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The Magus Era - Chapter 340


Chapter : Sword Formation

Di Luolang dared not accept i Hao's suggestion before he discussed with the family elder board.

Before, although i Hao had named prices that were all way beyond high in terms of ransom, Di Luolang had the full right to make the decision. However, colluding with i Hao, plotting against the Qian Family, destroying their forces and making Di Suo and Di Mo gain a military exploit, giving them an opportunity to stand out

This kind of a thing was way too serious, so much so that Di Luolang didn't have the authority, and didn't even dare to make the decision. Therefore, he could only go back to their camp as fast as he could as if his butt was on fire. He had to return to the Liang hu City through the Blood Moon Tower's teleporting formation, to meet and discuss with the other elders of the Di Family. Only then the decision could finally be made.

i Hao let out a heavy breath, lazily stretched his body, and said to Huaxu Lie, ’’Prince Lie, you and your people can handle the rest of the things. As for me, I've done what I can, ah, got to take some good rest.’’

The door curtain of the tent was lifted at this moment, and Si Wen Ming walked in with big steps. He tried very hard to maintain a serious face and keep himself from laughing, patted hard on i Hao's shoulder and said, ’’Good boy, good job. In the future, if we have any other opportunity like this, to extort the non-humankind, we will certainly put you in charge.’’

Then, he gave two big punches on i Hao's chest, took out a leather bag, and threw it into i Hao's hands, saying, ’’Take this, you and the few friends of yours all go take a couple of days off, take some rest. Before this plan is settled, you shall not go back to the field.’’

’’In this bag are some jade coins and magic crystals, go have some fun.’’

i Hao laughed out loud, happily greeted Si Wen Ming, Elder Wulong and the other few elders, then he contentedly walked out of the tent while swaying the leather bag in his hand.

After i hao left, an enchanted screen quickly spread out from inside the tent, firmly enveloping the entire tent. i Hao clearly knew that at this moment, Si Wen Ming and the others must be discussing the plan in the tent. If the Di Family truly accepted this suggestion, that sounded more like a wild fantasy, the situation of the entire Chi Ban Mountain war could be completely turned upside down. If this plan would actually be carried out, the human army had to be thoughtful to take any possible situation into consideration.

The Qian Family was one of the top-class big families of the Blood Moon, and if the human army could severely harm the Qian Family, by doing that, they could not only largely weaken the Blood Moon, but could also cause a huge shift of power among all big families of the Blood Moon. This could even cause the entire Blood Moon to be pushed into turbulence just because of this.

As a result, the threat and pressure Dishi Yanluo could give to the humankind would become quite limited amongst the entire Blood Moon that suffered an internal disorder, no one could

ever have the extra energy to still keep an eye on the humankind.

’’My dear apprentice, come over here!’’ Once after i Hao walked out of the tent, Yu Yu's voice came into his ears.

i Hao hurriedly followed the voice, turned and turned in the special army's camp, and soon walked up to Yu Yu. After politely bowing to Yu Yu as a salute, i Hao grinned and asked, ’’Dear Shi Fu, have you heard what I said to that old monster?’’

Yu Yu smiled, looked at i Hao and responded, ’’I have. Although your extorting methods are a bit dirty, but since you're dealing with the bloody non-humankind, a bit of dirtiness is totally acceptable. Good apprentice, since you've already made your decision, you can just do whatever you think is right. Me, as your dear Shi Fi, will take any consequence for you!’’

Hearing Yu Yu, a stream of warmth gushed right into i Hao's heart.

Yu Yu's temper and personality were just

Bottomless and termless, he always took the sides of his apprentices, unconditionally providing his apprentices with the firmest shield and shelter. To be honest, this was actually not good to those apprentices of his, who were all spoiled by Yu Yu! Nevertheless, regarding this termless, unlimited, unconditional and even unreasonable spoiling, i Hao wanted nothing else but to raise his head and yell towards the sky - This feels too damn good!'

i Hao sensed a wave of warmth from his a pair of eyes. While trying very hard to calm the rippling mood in his heart down, i Hao said smilingly, ’’Shifu, I indeed have some other favor to ask. If we are really going to set an ambush for the Qian Family, we will need a truly powerful, large-scale formation. However, regarding the type of formation to use and how to explain to uncle Wen Ming and the others about where that formation came from, I have not a single clue.’’

Yu Yu raised his eyebrows, then frowned.

’’A large-scale formation is nothing difficult. I, your Shifu, have at least millions of different kinds of secret, especially powerful magic formations. Yet, since the Qian Family is one of the few extremely powerful families of the Blood Moon, their armies must be quite strong. Which means, ordinary formations can hardly annihilate all of them within a short time.’’

’’Besides, I also understand your concern that if your plan goes too big, some people may try to break itHm, I assure you that some people will certainly take actions to break your plan. Hm, if you want to take the Qian Family's armies out, you have to be well prepared. You have to prepare for the actions that might be taken by the Qian Family's void-stage', even sun and moon-stage' powerful people. They'll definitely try to ruin your plan.’’

’’oid'? Sun and moon'?’’ i Hao looked at Yu Yu in confusion.

’’Hm, these are the cultivation stages of the non-humankind,’’ said Yu Yu frowningly, ’’Low to high, those are shell-breaking-stage', void-stage', sun-and-moon-stage', beyondredemption-stage', immortal-stage' and eternity-stage'.’’

’’The shell-breaking-stage is the weakest stage, and cultivators in this stage are equally powerful as human Magus ings.’’ Yu Yu looked at i Hao and patiently explained, ’’In the nonhumankind' eyes, all cultivators below the shell-breaking-stage are ordinary', not even worth mentioning. After breaking into the shell-breaking-stage', an ordinary' being will become

extraordinary', gaining all kinds of unimaginably great powers, and growing into a truly powerful existence.’’

’’The void-stage' equals to the divine Magus level, while the sun-and-moon-stage' equals to the Supreme-Magus-level' of your humankind.’’ said Yu Yu frowningly, ’’I can't join your fight myself, otherwise, those two old men would absolutely and continuously chatter about it for tens of years. But, if I don't help you, you might not be capable enough to stop those stupid raging old bastards of the Qian Family.’’

Heard Yu Yu, i Hao's body even quivered and he saw stars bursting in front of his eyes.

In the Pu Ban City, he heard that the highest level of human magi was the divine-Magus-level, and based upon his estimation, Emperor Shun and the Fire God, hu Rong were both at that level.

However, he never thought that the divine-Magus-level only equaled to the non-humankind' void stage, and beyond that stage there were the sun and moon stage', beyond-redemptionstage', immortal-stage' and eternity-stage'!

What kind of powerful beings were those Yu Clan's people who were at those higher stages? No wonder facing the Yu Clan, the humankind could only take the defense.

But then again, what was Yu Yu's level?

’’Hehe,’’ Yu Yu abruptly sneered coldly, and continued, ’’Nevertheless, since you, my dear apprentice, have already decided to start a great war against those filthy monsters, how can I, your dear Shifu, let your fall into disadvantage? Those Qian Family bastards have old monsters supporting them, so I will have to support you as well.’’

While speaking, Yu Yu rolled up his sleeves and took out four long swords, rolling those up with a muddy, grey piece of cloth that looked like a hazy cloud and seemingly had magic formation patterns painted on it. After that, he carelessly threw the pack towards i Hao and said, ’’This is the heavy treasure of mine. Take it and go set up the formation. No matter how many are the enemies, you can just chop them with my treasure.’’

The four long swords had weird, simple and ancient shapes, and i Hao didn't sense even a little bit power from them.

However, i Hao had already figured out the background of the four swords and that hazy, cloud like cloth. Suddenly, he raised his head, unable to help but pop out his eyes, and widely opened his mouth, staring at Yu Yu in shock his fine hairs even standing straight up at that moment.

I know you're trying to protect me, you like to support your apprentices but, but, you don't have to go this far, do you?' yelled i Hao in his own head.

This is too much!' i Hao really wanted to tell Yu Yu that, This is not good, truly not!'

Nevertheless, i Hao really, sincerely loved this feeling!

To set the ambush with these four swords and the pattern painted on the cloud like cloth, the war wouldn't be a war anymore it would just become a one sided massacre!

’’You go find an old bastard named Candle Dragon Gui. Tell him that the man who knocked him out by the river wants him to take some credit. He has to tell the others that this magic formation is borrowed from one of his old friends.’’

While speaking, Yu Yu looked at i Hao, giving him a satisfied, proud grin.


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