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The Magus Era - Chapter 339


Chapter 339: Plan

’’Are you trying to lure me into corruption?’’ Di Luolang raised his head with difficult, looking at Ji Hao and said.

’’No, my dear Elder Di Luolang, every one of us has a seed of corruption hiding deeply in our souls!’’ Ji Hao looked at Di Luolang with a profound look, and responded, ’’Whether to corrupt or not shall depend on the worthiness of the corruption. In my opinion, for taking the Qian Family down, your one-time corruption would be worth enough.’’

’’You bloody...’’ Di Luolang murmured while taking a long gasp.

’’Bloody monster?’’ Ji Hao gave a weird grin, then said, ’’The way you call me is not important at all, what truly matter are interests; both family interests and personal interests. Di Suo and Di Mo need a great military exploit, while your Di Family needs greater power and greater glory.’’

Di Luolang lowered his head, carefully looking at the leather map.

Staying silent for a very long while, he said in a hoarse voice, ’’To cooperate with you is way too dangerous; once the information is leaked out...’’

Ji Hao raised both of his arms and said seriously, ’’Di Luolang, I swear with the name of my ancestors' souls, and so will every single one of our human warriors who knows or will know about this, we will never ever tell anyone a single word about it.’’

Staring at Di Luolang's blinking and avoiding eyes, Ji Hao continued with a low voice, ’’The Qian Family are an archenemy of your Di Family, aren't they? They fight against you for territories, all kinds of resources, power of the Blood Moon; they even scramble for the favor of the Emperor in power.’’

’’In the Blood Moon, you have twelve governors under the Emperor's command, among whom, only one is from your Di Family, but two are from the Qian Family. Suppressed by them for all these years, although people barely noticed, but indeed, your Di Family's power is shrinking.’’

’’Not only power, but also the right of speech, your influence and deterrence to the lower level families,’’ said Ji Hao in a deep voice, ’’The reason of all this is nothing else but the Qian Family. To be honest, your Di Family always despised the Qian Family, right? Because they're nothing special but rich, purely wealthy... their bloodline is not as noble as yours, and they're not even qualified to build a political marriage with your Di Family.’’

’’Therefore, you selected Di Sha to be Ju Xiu's fiancé, because among your Di Family's younger generation, Di Sha wasn't talented and powerful enough to win recognition from your family leaders, and neither had any powerful people or forces to support him. Despite the fact that he was a direct descendant of the Di Family, the highest position and power would never fall into his hands.’’

’’Deep down your hearts, to ally with the Ju Family is humiliating.’’

’’But where exactly did this sense of humiliation come from? It came from the pressure that the Qian Family has been giving you.’’

Ji Hao put his arms down, gently smiling, as he went on, ’’You and your family have sufficient reasons to suspect that the death of Di Sha, the curse Ju Xiu has been suffering, Di Suo, Di Mo and all those Jia Clan's warriors that were captured alive, were all secretly planned by the Qian Family.’’

Huaxu Lie tightened his face as much as he could to keep himself from laughing out loud.

He wildly knew that all those were planned by no one else but Ji Hao himself, and the Qian Family was never involved in this at all.

Nevertheless, Ji Hao had already said in such a way, and because of the innate nature of the Yu Clan's people, they would definitely believe it. This time, the poor Qian Family was framed up without a doubt. However, Huaxu Lie was more than happy to see this happen!

Slightly coughing, Di Luolang responded slowly, ’’About all your plans...I am just one man... I cannot make the decision.’’

Ji Hao hurriedly said, ’’Of course, we still need your Di Family to coordinate with us. For example, you will complete the first part of the plan. You see, in this Chi Ban Mountain area, many places are perfect for setting ambushes. If our human army encircled all of the Qian Family's armies that were sent over for the war...’’

Di Luolang narrowed his eyes and said, ’’Emperor Dishi Yanluo would absolutely be mad.’’

’’Indeed, he certainly would,’’ said Ji Hao smilingly, ’’He would be very, very mad. If a big half or all of the Qian Family's Chi Ban Mountain armies were wiped out by us, how would your Emperor Dishi Yanluo think?’’

Before Di Luolang responded, Ji Hao continued, ’’What if a big half of the Qian Family's armies have already been wiped out by us and their Chi Ban Mountain forces are about to be completely annihilated, but right at this moment, led by Lord Di Suo and Lord Di Mo, the Di Family's armies suddenly pierce into ring of encirclement like a sharp dagger, annihilating millions of human warriors and saved those remnants of the Qian Family's armies?’’

Di Luolang's face instantly turned entirely red, eyes popping out so much that his eyeballs nearly fell out of his eye sockets.

Huaxu Lie hurriedly said to Ji Hao, ’’Ji Hao, no! We can't let all those warriors die in vain!’’

Ji Hao turned to Huaxu Lie in a confused way, and said, ’’Prince Lie, I never said that those warriors will actually die! As long as we coordinate well, pour some blood and throw some broken arms, legs, broken armors and weapons on the battlefield, then we destroy like hundreds of mountains, everything can be explained.’’

Huaxu Lie paused, looked at Ji Hao in confusion, and asked, ’’Pour some blood? Throw some broken arms and legs? Then where should we get all those blood and arms and, I think I understand, ah, I think I'm confused...’’

Huaxu Lie's white and handsome face thoroughly turned red, as he gave a few fake and embarrassing laughs, turned his head around and never said another word.

The life-force of Senior Magi was incomparably strong. Chopping an arm or a leg off from a Senior Magus' body, a new arm or leg would grow back in just the span of a few breaths. Therefore, pouring some blood and throwing thousands of broken arms or legs on a battlefield wouldn't be hard at all.

As long as the heads remained on the necks, a little bit of bloodshed and broken arms or legs wouldn't even be counted as wounds for Senior Magi!

Di Luolang's eyes shone brighter and brighter, and his face grew redder and redder. He abruptly grabbed Ji Hao's arm, and said in a deep voice, ’’Are you sure you are capable of wiping all of the Qian Family's Chi Ban Mountain forces out? In order to win some appreciation from the Emperor Dishi Yanluo, this time, they have sent eight official standing armies!’’

Ji Hao looked at Di Luolang with that profound look again, said slowly, ’’I promise, there is no return for them.’’

Huaxu Lie seemed to say something, but he then pondered for a short while, and closed his mouth.

Di Luolang waved his hands hard in the air, widely opened his mouth, seemingly going to say something as well, however, not a single word came out of his mouth. He only stared at Ji Hao with an especially complicated look, which was twisted and malicious to an extreme point.

Ji Hao's plan was too damn evil, yet, it was also so beautiful and attractive.

'Collude with the humankind and severely harm the Qian Family? This sounds a bit impossible, but why not?'

Although the Di Family and the humankind were deadly enemies in a war, their purpose of severely harming the Qian Family was exactly the same! So urgently, they both wanted the Qian Family to fall. What a beautiful plan!!

Even though colluding with the deadly enemy and plotting against their own kind sounded bottomlessly immoral and contemptible, when did those Yu Clan's noble people care about the bottom line and moral?

’’I need to discuss with the other elders... As long as the family elder board agrees, anything can be arranged, anything can be negotiated.’’


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