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The Magus Era - Chapter 351


351: Enemy

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

A thousand boxes cast with 'silver sand black gold', fully contained fist-sized, flawless fire

magic crystals. The number of fire magic crystal pieces contained in each box was exactly tenthousand.

Such a huge amount of top-grade fire magic crystal was more than enough for improving over

a hundred especially talented human Senior Magi to the level of Magus Kings.

Another thousand boxes, cast from 'dark-grain red gale bronze' contained bird-egg-sized,

blood-red crystal pieces. Those were top-grade 'dragon blood amber', originally real ancient

dragons' blood that fell into a chasm, nourished and purified by the pure natural power for tens

of thousands of years, finally turning into such kinds of extremely precious natural treasures.

Medicines made from dragon blood amber could largely improve the power of spirit blood and

strengthen the bodies, therefore, the dragon blood amber was one of the best kinds of bodystrengthening

materials for Senior Magi.

Ten-thousand boxes cast from 'black frosty iron' contained orderly piled, shining, adorable

jade coins. The number of jade coins contained in each box was exactly one-hundredthousand.

In total, those were one whole billion of jade coins; undoubtedly a big fortune.

At last, there were ten small boxes carved from ten-thousand years old 'jade hearts', each

containing a blood-red, roughly human-shaped, extremely rare herb. The power contained in

every single of these herbs was as great as the total amount of spirit blood power of ten Senior

Magi. This meant that these herbs were genuine natural treasures that one couldn't measure

values of with ordinary things such as jade coins or magic crystals.

’’These are the tokens of sincerity of our Red Wood Palace.’’ said Qian Kui, while handing a

magic space ring to Ji Hao; the relatively small inner space of that ring was already stuffed.

’’Good, even more than I thought. All these are only the profits you made in half an year?’’

Slightly shocked, Ji Hao looked at that mountain-huge pile of treasures in the magic space ring

and said. 'All these are only their profit for half a year, so exactly how much profit did the Qian

Family make in this Chi Ban Market? How many treasures did they gain and how many

powerful, elite people did they recruit?' pondered Ji Hao.

’’Magic crystals, jade coins and dragon blood ambers are all nothing, but these ten treasured

herbs...’’ said Qian Kui while staring at that space ring in Ji Hao's hand, with an extremely

painful look, ’’...the value of those herbs is way higher than our half year profit... If it wasn't for

earning your forgiveness, we would never give those precious treasures away.’’

Slightly sighing, Qian Kui looked at Ji Hao and said honestly, ’’If I were you, I will take all this

stuff and leave this Chi Ban Market immediately. After fully absorbing these ten herbs, you will

nearly reach the shell-breaking stage.’’

Ji Hao gave Qian Kui a faint and fake smile. Those ten small herbs could push three to five

peak-level Senior Magi into the level of Magus Kings, but to Ji Hao, who had woken up all

129600 meridians, the power contained in these ten herbs was utterly inadequate; which

meant, the help these herbs could ever do to him was truly not too big.

’’Fine, since I've taken your money, I shall solve your problem.’’ Ji Hao spread his hands,

shrugged and said, ’’I am now talking to those law executors, telling them that what has

happened between us was only a misunderstanding, right?’’

Giving away all the money and treasures had made Qian Kui's eyeballs turn pure blood-red, he

looked at Ji Hao, trying his best to squeeze a big smile, and responded, ’’Of course, all

misunderstandings, just misunderstandings. It was all Qian Tan's fault. He knows nothing

about the art of language, which made you and your friends misunderstand some words said by

him. In fact, how could our Red Wood Palace possibly break the rules and force anyone to sell or

buy anything?’’

In ten minutes, Ji Hao gave those Chi Ban Market's law executors the following explanation.

’’It's just a misunderstanding. We misunderstood the store manager, Qian Tan's words. Since

the Red Wood Palace have already made their compensation to us, I think, we shall not to dig

further into this misunderstanding.’’ Ji Hao explained in the exactly same way as he had

discussed with Qian Kui, then withdrew his charge against the Red Wood Palace.

After a quarter of an hour, Ji Hao, Man Man, the old tree man and that big leopard left the


Man Man sat on one of the old tree man's branches, sadly fiddling with a fruit hanging on his

crown, and said, ’’What? These fruits can only be eaten after being cooked into medicines? Can't

I just eat them as fruits? Eh, this is the very, very first time for me to see such a strange kind of

fruit... And they smell so delicious!’’

’’Old wood, where you going?’’ said Ji Hao while intimately patting the old tree man's toe, ’’Your

body is way too luring, so you better go hide far away from here. Don't let anyone see you.

Otherwise, you'll be planted in a certain place and disabled from moving. Every year, they'll

take your myron and fruits away, and you will never have your freedom back.’’

’’Freedom!’’ mumbled the old treeman with a very muffled voice, ’’I don't want to be planted in a

place like an ignorant wood...’’

Reaching out a few branches to Ji Hao, the old treeman looked at Ji Hao and asked, ’’Can I come

with you? You're the friend of my kind, you're my friend.’’

’’Eh?!’’ Ji Hao looked back at the old tree man in surprise. He was a purple grain dragon

sandalwood, this kind of tree was extremely rare and valuable, not to mention that he had

already cultivated himself into a spirit creature, which was something that no one had even

heard about. His myron and fruits could make up a prescription that was able to strengthen the

souls and nourish the spirit, and was highly helpful for cultivation of Magus Kings, and even

divine Magus.

On the mission list of the Magi Palace, rewards were offered for myron and fruits of purple

grain dragon sandalwood all year long; a drop of myron of an over ten-thousand years old

purple grain dragon sandalwood was worth a million jade coins, while a fruit was worth tenmillion.

As for this old purple grain dragon sandalwood tree man, who had cultivated himself

into a spirit creature, Ji Hao couldn't even estimate the value of his myron and fruits.

'Should I bring him back to the Magi Palace?' pondered Ji Hao. Since the old treeman had

already exposed himself in the Chi Ban Market, not too many places in this world could ever be

able to protect him from now on.

Just now, in the courthouse of the Chi Ban Market, Ji Hao actually felt that the way many law

executors looked at the old tree man was genuinely weird. In consideration of the Chi Ban

Market's rules, those people dared not to launch their moves against the old tree man right in

the courthouse, but once the old tree man left the market, who knew what would happen?!

Not to mention the other kinds, only the Dragon Kind, who were known as the most greedy kind

in this world, would they possibly let the old tree man, such a walking treasure, just simply go?!

While seriously pondering, Ji Hao's sleeve suddenly moved. From his sleeve, a jade talisman

flew out, burst out streams of cyan smoke and from that smoke, Feng Xing's nervous voice

came out.

’’I'll leave ahead of you, don't ever worry about me. God damn it, why would they be here?’’

Man Man instantly leapt off from the old tree man's branch, grabbed that jade talisman from Ji

Hao's hand and tried her best to activate it with her power, while yelling at that talisman, ’’Feng

Xing?! What happened to you?! Are you in trouble? How should we help you?’’

After quite a long while, the jade talisman vibrated again and sent out Feng Xing's voice, which

was already a bit hoarse.

’’Don't show up! Don't let them see you! This is my own business... you will not get involved in.

Damn it, I can't talk.’’

Followed by a loud cracking noise, the jade talisman in Ji Hao's hand directly shattered into

pieces. Clearly, Feng Xing had just crumbled the jade talisman on his side. This kind of

messaging jade talisman could serve as GPS, leading Ji Hao to Feng Xing's specific location

under such emergency circumstances.

Feng Xing had just crumbled the jade talisman, obviously, he didn't want Ji Hao and Yu Mu to

get involved in his trouble.

’’Bastard, what was he thinking?!’’ Ji Hao complained in anger while a purple light glowed in his

eyes, and a great spirit power swiftly spread out in every direction.

Feng Xing was heading to the East Market for arrows, therefore, Ji Hao put his spirit power

mainly to the East. Soon, he sensed Feng Xing's silhouette flashing across the edge of the scan

range of his spirit power. Hurriedly grabbing Man Man's hand, Ji Hao darted towards where

Feng Xing was running.

The old tree man and the leopard glanced at each other, and followed behind Ji Hao, letting out

thunderously loud footsteps.

Behind them, hundreds of silhouettes, who were all quite far away from each other, followed



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