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The Magus Era - Chapter 354


Chapter 354: Been Caught

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh




After Feng Xing had been shot by the first arrow, all surrounding Arrow guards growled out together. One could not see them pull bows open or release any arrows, what could be heard and seen were only numerous resonant growls and countless odd-shaped arrows roaring towards Feng Xing, along straight, curved, or S-shaped tracks, or even flying towards him while turning. All these arrows were shooting at him from different directions.

Some arrows were even sent up high into the sky, then falling straight down back onto the ground;some other arrows seemed to be randomly shot into the ground, but after moving for a certain distance under the ground, those arrows would suddenly dart out from the ground, towards Feng Xing.

Some arrows were as tiny as toothpicks, and were completely silent when flying. However, once these tiny arrows approached Feng Xing, sudden, severe blasts would happen immediately, and thunderous booms would be release.

Some arrows were a gigantic as tree trunks of towering trees, swooshing across the air towards Feng Xing like flying mountains.

From behind Feng Xing's body, a raging gale had risen, and a pair of cyan-colored wings had stretched out for around a-zhang length. That pair of wings vibrated intensely, pushing Feng Xing's body forwards at a crazily high speed. That made him look like a willow branch in a hurricane, and left countless, different-sized, arc-shaped traces in the air.

On ordinary days, with this excellent and ever changing dodging skill Feng Xing had, not a single arrow could ever touch even his hair, even if thousands of archers were attacking him from all directions all together. However, facing these arrow guards, all of his skills would have been seen through and every attempt of his would have been predicted.

’’Is any of this working?’’ shouted an arrow guard, ’’Feng Xing, everything you have is given by our divine Yi Clan! Your power, your archery, and your dodging skills, all came from our divine Yi Clan! You can dodge the arrows released by all archers in this world, but you can never survive the arrows shot by us!’’

Puff! An arrow punctured Feng Xing's shoulder.

Puff! Another arrow pierced into Feng Xing's lower stomach.

Boom! An arrow blasted out, releasing a fire that swallowed half of Feng Xing's body.

Sizzling, an arrow let out dazzling electric bolts, bringing up countless tiny bolts of lightning that struck on Feng Xing's body.

Feng Xing was just like a broken boat in a stormy ocean. He struggled in the woods with difficulty;he fell down, rolling, trying his best to flee deeper into the mountain area. Countless strikes landed on his body one after another and streams of blood had been squeezed out of his body. Some arrows even penetrated into his bones, then came out from the other side of his body along with loud bone-cracking noises and numerous, sparkling bone fragments.

Just like these arrow guards had said, the dodging skills Feng Xing had been using were originally created by the divine Yi Clan. In battlefields, once archers from the divine Yi Clan began moving and dodging enemies' attacks at their highest speed, not a single arrow could ever touch their bodies. They were never afraid of enemies' arrows. No matter how many arrows their enemies released, those could only be the accompaniment of that crazy battle dance performed by the divine Yi Clan archers. The enemies' arrows could only fly across, maybe very close to their bodies, yet could never ever hurt even a hair of them.

These Arrow guards were the strongest, coldest and fiercest among all Arrow guards, and also possessed the best archery. In their eyes, Feng Xing's dodging skills were filled with loopholes, therefore, even though Feng Xing had been running way faster than they imagined, their arrows still managed to severely injure Feng Xing.

Feng Xing injected all of his power into the pair of boots crafted by Yu Yu. His running speed had risen by over ten times, even faster than those Arrow guards. Nevertheless, as those arrows punctured his body one after another, Feng Xing's life-force had consumed speedily, causing his running speed to quickly fall.

He gnashed his teeth, widely popped his eyes out while roaring in rage. Blood gushing out of his wounds in big streams, Feng Xing kept running forward like a wounded beast.

Ten miles, thirty miles, fifty miles, a hundred miles...

Two-hundred miles, three-hundred miles, five-hundred miles...

Feng Xing burned his spirit blood to heal his wounds and support the pair of boots at the same time. He swooshed forward so fast as if he was actually flying. With one rise and fall, he could make over ten miles far;even sometimes he hit on trees or rocks and broke his head, even collapsing hills, but he would leap back up and remain running forward at his full-speed.

Puff, puff, puff...

Arrows kept puncturing his body, tearing his skin and flesh, penetrating his bones and injuring his internal organs. Great pain kept coming from every corner of his body. Quite a few Magus Acupoints of his were punctured and damaged, which caused the power, which was out of control, to surge inside his body in rampant streams. From time to time, large pieces of skin and muscles would be blasted away by those surging power streams.

Those arrow guards let out weird, frosty and creepy laughs, while releasing more arrows. As much as they felt like, they were injuring those body parts of Feng Xing, which were not lethal yet could bring him a hell-like pain, and would even make him give up on living.

’’Capture him alive! Sending a dead body of his back won't bring us too many rewards... capture him alive, we can get at least ten times more in that way!’’

’’Indeed. Back then, he murdered the prince, and our clan leader even vomited blood because of the anger. Simple death would be too easy for him!’’

’’Hm, the poor little bastard knows nothing about being a decent man. He could have a bright future, but he turns out to be like this.’’

Puff! An arrow pierced into Feng Xing's nape and darted out from his throat. This strike brought Feng Xing an immense pain. He staggered, heavily fell on the ground and rolled for a long distance, and wasn't able to struggle back up for quite a while.

Following a series of light footsteps, all twenty-four arrow guards walked up, and encircled him. Their black feather cloaks were completely lusterless under the starlight, like the darkest night, that could even devour all kinds of light in this world.

The feather cloaks worn by them were weirdly shaped like enormous bird-wings, slightly stretched in the air, bringing up black whirlwinds.

’’What a hard rock, just like his dead Abba.’’ Mumbled one arrow guard, ’’This poor little bastard, suffered three-hundred and seventy-nine arrow shots given by us, blood drained for whole three times yet, he has made this far within such a short time span...’’

Turning around, he flicked a few of his fingers and roughly measured the distance with a secret method that could only be learned by their clansmen, then yelled out in shock and continued, ’’Good boy! Within the span of eighty-one breaths, he made two-thousand and three hundred miles far! How can he be so fast?!’’

The group of sword arrows all gasped in shock. Within the time span of eighty-one breaths, Feng Xing had rushed for over two-thousand and three-hundred miles?! This speed...this speed...

Despite the fact that every single one of divine Yi Clansmen was a fast runner, and possessed an amazingly high speed, they were still shocked. Feng Xing was shot by over three-hundred arrows when he was running, his body were continuously injuring, even his leg bones had been blasted out for nineteen times... how could he still make so far under such a situation?!

’’Something weird with this pair of boots!’’ An arrow guard quickly walked up to Feng Xing, whose neck was punctured and had been struggling hard on the ground, pressed one hand on his boot and said, ’’This kid was even faster than us, it's because of these boots! Damn it, what kind of magic treasure this pair of boots is?’’

’’Magus-King-grade? divine-Magus-grade? No, not even divine-Magus-grade treasures can release such a sense of power. This is...’’ The tone of this arrow guard began turning extremely strange.


From afar, a resonant shout came. A long streak of fiery light with a flame dragon wrapping in it swooshed right towards those Arrow guards.


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