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The Magus Era - Chapter 343


Chapter 343: Market

’’These are extremely powerful weaponry.’’

Taisi looked at Candle Dragon Gui, showing not even a sign of worrying, while he seriously

thought about if Candle Dragon Gui was going to die soon.

’’Ah!’’ unlike Taisi, Shaosi shouted out a bit nervously.

Candle Dragon Gui shook his head, gave an embarrassed grin, helplessly glanced at Taisi, and

then nodded to Shaosi, while he said, ’’Don't worry, it's totally my own fault. I tried to look into

this killing weaponry with my soul power.’’

Coughing out another few mouthfuls of blood, Candle Dragon Gui took out a bottle of magic

medicine, poured into his own mouth, then grinned at Ji Hao embarrassedly and said, ’’Hehe, I

didn't think these are so...matchlessly powerful... These are the top-grade, most powerful and

lethal weapons in the whole world. Good, good, that punch I suffered by the river is now worth


Ji Hao looked at Candle Dragon Gui in a complicated way. Soul power? Ordinary Magi never

cultivated their souls. The souls of magi could only grow stronger along with their bodies and

internal powers. Nourished by the spirit blood of Magi, their souls would naturally grow strong.

Bodies of Magi were like fertile lands and souls were like saplings, rooting and growing in the

soil. While the lands gradually became richer and thicker, naturally, the saplings would grow

taller and stronger with luxuriant foliage. However, even thriving, gigantic trees that had

soared right into the sky were only trees, standing on the ground, banal, without any magical

changes ever happening to them.

Nevertheless, Candle Dragon Gui was capable of using his soul power, which meant, he had

already had a spirit power. In other words, his power had already gone beyond the limitation of

Magi and reached a whole new level. Otherwise, he wouldn't even realize the existence of his

soul power, not to mention trying to use this magical type of power.

Perhaps, this was one of the special abilities possessed by the Candle Dragon Clan's people.

Possessors of the Candle Dragon bloodline were able to look through the living world and the

nether world, reach all kinds of mysteries of this world, even control the fates of the others.

Candle Dragon Gui's soul power might come from all other kinds of special abilities and powers

he had, which was totally reasonable.

But all in all, Candle Dragon Gui was an unimaginably powerful one without any doubt; he was

strangely powerful. Thinking deeper about this, Yu Yu's power should have already reached a

terrifying level. He had lent Ji Hao those four swords and a formation pattern, but even before

the magic formation was set up, these swords and the pattern had directly and badly injured

Candle Dragon Gui after he took a single, slight glance at them.

’’So...dear Elder Candle Dragon, you have agreed to take the credit, right?’’ said Ji Hao while

looking at Candle Dragon Gui and feeling slightly apologetic, ’’That man, his temper is a bit...’’

Candle Dragon Gui shook his hands, looked at Ji Hao and responded with a serious face, ’’Don't

bother. I have lived for so many years and seen too many magical, powerful, weird and strange

beings. In this vast world, there always are some unpredictable beings, they don't want to hang

out with our kind too much.’’

Pointing at the swords and cloth in Ji Hao's hands, Candle Dragon Gui continued, ’’Anyways,

this powerful being is helping us, which is a good thing. Hm...I was knocked completely out

before I could detect any sign of his presence... what a great level of power...Sooner or later, I

will have a nice, overall competition against him.’’

Ji Hao packed the swords and cloth, and gave Candle Dragon Gui a fake, hollow grin. Compete

against Yu Yu? Regarding this, what could Ji Hao do in response besides giving a fake and

hollow grin?

’’You bunch of little bastards, go, get away, just have some fun by yourselves’’ after making an

agreement with Ji Hao about taking the credit, Candle Dragon Gui waved his sleeves and

brought up a roaring gale, which then blew Ji Hao, Man Man, Yu Mu and Feng Xing all out of the


’’It's time for me to tutor my apprentices. I cannot let you take any furtive glance at my Candle

Dragon secret art of magic curses...well, even though you might not be able to learn those at

all...However, you won't have a chance to take advantage of me!’’ Candle Dragon Gui's yell came

out from the cave, ’’That big plan of yours needs at least a month to be settled. Do not interrupt

my tutoring of my dear apprentices within a month! Just get lost!’’

The hurricane-great gale roared in the air. Black and sticky whirlwinds wrapped Ji Hao, Man

Man, Yu Mu and Feng Xing, bringing them up into the air, and violently blew them away for

hundreds of miles. None of them could control their own bodies. Only when the gale calmed

down and dissipated, the four of them fell on the ground, all in ugly shapes. That gale brought

up by Candle Dragon Gui's sleeve had directly sent them back right to the special army camp's


’’That old guy!’’ Man Man angrily rubbed her own forehead that was accidentally hit by her own

hammer, and complained, ’’What an unreasonable old jerk! Next time when I see him, I will huge cauldron of his looks quite good, I will certainly grab that cauldron

and run!’’

Ji Hao smiled and rubbed Man Man's forehead for her. He couldn't help but begin thinking

about Candle Dragon Gui's cauldron as well.

That square-shaped, ancient style cauldron looked truly heavy, and the sense of power released

from its body was amazingly great and fierce. The complicated and exquisite cloud and

lightning patterns embossed on it were stunningly beautiful, and could catch anyone's eyes


Among all naturally formed holy weaponry, swords, spears and other similar types had taken a

bigger percentage. Types like armors and shields, pearls, bottles and others were comparatively

rarer, while types like cauldrons, mirrors and clocks were top-grade precious.

Naturally formed treasures like that gigantic cauldron must have quite special powers and

abilities, which artificial treasures could never compare with.

’’Oi, Man Man, no matter what, that's Elder Candle Dragon's treasure... we can't just steal or rob

it from him. What we should do is make him willingly give it to us.’’ Ji Hao patted on Man Man's

head and said with a cunning look, ’’For example, we can make Elder Candle Dragon give that

cauldron to Shaosi and Taisi, as their protection, with his own willingness. That is the right

thing to do.’’

Man Man's eyes shone. She tilted her head, seemingly lost in a deep thought.

In the next couple of days, Ji Hao and his teammates were permitted with a vacation by Huaxu

Lie, and didn't need to take the daily patrol and other assassination missions.

No news regarding the big plan about the Di Family's cooperation with the humankind and

ambush of the Qian Family had come to Ji Hao and his teammates, yet, the ransom for Di Suo, Di

Mo and Di Sha's skeleton had been delivered continuously in parts.

Huge amounts of precious recipes, formulae, formation patterns, secret spells, amazing

quantity of armors, weapons, magic crystals and senior-level beasts' meat piled up as

mountains, and other small objects were sent over sneakily by the Di Family during the recent

couple of days.

Si Wen Ming, Huaxu Lie and a group of Magi Place's master Magi tutors were busy at counting,

sorting and qualifying those ransoms from the morning to the night; during these few days, thy

were awfully busy as well as quite happy.

After the Di Family delivered all promised formulas, recipes, formation patterns and other stuff

as the ransom, Si Wen Ming called the shots and Huaxu Lie sighed in commendation. An

astronomically great sum of jade coins was given to Ji Hao and his teammates, as a reward,;Ji

Hao, Man Man, Yu Mu, Feng Xing, Taisi and Shaosi, everyone had a share.

On the seventh day after Di Luolang left the special army camp, and under the cover of night,

Feng Xing was running swiftly and agilely like a nimble monkey. From time to time, he turned

around, chuckled at Ji Hao and his other teammates, who closely followed behind him, in low


’’I found that splendid place by asking those experienced warriors who have fought quite a few

great wars in this Chi Ban Mountain area.’’

’’In that market, there's nothing you can't buy as long as you have enough money.’’

’’People in that market don't care about who you are or where you are from. As long as you have

enough jade coins, you can buy all kinds of treasures and information you want. We might not

be too wealthy, but as for jade coins, are we still short of that now?’’

Feng Xing's words had awfully agitated Ji Hao and other teammates.

Only Yu Mu was gasping quickly while howling in pain.

’’Slow down, please,’’


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