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The Magus Era - Chapter 35



Ji Hao felt like an electricity current passed through his body;his whole body broke out in gooseflesh and his tiny hairs stood up.

He discovered all sorts of emotions from Ji Ying and Ji Lang's shouting;there were tension,shock, even a slight trace of fear.

Ji Lang and Ji Ying held their head high and their weapons tight, took three big steps forward and faced the two Jia Clan people fearlessly. They might not be aware of that fear berried deep down in their hearts while Ji Hao certainly was.

’’Uncle Ji Ying, what the hell is Jia Clan?’’ Ji Hao looked at the two four-eyed men quickly walking toward him and shouted to Ji Ying.

’’Drawback! Hao! Back!’’ Ji Ying gripped his spear and growled. Streams of fire spurting out from his body;and his body almost turned translucent in the raging fire. ’’They're ghosts from Jia clan! Stay away from them!’’

’’Hehe...hehe...’’ The Jia Clan warriors curved their lips and chuckled disdainfully.

looked at the spooky enemies, Ji Hao took a deep breath. The purple light spot which was condensed by his internal power appeared in between his eyebrows and started rotating fast, continuously drawing the surrounding power of nature into Ji Hao's body.

Ji Hao slightly shook his body then started to recite the 'Nice Secret Words'. At that moment, the edges of him became hazy and indistinct. Along with a muffled thunder from the air, Ji Hao pointed his left hand at the sky and his right hand at the earth;his pupils then started shining with a frosty light. At the same time, a chill wind whooshed through the air.

The ground under the two Ji Clan warriors' feet started moving like water. Tens of arm thick thorns of dirt thrust from the ground. The tips of these thorns were shining with the same frosty light as in Ji Hao's eyes. Under the control of Ji Hao's power, these thorns were harder than steel.

However, these sharp and hard thorns then shattered into dust against the Jia Clan warriors' armours. The Jia Clan warriors stayed still;and their armours were sheeny without even a trace left by those thorns. Their mocking laughter turned louder and their eyes turned colder.

’’Ji!’’ Ji Hao snapped. All the plants surrounded suddenly started shacking. Hundreds of towering trees withered and collapsed and large pieces of grass scorched rapidly. Only a few plants near the two Jia Clan warriors were wrapped by a green light and started growing madly;their leafs and vines expanded hundreds of times in the blink of an eye. Affected by Ji Hao's magic power, these leafs and vines became as hard as rebars and twined around the Jia Clan warriors' bodies like serpents.

Those huge vines coiled around the Jia Clan warriors and wrapped them into a large green cocoon;then started wriggling and wringing, made a gravelly raucous noise.

’’Such a boring trick!’’ A cold and gibing voice came from the green cocoon. Just when the voice faded, the cocoon busted by a power from the inside;countless pieces of leafs and vines were blown away by the impact power. Two Jia Clan warriors calmly broke loose from the cocoon and continued walking in big steps.

’’Hao! Step back!’’ Ji Lang growled. ’’These Jia Clan people are monsters! Only Senior Magi can deal with' em!’’

’’Ji Hao didn't listen to Ji Lang. He locked his fingers together and triggered the 'Nice Secret Words' orderly. The power of 'Nice Secret Words' allowed Ji Hao to connect his own internal power to the power of nature. The nature power around him started rotating like an invisible whirlpool. A small spark emerged from the air then started a great fire around Ji Hao. Nine arm-thick and tens of feet long fiery snakes darted out of the blazing fire and rushed toward the Jia Clan warriors with great heat.

The fire snakes hit right on the Jia Clan Warriors' chests;but they didn't even blink when it happened. They only threw a mocking glance at Ji Hao and kept walking. The nine fiery snakes exploded with a loud band at the very next second, shed sparks and smoke and fell with a great splashes of fire near their heavy armours, failed to leave even any trace on them.

Ji Hao attacked the Jia Clan warriors for three times with all of his best sorceries. The lethality of his attack was even greater than an elite Junior Warrior's attack;however, the two Jia Clan warriors weren't harmed even a little bit. Ji Hao couldn't sense any magic power from the two Jia Clan warriors, which means that they took all of attacks only with their strangely strong defensive capability.


Growls of a few Qing Yu clan warriors came from behind Ji Hao. Tens of long arrows hurtled toward the Jia Clan warriors.

The Jia Clan warriors gave a scornful laugh, then closed their eyes. Qing Yi clan warriors are the best shooter in the South Wasteland. The tens of arrows hit on their closed eyes almost simultaneously;which gave Ji Hao a spurt of great joy. However, after less than one second, his heart sank heavily;he felt cold and hopeless like he was drowning in the Cold Brook in the middle of the valley.

All of the Qing Yi Clan warriors guarding the Coldbrook Valley were middle-level Junior Magi, even some elite Junior Magi. The arrows shot by them could easily puncture tens of towering trees in miles away. But just now, their arrows smashed up against the Jia Clan warriors' eyelids!

The Jia Clan warriors blinked and shook off the dirt left by smashed arrows;then took a few big steps forward, walked up to Ji Ying and Ji Lang.

Ji Hao stared at the two Jia Clan warriors nervously. What kind of freaks are they? Even their eyelids are indestructible like iron walls and shattered the arrows of the best shooters in the South Wasteland! Ji Hao thought.

Ji Ying darted out ahead of Ji Lang. He leaped up from the ground, held his spear high and pierced toward one of the Jia Clan warrior's heart;at the same time, the spearhead spurted out a raging flame.

Ji Ying injected all of his power into his spear;a great heat then emitted from the spear;the earth started shacking intensely and the soil started melting rapidly. Soon, a thin layer of lava has covered the ground near Ji Ying and spread to the surrounding areas.

The Jia Clan warrior who was facing Ji Ying held the bola in his left hand and took a step aside then twisted his body at a weird angle, dodged Ji Ying's attack;the spearhead sliced through the air an inch away from his face, but didn't touched even a hair of him.

Ji Ying missed his target. Before he landed back on the ground and adjust his gestures;the Jia Clan warrior threw a punch at his throat instantaneously. Ji Ying then let out a very muffled moan, lost his breath and showed the whites of his eyes.

After that, the Jia Clan warrior raised the bola and heavily hit Ji Ying's back head with it. Ji Ying shouted out in pain, fell hard on the ground and twitched his body ceaselessly.

’’Ji Ying!’’ Ji Lang growled and leaped up, rushed toward the Jia Clan warrior who was standing in front of Ji Ying. The other Jia Clan warrior seemed already foresaw his plan;once Ji Ying moved his feet, he put a heavy shield which was abruptly appeared from nowhere in front of his partner. Ji Lang didn't see this coming, he bumped hard against the shield;his head broke instantly and blood spurted out.

Ji Hao's pupils constricted to the pinpoint size when he saw what happened.

The attacks of this two Jia Clan warriors were so clean and straight;seemed like they've practised thousand of times on this.

Ji Ying and Ji Lang, two powerful young Senior Magi were knocked down by a single attack each. Ji Hao felt that the Jia Clan Warrior weren't even humans, they were more like two fighting machines!


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