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The Magus Era - Chapter 357


Chapter 357: A Sudden Change

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

’’Go!’’ Those arrow guards were badly frightened, and one of them hurriedly screamed out.

Those lightning balls contained unimaginably great lightning power which was evident from the strong sense of power released by them, making those arrow guards shake with fear. The power contained in those lightning balls was beyond the limitation of Senior Magi and those arrow guards had even sensed a slight trace of terrifying power vibrations that had nearly reached the level of Magus Kings.

They ran as fast as they could, otherwise, if a lightning ball like this blasted out near their bodies, even the black feather cloaks worn by them could never save their lives.

The black feather cloaks worn by these Arrow guards were able to raise their moving speed and allow them to be nimbler and more agile. Moreover, when wearing those black feather cloaks, not even the slightest swishing noise would be made while running. However, the defensive power of those black feather cloaks was not great at all;a black feather cloak's defensive power equaled to at most, thirty-percent of an ordinary metal armor's defensive power. But when facing lightning balls that had been releasing a strong sense of power, which had nearly reached the Magus-King-level, how could they possibly survive the destructiveness without each wearing twenty layers of full, heavy armors at least?

’’Borrow powers from nature!’’ Ji Hao again gave a long and resonant roar, then abruptly pulled out the two arrows which were stuck in his neck and arm.

Ordinary Senior Magi fought purely with the power stored in their Magus Acupoints, but what Ji Hao had been using to fight was a magic formation taught by Yu Yu. What Daoist Priests were good at the most was manipulating and using the natural power, to launch attacks that were tens, even hundreds of times more powerful than themselves, while consuming only a little bit of their own powers.

The time was limited and the level of Ji Hao's lightning formation wasn't high enough, therefore, the lethality of each lightning ball was only ten times greater than one attack launched by Ji Hao with all of his power.

Ji Hao had eight-thousand awakened Magus Acupoints, which meant, the lethality of each lightning ball was ten times greater than a full-power attack launched by Ji Hao, with the power contained in all eight-thousand awakened Magus Acupoints of his. Such a destructive power had already been causing a slight vibration that was same as the terrifying power vibrations caused by Magus Kings when they built connections with their spirit stars.

Those arrow guards started to flee at their highest speed. However, every single lightning ball was like a gangrene that attached right to the bone, swiftly and silently following them. Those arrow guards ran as fast as the wind, easily bringing up huge shreds of afterimages when they swished across the air.

However, these lightning bolts were condensed from the lightning power, and their moving speeds were same as the speed of lightning. Mo matter how fast the wind could move, it could never compete against the lightning.

Ji Hao looked at those Arrow guards running towards every direction with all of their powers while screaming and howling. Within a single second, those arrow guards had made over ten miles far, and nearly reached the maximum range of Ji Hao's control over those lightning bolts. Ji Hao flicked his finger and at the exactly same moment, those lightning bolts blasted out simultaneously.

Twenty-four purple lightning bolts burst out along with a series of ground-shattering booms and sizzling noise, reaching directly into the sky. At first, these were only thin beams of lightning, yet in the next moment, these thin lightning bolts began expanding speedily. At last, each lightning bolt turned into an immense pillar of lightning that had a diameter of over a hundred zhang, standing straight on the ground.

Numerous lightning bolts sparkled and blasted inside these lightning pillars, crazily tearing every single thing inside them to bits. Twenty-four arrow guards were screaming, growling, struggling and madly cursing in those lightning pillars. They took out all kinds of protective and life-saving talismans. Countless high-grade protective talismans were crumbled in their hands, releasing numerous magic shields, firmly wrapping the bodies of their owners.

’’A Rain of Lightning!’’ Ji Hao again changed his hand motions. The three lightning seals, which had absorbed enough amount of natural power, already expanded to a-zhang in radius. Looming silhouettes of thunder beasts that had been fiercely roaring towards the sky could already be faintly seen in those square-shaped lightning seals.

The twenty-four lightning pillars began shrinking. Soon, those hundred-zhang thick lightning pillars were compressed to around ten-zhang in radius, standing straight on the ground, reaching directly into the dense, dark clouds, which had silently gathered above those Arrow guards.

The immeasurably great amount of natural power swooshing over, turned into incomparably fierce and violent thunderbolts by the three lightning seals. Drawn in by the twenty-four lightning pillars, those enormous thunderbolts quickly split into zhang-thick lightning bolts, ceaselessly striking on those arrow guards' bodies.

Every single one of these lightning bolts was gravely powerful, like roaring, descending mountains. These dazzling lightning bolts blasted out from time to time, causing those magic shields that had been protecting those arrow guards to shine and break. They supported their own bodies with great difficulty, continuously taking out more protective talismans and crumbling them. However, no matter how many protective talismans they had, those could never compete equally against the inexhaustible natural power.

The magic formation's power was nothing but allowing its user to trap and kill as many enemies as he or she could, with as little power as the formation would consume. As long as the formation remained activated, the attack would never end. Ji Hao stood in the middle of the three lightning seals, manipulating the lightning bolts to endlessly continue striking down. Streams of pure natural power had been sending into Ji Hao's body by the three lightning seals, as replenishment for his body, with which, the power contained in Ji Hao's golden Dan, which was slightly consumed when he set up the formation, had now fully recovered, and even improved by quite a lot.

’’Kid! How dare you go against our divine Yi Clan?!’’ Those arrow guards were frightened more and more badly. They tried desperately to break out from those lightning pillars, yet the immense pressure coming from all directions towards their bodies had become greater and greater. With their severely wounded bodies, they could not free themselves from those lightning pillars at all.

Facing the ceaseless lightning strikes, even though they were so proud and didn't even take Ji Hao seriously, they now couldn't help but howl out in rage, trying to frighten Ji Hao with the name of their clan, and force Ji Hao to let them go.

’’divine Yi Clan? Never heard of it.’’ responded Ji Hao blandly, ’’You were attempting to kill my brother, so I will kill you. If people of your divine Yi Clan are going to be dissatisfied because of your death, they can just come and find me.’’

Ji Hao then gave a weird smile, then continued, ’’Just like you have just said, after I killed you, the dead cannot give witness. Who will know it was me who killed you? After I finished you all, no one from your side will know that Feng Xing was here, so no one will ever come to trouble us again in the future.’’

’’His name is not Feng Xing!’’ yelled one arrow guard hurriedly, ’’His tricked you! His real name is Yi Feng.’’

Feng Xing gasped deeply, preparing to say something to Ji Hao, but before that, Ji Hao had already laughed out loud and shouted in response.

’’In our lives, anyone can encounter some helpless situations. Changing the names, even changing the face, are not big deals at all. My name is not Ji Hao either, my name is Qing Long!’’

Giving a resonant laugh, Ji Hao, who had just told the enemy his old name in his previous life, felt a sudden relaxation. He sensed that the connection and communication between the natural power and himself was becoming tighter and tighter, smoother and smoother;he even sensed that the world in his sight had suddenly become much clearer than before.

The power of the lightning formation abruptly raised by over thirty percent. Lightning bolts descending from the sky were as fierce as thunderous hammer strikes that made those Arrow guards unable to even straighten their bodies. One after another, they knelt on the ground. Some of them had even used up their protective talismans, and their whole bodies been burned and wounded, falling on the ground like a soft piece of meat.

Ji Hao narrowed his eyes and kept changing his hand motions. After the first three lightning seals, another six lightning seals roared out.

Three lightning formations connected with each other and raised each other's power. More arrow guards fell on the ground while howling and crying.

After a few minutes, all twenty-four Arrow guards had used up protective talismans and were struck into wisps of smoke, dissipating in the air.

Slowly, Ji Hao shut the lightning formation down. Where those Arrow guards stood earlier, now had twenty-four, huge dents left on the ground. He looked at Feng Xing, grinned, then threw a heavy punch at his chest, while yelling.

’’You bastard! From now on, treat us as real brothers. Don't ever try to deal with all problems by yourself!’’

Once after he finished the sentence, Feng Xing gave a hoarse howl in a sudden pain, as a sharp arrow punctured his chest and heavily clanged against Ji Hao's chest.


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