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The Magus Era - Chapter 353


Chapter 353: Been Shot

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

Back in the Chi Ban Market, Yu Mu sat in a shop with a big grin on his face, and had been politely bargaining with the owner of the shop. A big, hideous, scary-looking viper, that had a pair of tiny horns on its forehead, was coiling around his left hand.

’’Can you just make it cheaper? Just make it cheaper. This horned soul-snatching viper is indeed valuable, but I'm not buying it for training it into a battle beast, instead, I'm gonna eat it. How can the food have the same price as a battle beast, right?’’

’’Just make it cheaper, please, lower the price for a little bit. A hundred and fifty thousand jade coins are just terrifying... what about a hundred thousand? A whole hundred thousand, eh?’’

Yu Mu gripped the big snake in his left hand while holding a big handful of jade coins in his right hand, shaking his hand and making a loud jingling noise. He then continued, ’’I am not buying this snake only, there are tons of other materials that I want to purchase...’’

The shop owner was a scrawny guy, and at the moment, he was waving his hands in the air and loudly bargaining with Yu Mu. Abruptly, a jade talisman swished out of Yu Mu's sleeve and from which, Feng Xing's hoarse, anxious voice came out. Soon after that, the jade talisman shattered by itself. Feng Xing had just cut the connection between Yu Mu and himself.

Instantly, Yu Mu's smiling and chubby face turned purely dark, while he growled out in a deep voice.

’’You bloody bastard! Do you even see me as your brother?’’

He narrowed his little pair of eyes, which were sharply turning into blood-red, then stared at the shop owner, who still had his hands raised in the air, and said slowly, ’’Give me all the most poisonous things in your shop. Poisonous bugs, snakes, birds or beast, no matter how expensive they are, just bring me everything!’’

While speaking, Yu Mu threw a small pile of jade coins to before the shop owner's face. Afterwards, he widely opened his mouth and straightaway tore the viper's head off, beginning to chew along with a series of bone cracking noise. He smashed the viper head with his teeth and swallowed it. The highly poisonous venom contained in the viper's sac immediately spread out inside Yu Mu's body, then was absorbed, purified, refined and subsided by Yu Mu's internal organs and his fat.

Yu Mu's fair skin suddenly turned black, then quickly recovered to its normal color, following this, the sense of power given off by Yu Mu's body became colder and eviler. The shop owner, who was enthusiastically bargaining with Yu Mu, instantly had his look turn serious.

’’Fatso, I see, you're still a young man, so I have to tell you something. Sometimes, for brothers, you might die.’’ with a complicated look, the shop owner looked at Yu Mu and said, ’’For example, this soul-snatching viper, if you make it into a soup and eat it, it could improve the effect of your magic poison without harming your body. Swallowing it just like this might bring a greater improvement to your power, but the harm it's gonna do to your body is grave, even terrifying.’’

’’You have to know that you only have one life, as a living human being.’’ said the shop owner rather seriously.

’’But in this life, how many brothers that you can trust with your life, can you have?’’ Yu Mu looked back at the shop owner, also with a solemn look, while he responded, ’’So, just bring me all of the most poisonous stuff you have in this shop. I'm in a great rush to kill somebody.’’

’’Hm,’’ the owner clicked his tongue, then said, ’’Okay, I'll sell them all to you at the cost price.’’ He patted on the viper's body that was still wriggling in Yu Mu's hand and continued, ’’For this one, I'll take five-thousand from you. You can't swallow too many living poisonous beings anyway, I also have all kinds of poisonous sacs, gallbladders and pills, which are even more effective. Do you want some?’’

’’What a profiteer! The cost price is only five-thousand, yet you just tried to charge me one hundred and fifty thousand?!’’ Yu Mu pointed his finger at the shop owner and yelled, ’’All at cost prices! Here are all of my jade coins... I want these all changed into poisonous materials! Now, now, now!’’

The small pile of jade coins was used immediately, and not even a single one remained.

Yu Mu carried a small bag in his hand, continuously taking out all kinds of multicolored poisonous materials, such as sacs, gallbladders, pills and living beings, from that bag. He directly thrust all those materials into his mouth, chewing and swallowing, while he walked out of this shop, which sold only highly poisonous materials, with big steps.

While walking, chewing and swallowing highly poisonous materials, wisps of multicolored smoke ceaselessly rose from his pores. All the smoke would soon be inhaled back into his body though his mouth. By now, Yu Mu had become a giant, moving source of poison. Wherever he walked past, every living creature would flee at the highest speed and in a great panic, no one dared to approach him ever.

Before, Yu Mu's poison could easily kill ordinary Senior Magi, and now, the effect of his poison had been soaringly improved, such that he could now threaten peak-level Senior Magi' lives. If he released the poison contained in his body all at once, all peak-level Senior Magi who happened to be in the area having a radius of a thousand miles around Yu Mu might be poisoned to death immediately!

This fatso now could turn the entire Chi Ban Market into a ghost zone, all by himself.

Yu Mu moved faster and faster, even gradually began running like hell. Along with that, his layers of fat started rippling. Weirdly, his skin and fat were compressing, that made Yu Mu, this fatso who normally looked like a giant ball, became tens of sizes smaller. At this moment, he looked just a little bit big in shape, and one couldn't even call him fatso anymore.

’’You bloody bastard. Even if you're gonna die, you have to wait for me to bury you!’’ Yu Mu complained in a low voice, while a tiger-head bee flew out of his sleeve, hovered around him for twice then quickly flew away, towards where Feng Xing fled to.

Feng Xing had been running at his highest speed. Those arrows guards who were hunting him were now less than a hundred zhang away from him. In every direction, he could see a couple of arrow guards. Feng Xing's face had now darkened to an extreme degree. If he didn't have that pair of boots given by Yu Yu as his last hope, and if it wasn't for that he didn't want to implicate Yu Mu, Ji Hao and Man Man into all this, he would really like to to start a deadly fight against those arrow guards right here and right now, then finally end all troubles, maybe with his own death.

’’You have been pushing this too far.’’ Feng Xing forcibly controlled the rage in his head, grinding his teeth while growling with a low voice, ’’You've killed my Abba and Amma, killed all my families... I've already fled to the Midland, but you chased all the way here!’’

’’You deserve to die.’’ said one arrow guard coldly, ’’What's the big deal about fleeing to the Midland? You're now caught by us anyways. We would always hunt you down even if you made your way to the heaven.’’

Groups of arrow guards rapidly approached Feng Xing from every direction. The nearest one was now only less than fifty-zhang away from him.

Feng Xing had raised his speed to an extreme point already. However, all these Arrow guards had the same bloodline as he did, and were much older than him. Every single one of these Arrow guards was more powerful than Feng Xing by at least ten times. Even though Feng Xing was a genius, he could never defeat these Arrow guards with his speed.

Step by step, and tailed by shreds of afterimages, Feng Xing rushed out of the Chi Ban Market, from where he came in.

Moving across the dark valley only took him the span of a few breaths. Chilly wind blew across his face, along with which fierce, cyan-colored, roaring wind rose from under Feng Xing's feet. His speed suddenly soared up, and he dashed right towards a woods.


Very close to the ground, a screaming arrow swished over, aimed at Feng Xing's leg.

Feng Xing moved swiftly forward along an S-shaped route, trying to dodge that arrow. The distance between those Arrow guards and himself instantly grew greater, yet, this arrow came even faster. No matter how hard Feng Xing tried to dodge it, this arrow remained aiming at Feng Xing's left leg.

’’Damn it! A drifting sword!’’ Feng Xing cursed in anger while lying straight down on the ground, rolling and sending up tens of stones against that arrow.

The arrow moved in the air like a nimble snake, easily dodging those flying stones and fiercely catching up with Feng Xing.

Feng Xing could only slightly lift his left foot up before the arrow punctured his left knee. He let out a muffled moan while that arrow came out from the other side of his knee, along with a big stream of blood.


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