hard on Ji Ying and Ji Lang's lower bellies simultaneously with their hard, hammer-like elbows.

Ji Ying and Ji Lang were sent flying backward instantly like cannonballs;their body sliced though the air, started a sharp air steam even cut a tens of feet long and five feet wide ditch into the ground. The two of them then fell on the ground heavily near Ji Hao's feet;their eyes widened and blood gushed out of their mouths.

This time, they were seriously injured;couldn't rise again even with the strong life force of Senior Magi.

The Jia Clan warrior with a sword then crooked his finger and sneered to Ji Hao again: ’’Come on, little guy, let me see have you got!’’

’’You think I'm stupid?!’’ Ji Hao showed his middle finger to the Jia Clan warriors without a thought of weather they could understand the meaning of this hand gesture. He then grabbed Ji Ying and Ji Lang with both of his hands and resealed the power inside his body, transformed into a steam of fiery light and disappeared.

At the next second, Ji Hao appeared near the entrance of the valley with Ji Ying and Ji Lang held in his arms.

’’Retreat!’’ Ji Hao shouted while running madly toward the end of the valley. ’’Uncles, retreat! The enemies are too powerful! We have to wait for Abba and other warriors to come back! Retreat! Just leave these slaves here!’’

Tens of Qing Yi clans warriors quickly drew close to Ji Hao;other Fire Crow Clan warriors who were guarding the valley followed Ji Hao and ran toward the end of the valley as well.

However, two figures then broke into the valley like a tornado. They burst into the crowd of Fire Crow Clan and Qing Yi Clan warriors and sent tens of them flying;these warriors then fell hard on the ground thousands of feet away and couched up blood ceaselessly.

Ji Hao stopped running;because he saw the Jia Clan warriors were waiting in front of him with that mocking sneers on their faces.

They moved too fast, Ji Hao didn't even saw how they broke into the valley clearly.


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