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The Magus Era - Chapter 359


Chapter 359: Qingniao[1]

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

’’I... am Yi Qingniao.’’ The tall and handsome young man was wearing a feather outfit, which

was totally different from those worn by the Arrow guards. Instead, his feather outfit was a

beautiful cyan-green in color, as if it was made from feathers of cyan birds.

Yi Qingniao's feather outfit was more than ten times more powerful than those worn by the

Arrow guards. Every single, slim and long feather in his feather outfit contained an extremely

great power of wind. From over three miles away, Ji Hao could even hear the hurricane-like

roars let out by his feather outfit.

’’I'm Ji Hao!’’ Ji Hao nodded at Yi Qingniao, then directly threw a big heavy blame onto his head

by saying, ’’Are you from the Eastern Wasteland? Do you have any idea that what kind of crime

have you just committed by attacking warriors under the command of the human Emperor, in

the Midland?’’

’’Especially that our humankind is now in the middle of a great war against the nonhumankind,

you still sneakily attacked us. This could mean that you're a traitor of our

humankind who has colluded with the non-humankind!’’ yelled Ji Hao harshly while staring at

Yi Qingniao coldly, then continued, ’’Just allow yourself to be arrested without offering any

resistance. Let me take you back to the base camp so you can confess your crime. In this way, I

can still intercede for you, to ease your punishment more or less.’’

Yi Qingniao stared back at Ji Hao, seeming to be slightly shocked. After a short while, he

abruptly laughed out loud. He laughed so hard that even his pair of eyes had been squeezed into

two curved lines, while pointing his finger at Ji Hao.

’’Yi Feng, you lowly bastard. It's been a couple of years since I saw you the last time, didn't think

that you've made such an interesting friend.’’ Yi Qingniao tried pretty hard to stop laughing,

then shouted out in a harsh tone as well. ’’However, no matter how persuasive you are, all the

talking skills will become useless when you became a dead body!’’

Puff! Puff! Puff! Ji Hao's spirit power that had been spread out earlier suddenly vibrated. Three

completely silent arrows swiftly flew towards the vital spots towards Feng Xing, Man Man and

his own eyebrows. Ji Hao only saw Yi Qingniao pointing the finger at him, but never clearly saw

any move of pulling bows or releasing arrows, and yet, the arrows had already darted out.

The Nine Dragon Fire Pearl instantly moved sideways, shielded Feng Xing's forehead. In the

very next moment, the fire pearl was sent flying out for over a hundred miles and a thunderous

boom was caused. Raging flame wrapped up the arrow and soon burned it into ashes. In the

meanwhile, Ji Hao raised the Flame Dragon Sword and another arrow clanged against the sword

edge, that made Ji Hao lose balance of his body and again was pushed backwards for over ten

miles, at last heavily thudding against an enormous mountain. His body sank into the

mountain nearly a hundred zhang deep.

As for Man Man, she had now been shaking her head in confusion. Before she could even figure

out what was happening around here, she was bumped up into the air and sent flying

backwards along with a loud, metallic bang. The third arrow released by Yi Qingniao hit on Man

Man's helmet, however, the armor given by Zhu Rong had a genuinely amazing defensive

power. Because of this, the arrow merely managed to start a few fire sparkles against the

helmet, and send Man Man fly backwards for around ten-zhang. But after that, Man Man

nimbly leapt up and landed back on the ground, as no harm was done to her at all.

’’You sneakily attacked me with that arrow!’’ Man Man yelled out exasperatedly while her pair of

hammers swooshed out of her hands.

Yi Qingniao slightly flicked his finger and following this easy move of his, the pair of hammers

thrown out by Man Man just now suddenly turned in the air and flew at an angle away, as if

they had hit an invisible yet incredibly solid wall, then smashed on a small hill quite far away

and blasted that hill into an ocean of flame.

’’Nice armor.’’ Yi Qingniao looked at Man Man in a weird way, then gave Ji Hao a grin and said,

’’You have a good cloak, that sword is also pretty nice... even that pearl is quite a treasure. After I

have killed you, all these will be mine.’’

With a weird, creepy smile on his face, Yi Qingniao pointed at Man Man and continued,

’’Although I can't see her face clearly, but judging only from the voice, she must be a pretty one.

What I like the most is nothing else but young and beautiful girls... so, she's mine too.’’

With the help of dragon blood amber, Feng Xing's wounds had now fully recovered. He leapt up

immediately while growling hoarsely, ’’Ji Hao! Be careful! Yi Qingniao, he's...’’

Before he could finish his words, Yi Qingniao again flicked his finger and following that, Feng

Xing suddenly howled out and quivered his body. Roaring gusts of cyan-colored wind swooshed

up from under his feet while his body seemingly exploded into tens of hazy afterimages, fleeing

to all directions. Nevertheless, a great howl in pain came right after all this, along with a clear

puffing noise that was caused by arrows piercing into a human body. Feng Xing had tried his

best to dodge, yet both of his shoulders and knees were shot simultaneously. Those arrows had

opened up egg-sized holes in his shoulders and knees, from where blood was spurting out,

splashing all over the ground.

Another howl rose into the air and at the same time, the shreds of hazy afterimages brought up

by Feng Xing dissipated in the air, while Feng Xing's body loudly thudded against the ground.

Once after he fell on the ground, another three arrows punctured his body once again, along

with even louder puffing noises; one on each side of his chest and one in the lower abdomen,

the three arrows firmly nailing him on the ground.

Each of these three arrows was as thick as goose eggs, and had the length of eight-feet. These

arrows were forged from alloy and entirely covered in blood-red thorns. On the sticks of these

arrows, black and twisted, snake-like spell symbols had been sparkling.

These arrows were highly lethal and were specially crafted magic tools of sealing. Being nailed

by the three arrows, the spirit blood streams surging in Feng Xing's body suddenly stopped,

which caused his body to become stiff and disabled him from moving. By now, he couldn't even


’’Yi Feng, just shut your lowly mouth!’’ Yi Qingniao gave a careless grin and said, ’’Wait until I

have killed this kid named Ji Hao... I'll deal with you slowly.’’

He then turned his head and took a glance at the area where the twenty-four Arrow guards

were struck into piles of black ashes by Ji Hao's lightning attack. When he turned back around,

his eyes were filled with rage.

’’Ji Hao! Did you kill those arrow guards I brought here? That bunch of bloody douches! I was

just enjoying some intimacy with a few little women in the Chi Ban Market, but within this

short span of time, they got themselves killed by you!’’

Ji Hao gripped the Flame Dragon Sword and called the fire pearl back, while approaching Yi

Qingniao with big steps.

Nine looming golden-purple spell symbols were visible in each of his eyes. Ji Hao then sneered

and responded, ’’So now, you don't know how to explain to your superiors after you get back, do

you? I assume you have brought your Arrow guards here to hunt for Feng Xing, right? But you

went to the Chi Ban Market for some girls and fun, and all of the Arrow guards under your

command were killed. So you just don't know how to explain to your superiors when you get

back, am I right?’’

Yi Qingniao maintained an angry look but gave a vicious grin, and said, ’’Says whom? As long as

I bring Yi Feng and our divine bow that he stole from us back to our clan, my contribution will

be even greater than the sky! Those were only twenty-four Arrow guards, what is the big deal?!

They were only black feather Arrow guards, if they died, then let them be dead! Our divine Yi

Clan has millions of elite Arrow guards... we can certainly bear the loss of those few useless


Ji Hao gnashed his teeth and his fiery wings stretched out behind his body. He then

transformed into a roaring stream of fiery light, dashing right towards Yi Qingniao.

This guy's archery was truly incredible, and Ji Hao could only barely discover a slight trace of

the arrows released by him by using his spirit power. Therefore, he absolutely could not let Yi

Qingniao have the initiative in this fight, otherwise, even if Man Man and himself could survive,

Feng Xing would still be in a deadly danger.

The pair of fiery wings had given Ji Hao an astonishing speed that allowed him to reach less

than a hundred zhang away from Yi Qingniao within a moment.

While darting, Ji Hao released the lightning seals from his left palm, and at the same time, nine

dazzling, rumbling thunderbolts descended from the sky in a row, surrounding Yi Qingniao in

the form of a square.

Yi Qingniao teasingly glanced at Ji Hao, after which, his silhouette suddenly blurred and in the

next moment, he appeared right before Ji Hao pressing his hand on Ji Hao's chest. Immediately,

thirty-six incomparably sharp arrowheads darted out of his palm and bumped into Ji Hao's


Ninety-nine small Gold Crows rose from Ji Hao's cloak, transformed into a rain of fierce sword

light beams and roared towards Yi Qingniao that sounded like metal-clashing.

Yi Qingniao approached Ji Hao and launched the attack, then instantly disappeared without

even leaving a trace. Before those flying swords transformed from small Gold Crows could even

touch his body, he had managed to reappear on top of another hill that was ten miles away. It

was as if he had teleported himself.

Whole thirty-six sharp arrowheads all drilled into Ji Hao's body, causing him to roar out in such

a pain. His chest was nearly smashed entirely by those fierce arrowheads.

A stream of blood was squeezed out of Ji Hao's mouth. The horrible power attached on those

arrowheads sent Ji Hao backwards for over a hundred miles, and made him sink into another



[1]Qingniao: As a name, Qingniao literally means cyan bird in Chinese.


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