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The Magus Era - Chapter 34


Four Eyes

’’Break!’’ Faced the poor Savage warrior who was thrown at him as a human cannonball, Ji Hao dropped the axes, locked his fingers together then cast a spell silently;at the same time, he thrust his hands forward, palms facing the Savage warrior who was about to hit on him.

The spell and hand gesture cast by Ji Hao made a connection with the vast nature power, which now have gathered into an invisible wall shielded Ji Hao behind. The poor human-cannonball-warrior exploded into a red cloud of mist along with a loud bang, once he hit on the invisible nature-power wall.

The air shock waves even sent Ji Hao flew backward.

Mr.Crow didn't take any action. He gripped Ji Hao's shoulder and gazed at the jungle behind the Savage Senior Magus with his red and beady eyes;didn't even took a glance at the Savage Senior Magus.

’’Juicy little kid... You smell so good... Must be tasty!’’ The Savage Senior Magus roared and took a big step toward Ji Hao. He was nearly a hundred feet away from Ji Hao;however, with a single step, he has now standing right in front of Ji Hao.

’’Go away! You disgusting fat!’’ The horrible smell of the Savage Senior Magus almost made Ji Hao throw up. He overlapped his hands frowningly and quickly triggered his internal power. Soon, all of his internal power condensed into a thumb-sized fiery lightning ball on his palm.

The fiery lightning ball then swelled into the size of a human head. Followed by an earth shacking thunder, a ten feet long lightning darted out of the fiery lightning ball and struck right onto the Savage Senior Magus' huge fat belly.

The lightning burned out the dense black hair on the Savage Senior Magus' belly instantly and has his dirty, oily skin bared. countless sparks of lightning wrapped his body and made loud crackling noises. Some of the lightning sparks struck on the ground and left hundreds of fist-sized holes.

The Savage Senior Magus held his own stomach with trembling hands and staggered a few steps back. Though Ji Hao could never hurt the Savage Senior Magus with his own physical strength, he had triggered the 'Nine Secret Word' and borrowed power from the nature, which temporarily yet largely improved his power and strength. Even so, he still failed to cause any harm to the Savage Senior Magus' body;but he had successfully forced the Savage Senior Magus back.

’’Little bastard! I'm gonna eat your bran!’’ The Savage Senior Magus let out a roar and stamped down hard on the ground;caused an intense ground shaking which nearly made Ji Hao fall.

Ji Hao fleetingly drew back.

’’Savage! This is our Fire Crow Clan's territory! Are you trying to get yourself killed?’’ Ji Ying flew toward Ji Hao with a spear held in his hand. His body was wrapped by a fire stream, which made him looked like a fiery shooting star. He then landed in front of Ji Hao and firmly shielded him behind.

The spear made of mulberry wood was sparking;and the obsidian spearhead was spurting flame flakes. Ji Ying then lunged his spear at the Savage Senior Magus's chest for hundreds of times in the blink of an eye.

However, Ji Ying's attacks seemed hardly hurt the Savage Senior Magus. The Savage Senior Magus stood firmly on the ground and put his palms together;a mace[1] tattoo in his right palm lit up then a mace appeared in his hand.

Ji Ying only had two waken 'magus caves' while the Savage Senior Magus had three of them. Judged from physical strength, Ji Ying was not the the Savage Senior Magus' rival at all. The mace and Ji Ying's spear struck against each other;the shock impact pushed Ji Ying backward and fell hard on the ground. A small part of Ji Ying's leather armour broke into pieces by a slight touch of the mace.

Along with a sharp wind, Ji Lang, who was guarding the back of the valley flew up to Ji Ying. As same as Ji Ying, his body was warped by a fire stream as well. He flashed across the air and switched position with Ji Ying, then leaped up and jammed his knees hard into the Savage Senior Magus' face.

The the Savage Senior Magus' face was smashed instantly. Blood spurted out from his eyes and ears. He howled desperately, threw his mace away, turned around and fled backward with his face berried in his hands.

At this time, Ji Ying has already stood back up. He held his spear tight and darted toward the Savage Senior Magus with a lightning speed. At the next second, the spear went through the Savage Senior Magus' chest and punctured his heart. The Savage Senior Magus screamed out, twitched a few times then fell on the ground.

Thousands of savage warriors rushed out of the woods. However, all of them froze when they saw the Savage Senior Magus, who was lying on the ground and covered with blood. They stunningly gazed at the Savage Senior Magus, the most powerful warrior in their tribe. Their best warrior have been beaten up, which frightened them badly;they didn't know what to do next.

The Savages were the robbers living in the jungle of the South Wasteland. They didn't have a homeland, didn't know how to plant or raise animals;neither had any idea about Magureists nor elder Magi. They would eat every old or weak member of their own tribes. Just like wild animals, they moved around the South Wasteland Jungle, robbed every clan they met and ate whatever they could found, included people.

The Savage Senior Magus was the leader of this Savage tribe, also was the most powerful warriors among them. The rest of Savage warriors started yelling and screaming when they realised that their leader had already been knocked down.

Inside the dense jungle, a tall figure in black was standing in the shadow of a tree and murmuring dissatisfiedly: ’’Told you. These wastes're useless. They're even more stupid than animals! We have to do it ourselves if we want the prize.’’

The tall figure then walked out of the shadow and said: ’’Let's make it quick. The two Senior Magi just had their 'magus caves' waken, they're not bad. Besides, they're tall and pretty, those old ladies gonna like them. They'll be worth a fortune!’’

Another tall future waked out as well and said: ’’Let's do it together then. Catch them alive as quick as possible. And that little guy, he can cast a spell in such a young age... most importantly...look at that delicate face, someone's gonna pay lots for that.’’

Ji Hao picked up the axe witch was threw on the ground by himself earlier and chopped toward the Savage Seinor Magus' neck. He used all of his strength, chopped the the Savage Seinor Magus' neck hard for nearly a hundred times then finally beheaded him.

The Savage Seinor Magus' body was still twitching intensely after that. A while later, a huge stream of blood spurted out from his broken neck and the twitching stopped.

’’Such a strong life force! And he was a Senior Magus with only three waken 'magus caves'!’’ Ji Hao exclaimed silently.

Then Ji Hao heard this heavy footsteps came from the jungle. He suddenly sensed a murderous vibe.

Ji Hao then raised his head and saw two men was walking out of the jungle. Both of them was over three meters tall and wearing full metal armours. Except their faces, all of their body parts were well protected by the exquisitely crafted armours, including fingers.

Their faces was in an odd bronze colour. One of them was holding a bola[2] and the other one was holding a heavy sword.

Ji Hao stared at the two man' faces in shock Both of them had an additional pair of eyes located beyond their eyebrows. They were four-eyed people!

’’Fight! Fight with your full strength! Damn! It's the Jia Clan warriors!’’ Shouted Ji Ying and Ji Lang simultaneously.


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