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The Magus Era - Chapter 358


Chapter 358: Arrow King

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

The arrow heavily clanged against Ji Hao's chest, causing countless fire sparkles to spray in all

directions. The arrow then shattered into ashes against Ji Hao's cloak, but a strangely fierce,

violent and cold stream of power, which seemed was compressed from numerous steel blades,

drilled right into Ji Hao's chest, madly surging around in his body.

The Gold Crow flame cloak tightly wrapped Ji Hao's entire body up. Except for his head, hands

and feet, the rest of his body was covered in the cloak. This cloak was a highly protective

treasure, crafted by Yu Yu himself, and was incredibly solid, almost impossible to be broken by

any outside force, just like this suddenly launched sharp arrow. The arrow exploded into ashes

against the cloak, failing even to leave a single sight mark on the cloak.

However, in order to motivate Ji Hao and prevent him from relying too much on tools or

weapons, Yu Yu had set a restraint for the cloak - this cloak could only provide the protection

for Ji Hao, with its available defensive power, which was exactly as same as Ji Hao's own

defensive power.

The arrow was shattered and the power contained in the arrow was partially neutralized by the

cloak, and the rest of the arrow power directly struck into Ji Hao's chest. That invisible, fierce

stream of power sliced Ji Hao's muscles, cut his meridians and broke his bones. Countless bone

fragments pierced into his internal organs.

Ji Hao howled out in this great pain. He felt like a thousand sharp daggers had been crazily

stirring inside his chest, and his chest had already been smashed completely.

Fortunately, his body had been strengthened and purified multiple times; added with that,

when he swallowed the Nine Dragon Fire Pearl and absorbed the power continued in it to

improve himself, he had also swallowed a mountain-huge pile of beast meat. By now, his body

condition could even be compared with new Magus Kings. Both the consistency of his spirit

blood, and the amount of life-force contained in his spirit blood, were now more than ahundred

times greater than ordinary Senior Magi.

While suffering the horrible pain that nearly made him faint, Ji Hao took a long and deep

breath. His spirit blood rose inside his body while boiling and surging, like a hundred roaring,

raging dragons. The fierce stream of arrow power had still been continuously damaging his

body, yet his own spirit blood now began ceaselessly healing.

Within a few seconds, Ji Hao's chest was completely crushed hundreds of times, and was healed

hundreds of times as well. Until the last bit of sword power was eliminated from his body,

thirty-percent of Ji Hao's spirit blood was already consumed.

Cold sweat gushing out of his forehead, Ji Hao turned to where that arrow came from, in an

intense shock.

A single shot had consumed thirty-percent of his spirit blood, which meant that he could, at

most, take three more shots like this. When his spirit blood was finally consumed up, he might

straightaway die.

What was more astonishing was the fact that as the cloak had blocked the arrow for him, only a

part of the power managed to drill into Ji Hao's body. If this arrow was aimed at his head, which

wasn't protected by the cloak, he would have already died for good, with his head blasting out.

The Nine Dragon Fire Pearl swished out from between his brows, transformed into a bright

sphere of fiery light, speedily rotating around his head, which was a vital body part.

The Dragon Flame Sword roared out as well, in the form of a huge flame stream. Ji Hao gripped

the sword tightly while spreading his spirit power out towards every direction, covering the

area that had a radius of a-hundred-zhang. If the enemy sneakily launched any other attack, Ji

Hao would certainly know where the arrow came from, with it flying across the area that was

covered by his spirit power.

Ninety-nine small Gold Crows rose from the cloak and transformed into streams of golden-red

sword lights, hovering around Ji Hao's entire body. In addition to the fire pearl, these sword

light streams had knitted another firm and strong protective net.

Ji Hao then raised his hand and crooked his fingers towards Feng Xing, who was sent flying

away. Following his move, a gale instantly swooshed up from the ground, held Feng Xing up

and brought him back to Ji Hao. A huge hole was opened up in Feng Xing's chest at this

moment, and he had his teeth tightly gnashed, trying his best to manipulate his spirit blood,

and eliminate the remaining sword power near his wound, and heal the wound itself.

Ji Hao took out a big handful of dragon blood amber, given by the Red Wood Palace as

compensation. He didn't have any spare time to think about how wasteful it would be to

directly swallow such a treasure-level material, before he thrust the full handful of amber into

Feng Xing's mouth. Afterwards, he too swallowed tens of dragon-blood amber pieces in a row.

The dragon blood amber was a genuine treasure that was formed from actual, ancient dragon

spirit blood, nourished and purified in bottomless chasms for countless years. Dragon blood

amber continued immense life-force, which was originally possessed by real, ancient dragons.

Therefore, it could effectively replenish consumed spirit blood and strengthen human bodies.

After taken tens of dragon blood amber pieces, Ji Hao's consumed blood had recovered right

away. By now, the multicolored flames in his lower abdomen had surrounded the rest of dragon

blood amber, refining the amber into wisps of multicolored light streams, nourishing Ji Hao's

whole body.

Ji Hao's body condition had been improving bit by bit. A second ago, Ji Hao could still sense the

pain caused by the arrow attack, which had nearly smashed his chest, but under the effect of the

dragon blood amber, that slight, remaining pain had gone very soon.

’’You trash! Who is hiding in the shadow and launching sneak attacks, get the hell out!’’ Ji Hao

shouted in a cold voice, ’’That arrow attack launched by you just now has already reached the

level of Magus King, hasn't it? As a Magus King, you launched a sneak attack at me, a little kid,

and failed to kill me... Don't you feel ashamed?’’

The power contained in the arrow managed to drill into Ji Hao's body and nearly kill him,

through the Gold Crow Flame Cloak. No Senior Magus could ever be powerful enough to do that.

It could only be a Magus King. Only a Magus King who had mastered archery could launch such

a powerful, fierce and violent, yet completely silent, traceless attack.

Ji Hao's spirit power, which had covered the surrounding area, began vibrating violently. Three

arrows silently flew out from the woods, which was over a hundred miles away from Ji Hao and

Feng Xing, directly towards Ji Hao's forehead, throat and heart...All vital body parts.

The enemy launched the second attack, aimed at all three deadly vital body parts of Ji Hao.

Without a doubt, this Magus King hiding in the darkness was attempting to kill Ji Hao.

If Ji Hao wasn't able to monitor the surrounding area with his spirit power, he could never

dodge the three arrows. Nevertheless, even though he had, indeed seen the moving-tracks of

the three arrows by using his spirit power, he could merely take a sideway step, before the three

arrows flew across a hundred miles and suddenly appeared right in front of his eyes.

Ji Hao took a sideway step. One arrow brushed against his temple while another one closely

flew past his neck, as for the last arrow which was aimed at his heart, was blocked by the Flame

Dragon Sword. For a fraction of a second, all Ji Hao could do was lift the sword and shield his


The arrow clanged against the sword along with a tremendous power. The Flame Dragon Sword

let out shrill roars. The humungous power dislocated Ji Hao's arms and suddenly pushed his

body backwards. Ji Hao forcibly froze his own feet in order to stop his body from moving

backwards. However, his body was still pushed back for around thirty-miles, and his pair of

feet deeply gullied the ground.

His finger bones, wrist bones, arm bones and shoulder bones were all shattered. The fierce

sword power went further into his internal organs and generated a heavy strike. A stream of

blood surged right up to his throat, but Ji Hao forcibly suppressed the intense feeling of

vomiting, and swallowed that huge mouthful of blood back down.

Mr Crow let out raging, resonant caws while swooshing up into the sky, hovering a circle then

diving down, towards where the arrows came from.

Ji Hao hurriedly grabbed Mr Crow's claws and forcibly pulled him down, while yelling, ’’Mr

Crow! No! You can't go! In the sky you're the perfect target!’’

The two magic fire snakes, which had shrunk their bodies into the chopstick size, silently

wriggled down to the ground, activated their special ability and nimbly drilled into the rock

ground, disappearing completely. These magic fire snakes normally lived in lava, therefore,

moving underground was their most basic ability.

’’You old trash! Get the hell out!’’ Ji Hao growled out once again, ’’You dared to sneak attack but

still are too timid to show your face?!’’

With spirit blood surging inside his body and the dragon blood amber quickly being digested, Ji

Hao's broken arm bones were quickly healing themselves. Bone fragments moved back

together, letting out silvery clangs from time to time.

A human silhouette flashed across the air. An especially handsome young man, who seemed to

be only around twenty, suddenly showed up on the small hill, three miles away in front of Ji



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