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The Magus Era - Chapter 348


Chapter 348: Wildness

’’Are you cursing me?!’’ Man Man angrily waved her fists and yelled.

’’Don't you curse her!’’ The old tree man waved his enormous pair of arms, letting out a

thunderous growl as well.

’’Ao!’’ The leopard forcibly withheld the discomfort of the detoxing process inside his body,

gritted his teeth and leapt down from between the old tree man's branches, swiftly expanding

his body to over ten-zhang long, then spurted dazzlingly sparkling lighting out of his mouth

along with huge clouds of dense smoke, showing his fierce teeth to Qian Tan and his people.

’’No-no-no not good!’’ Geng was badly frightened, couldn't stop quivering and even sit straight

on the ground. ’’The Qian family, the Red Wood Palace is a property of the Qian Family. Around

forty percent of all Chi Ban Market's pharmacies are related to the Qian Family!’’

Geng looked at Ji Hao in panic and despair, and said, ’’ho-honored guest, just...just run, as fast

as you can. Although big fights are banned in the Chi Ban Market, small violent conflicts

happen all the time, as long as the Law Enforcement Team are not involved. People, people die

in such small conflicts very often!’’

Ji Hao slapped hard on Geng's shoulder, then walked into the Red Wood Palace with big steps.

On Ji Hao's Gold Crow flame cloak, ninety-nine small Gold Crows let out shrill caws

simultaneously while swiftly flying around Ji Hao's cloak like glowing, golden water streams. A

raging flame suddenly burst out, wrapping Ji Hao's golden-red cloak up, along with which, a

terribly great heat instantly rose into the air, spread out and quickly shrouded the entire lobby.

’’Bad language manners... You should take the slap for it!’’

Ji Hao's silhouette flashed across the air while huge streams of eye-piercing fiery light surged

out of his back. The pair of fiery wings pushed his body forward at a lightning speed, leaving

countless shreds of afterimages in the air. Ji Hao reached before Qian Tan's face in literally no

time, as if the long distance between Qian Tan and himself had disappeared all of a sudden.

Abruptly, Ji Hao threw a heavy slap on Qian Tan's face.

Qian Tan was only a manager of the pharmacy, appointed at this position by the Qian Family, in

charge of running the Red Wood Palace in this Chi Ban Market. He was nowhere near those elite

Yu Clan's young people who led armies and fought battles. Therefore, he made absolutely no

reaction to Ji Hao's move. Ji Hao's hand slapped his face and squeezed loud bone cracking noise

out of his skull. Qian Tan's entire face was blasted out, blood spurting out in thick streams, as

his tall and slim body was sent flying backwards like an arrow, along with a sharp swishing


Followed by a series of popping noise, Qian Tan bumped another seven to eight Yu Clan's

people, who stood behind him, away. After that, his head heavily thudded against the wall, with

a force that even shortened his neck by over an inch. His head was nearly squeezed into his

chest in whole, which would kill him immediately.

Falling on the ground, Qian Tan howled out for a few times, opening his mouth with difficulty,

and vomited a few mouthfuls of blood, then leant his head and could only twitch.

’’Damn you! How dare you attack our Red Wood Palace?!’’

Tens of well-trained Jia Clan's warriors growled out furiously while quickly lining up into an

attacking battle formation, then rushing towards Ji Hao. Bright and frosty beams of light were

brought up by the long swords holding in their hands.

Ji Hao clicked his tongue and clenched his fists, rushing up against those Jia Clan's warriors

with an outrageous look on his face. Covered by the bright fiery light released by the Gold Crow

cloak, he opened all eight-thousand of his Magus Acupoints widely without any scruple.

Instantly, his entire body turned glowing red. Ocean-great, lava-like, sticky and heavy streams

of power began screaming and surging inside his body; from every single Magus Acupoint of

his, muffled yet resonant dragon roars came out.

With the power that was now ten times greater than ordinary peak-level Senior Magi'powers,

and the physical strength, that had now almost improved to the level of new Magus Kings after

having swallowed countless beasts' meat, Ji Hao laughed out loud while rushing right into the

battle formation of those Jia Clan's warriors, fiercely launching his punches, that were wrapped

in dense fiery light. Every punch launched by Ji Hao was as thunderous and powerful as the sun

bumping against the earth.

Without any skill, he purely launched every punch along the shortest and straightest route;

every single punch was launched in the least time and burst out with the most violent power,

striking on the bodies of those Jia Clan's warriors in the simplest and wildest way.

The weapons of those Jia Clan's warriors were shattered, armors were cracked and bones were

all broken, blood ceaselessly gushing out of their mouths. One after another, they heavily

smashed into the thick wall of the lobby, letting out muffled bumping noise against that thick

and solid wall. The defensive magic formation set on that wall continuously released a bright

fiery light.

Within a blink of an eye, over a hundred Jia Clan's warriors were all severely wounded and fell

on the ground. Their entire bodies looked all broken and smashed, as if they were madly

trodden by ten crazy, gigantic bulls. From inside their bodies, cyan-brown colored, translucent

bones pierced out, thick and sticky marrow mixed with blood flowing out from cracks on their


’’What the hell is the big deal about the Qian Family?! Can you force others to buy or sell just

because who you are?! Are you allowed to bully the others as hard as you want just because of

your family name?! Is this place the Chi Ban Market or a bandits' den, filled with people who kill

for money?!’’ Ji Hao raised his voice and growled in the lobby, power inexhaustibly gushing out

of his eight-thousand Magus Acupoints, and the terrifying sound waves roaring across the

entire Chi Ban Market.

The great sound waves brought up a hurricane, screaming through the street and all the

buildings near the Red Wood Palace. Lots of people who were rather weak were sent flying into

the air by the hurricane, howling while been blown far away.

Within a second, two Yu Clan's elderly men wearing long black cloaks and two elderly human

beings who were also wearing the same black long cloaks dashed into the Red Wood Palace, as

fast as ghosts. All four of them simultaneously showed up before Ji Hao.

The sense of power releasing from their bodies were all as great as oceans and completely

immeasurable. They had shown up almost at the exact same moment and launched their moves

simultaneously as well.

The two Yu Clan's men reached their hands towards Ji Hao once after they saw him, without

even saying a word. Both of their scrawny hands suddenly expanded to zhangs in radius, one

hand was wrapped in evil and frosty blood-red light, while the other hand contained an

extremely violent power, that seemed to be able to crush anything in this world. From both

sides, the two gigantic hands reached towards Ji Hao together.

’’What a reckless kid! How dare you break the rule of our Chi Ban Market?! You will have to die

today!’’ yelled the two Yu Clan's elderly men.

At the same time, both of the two elderly human beings gave a weird sneer. They straightly and

directly launched deadly attacks at the two Yu Clan's elderly men. One of them had a sword

while the other one was using a machete; the one with a sword directly and fiercely lunged the

sword towards the heart of a Yu Clan's old man from his back, while the one with a machete

hacked right down towards the neck of another Yu Clan's old man.

’’Let's talk first and don't start the fighting so easily... we still have a friendship to maintain,

don't we?’’ While launching the deadly attack, the two elderly men were still doing their

'persuasion' with 'nice' smiles on their faces.

The two Yu Clan's elderly men growled out ragingly. The two old men were at the same level as

them, added with that, the two old men each had just launched a deadly attack from their backs

that forced them to take back their hands which were reaching towards Ji Hao at that moment,

and deal with the deadly attacks launched by the two old men.

’’You damn old bastards! So unreasonable! Are you allowed to give completely unprincipled

protection to your own kind?!’’ Ji Hao laughed out, then excitedly yelled at Man Man, ’’Man Man!

Smash as hard as you want!’’

While yelling, Ji Hao raised his arm, and walked up to a Yu Clan's elderly man in only one step,

then threw a full-strength punch right at the face.

As for Man Man, she happily gave a shout as the response to Ji Hao while throwing out her pair

of hammers. The pair of hammers started an awfully hot and bright fiery light, roaring towards

another Yu Clan's elderly man.

The two Yu Clan's elderly men didn't take Man Man and Ji Hao seriously before, because

judging from the sense of power released from both of their bodies, neither of them had any

difference from ordinary Senior Magi. In another words, all one could sense from Ji Hao and

Man Man' bodies were only powers transformed from their spirit blood, but no terribly great

power vibrations released by the star powers that were possessed only by Magus Kings.

Therefore, none of the two Yu Clan's elderly men even looked at Ji Hao or Man Man, barely

paying any attention to Ji Hao and Man Man' attacks; instead, they focused on the sneakily

launched deadly attacks by the two old men.

Ji Hao's fist heavily punched on the neck of a Yu Clan's elderly man.

Followed by a thunderous bang, the skin on Ji Hao's hand blasted out, exposing his crystalglowing,

ruby-like bones.

The neck of that Yu Clan's old man let out a loud popping noise, as all joints of his neck bones

were dislocated; Ji Hao had nearly punched his neck broken.

The other Yu Clan's elderly man suffered even worse. He had completely misjudged Man Man's

power, and the pair of hammers, crafted by Yu Yu himself, made an earth-shaking explosion

right on his chest, opening a basin-sized, bleeding hole in his chest.


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