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The Magus Era - Chapter 355


Chapter 355: Collision

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

From tens of miles away, Ji Hao saw those arrow guards were going to rip off Feng Xing's boots.

In a great rage, Ji Hao released the Flame Dragon Sword, that transformed into an, over ahundred

zhang long flame dragon silhouette, roaring towards those arrow guards. Streams of

purple mist rose from between Ji Hao's eyebrows. The tremendous power contained in his

Golden Dan were injected into the Flame Dragon Sword; the flame dragon silhouette was as

great as an astonishing rainbow, wherever it swooshed across, a mile long blasting air stream

would appear in the air.

Such a dazzling, splendent sword attack... Even those arrow guards were startled by this sudden


An arrow guard instantly clenched his fingers and grabbed Feng Xing's neck, lifting Feng Xing

up to shield himself. The Flame Dragon Sword was re-processed by Yu Yu himself, and was

thoroughly remolded already; by now, the sword was as powerful as top-grade holy weapons.

Flying speed of that flame dragon silhouette transformed from the Flame Dragon Sword was

extremely fast, and the fierce sense of power released by it could even make people quiver in

fear. This sword guard realized that he wouldn't able to dodge this attack, therefore, he directly

lifted Feng Xing up as a human shield.

Ji Hao roared out in anger and following his voice, a wisp of purple mist flashed across inbetween

Ji Hao's eyebrows. At the same time, the flame dragon silhouette slightly turned in the

air, bypassed Feng Xing's body, bringing up an immense, curved trace and tens of sharp sword

light beams in the air, then continued roaring towards that sword guard. The flame dragon

silhouette wrapped in a huge stream of fiery sword light moved so fast that a beam of sword

light swept across Feng Xing's body and cut a big half of Feng Xing's long hair off. A puff of hair

rose, drifted in the air, and soon were all burned into ashes by the fiery sword light.

A quick series of clangs abruptly burst out. The sword light swooshed across the air and

suddenly, thousands of arrows all clanged against the Flame Dragon Sword.

These arrows all had different textures, made from wood, bamboo, iron or stone. In total, there

were at least over a hundred different types of arrows. All arrowheads had spell symbols

sparkling on them that brought up sharp and long arrow lights, which looked like a meteor

shower, striking on the Flame Dragon Sword.

’’Break!’’ Ji Hao roared while pointing his finger at the sword. Followed by his move, all arrows,

whether they were made from wood, stone, iron or bamboo, were all burned into nothingness

by the scorching flame released by the sword. The dazzling, tremendous sword light again

slightly turned in the air, continued swishing towards that arrow guard, who had locked Feng

Xing's throat with his fingers.

’’Take the sword back! Or I'll kill him!’’ Seeing the Flame Dragon Sword coming right towards

him, the sword guard roared while abruptly clenching his fingers harder. Thick blood veins

bulged under his skin, and at the same time, a loud howl was squeezed out of Feng Xing's throat

due to a hell-like pain. The cartilage in Feng Xing's throat was instantly smashed.

The Flame Dragon Sword immediately stopped in the air. As Ji Hao waved his hand, the sword

zipped back and quickly darted into Ji Hao's forehead, merging with his body.

Within this short span of time, Ji Hao and Man Man, who was grabbed in Ji Hao's hand, had

already approached Feng Xing and those sword guards. By now, Ji Hao and Man Man were only

less than a mile away from the twenty-four arrow guards.

’’No more steps forward! Or I'll kill him!’’ Seeing Ji Hao kept walking up with big steps, that

sword guard who had Feng Xing's throat locked hurriedly yelled out.

The Flame Dragon Sword's sword light was fierce and violent, and the immense pure fire power

contained in it had even brought him the horrible sense of death. Therefore, this arrow guard,

who had realized that Ji Hao was here to save Feng Xing, hurriedly grabbed Feng Xing and

threatened Ji Hao, telling him to stop walking forward.

Ji Hao stopped, pointed at Feng Xing and said in a cold voice, ’’Let him heal himself. If he dies,

you all would never be able to leave!’’

One arrow guard looked at Ji Hao, then glanced at Man Man, who was standing beside Ji Hao.

After that, he sneered and teased, ’’Do you even know where we came from? How dare you, two

little kids, say something like that to us? If we want to leave, do you think you can stop us?’’

Ji Hao patted on Man Man's shoulder, then said blandly, ’’Feng Xing is Man Man's friend, and

also mine. I'm nobody, and don't have any powerful man to rely on, however, Man Man's Abba

is the Fire God, Zhu Rong. You can just kill Feng Xing if you insist, then we'll see if old Zhu Rong

will come to punish you for that!’’

Man Man proudly raised her head, while her pair of hammers released blazing fire. A raging,

great fire suddenly burst out from her body. Within that fire, her entire body turned into a

translucent, sparkling, ruby-like and human-shaped silhouette. In the meanwhile, an

especially pure and divine sense of natural magic flame swiftly shrouded the entire area that

had a radius of a few miles.

The looks of all arrow guards changed instantly, then they subconsciously glanced at Feng


If Feng Xing was alone, they could simply kill him; if Ji Hao was the only one who came to help

him, they could just finish Ji Hao as well.

But the daughter of the Fire God Zhu Rong...The twenty-four arrow guards frowned together.

How the hell did Feng Xing make such a troublesome friend?

’’This lowly bastard!’’ cursed a sword guard exasperatedly, ’’How did this lowly bastard know

such a troublesome one?’’

Ji Hao inhaled some fresh air. Seeing the name of old Zhu Rong frightening these arrow guards,

Ji Hao spread his hands, grinned and said, ’’Good, now we can all calm down, and talk in peace,

right? How about you pull that arrow out and let Feng Xing heal himself?’’

’’I suggest we firstly insure Feng Xing's life safety, then we figure out solutions for other

problems through negotiation.’’ Ji Hao said to those arrow guards in an honest tone, ’’No matter

what kind of enmity was planted between you and Feng Xing, nothing in this world is

unsolvable. We don't always have to start a huge fight and grow a deadly hatred, do we? What

do you think, dear uncles?’’

Judging from the appearances, these arrow guards were all in the middle age.

The life span of Senior Magi could extend to a thousand of years, therefore, a fourth-year-old

Senior Magus may look similar to a three-hundred-year-old one. Ji Hao vaguely called these

arrow guards 'uncles', which was already extremely polite under such a situation.

Those arrow guards quickly glanced at each other, then nodded simultaneously and slowly took

a few steps back. Only the one who had locked Feng Xing's throat stayed at the front. Seeing the

other arrow guards all step back, this arrow guard slowly grabbed the arrow, which was stuck in

Feng Xing's neck, and pulled it out.

Blood spurted out in streams along with the arrow. Feng Xing coughed loudly for a few times,

then the skin and flesh near his wound began regrowing. As a Senior Magus, the great lifeforce

allowed his wound to heal itself within the span of a few breaths. He gnashed his teeth,

looked at Ji Hao and let out a very bitter smile.

’’I told you, not to come...this is, my own trouble.’’

’’This is our trouble!’’ Ji Hao stared at Feng Xing, and responded seriously, ’’We've drunk

together, fought together, killed monsters together... which means we're already brothers. So, a

brother's trouble is our trouble.’’

Ji Hao's words made Feng Xing pause briefly. Then he maintained that bitter grin and said,

’’These people are truly hard to deal with! Even ten-thousand times harder than dealing with

Ying Yunpeng.’’

Ji Hao looked at Feng Xing while purple mist rose from his pair of dagger-sharp eyes and coiled

in the air. Nine purple-golden spell symbols emerged, gradually lighting up around his pupils,

and began rotating slowly.

The subtle vibration of natural power wasn't detected by anyone, yet it had swiftly spread out to

a hundred mile round. Ji Hao then said to Feng Xing honestly and seriously, ’’It's okay even if

they are ten-thousand times more troublesome than Ying Yunpeng. If there's any trouble, we'll

deal with it together. Anyway, it's better than you running out and be caught alone... might end

up dead in the wild like a wounded dog, then eventually be corrupted into a pile of bones.’’

Feng Xing gnashed his teeth, seemingly wanting to say something. But all a sudden, hands of

the twenty-four arrow guards began shining simultaneously and in the next moment, a

longbow appeared in the hands of each of them. Afterwards, the entire world seemed to be

filled up by the swishing noise caused by flying arrows. Ji Hao immediately lost his vision. The

entire sky in his sight was blocked by the tremendous airwave brought up by those zipping


’’Thunder!’’ Ji Hao locked his fingers together and roared. Along with his voice, the natural

power within a-hundred miles in radius began vibrating intensely; when those flying arrows

were still tens of zhang away from Ji Hao, twenty-four lightning bolts had already stuck down

from the heaven, followed by earth-shaking thunders.


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