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The Magus Era - Chapter 338


Chapter 338: Lure

Over nine hundred Jia Clan's big warriors were captured alive.

All those Jia Clan's big warriors were only half a step away from becoming top-grade warriors, and any of them could be considered as the backbone of an army, the pillar that had been supporting a noble family.

Except for the hierarchical differences, the value Di Suo and Di Mo had added to the Di Family were actually not as much as the value made by any Jia Clan's big warrior.

Instantly, Di Luolang showed a bit nervousness. He was clearly aware of those hidden rules between the humankind and the non-humankind. Upon the current situation, Di Suo and Di Mo were basically safe, and as long as the Di Family offered enough as ransom, the humankind would love to release them after draining their surplus values.

However, those Jia Clan's big warriors were the core of the non-humankind armies, always fighting as the main forces in wars. Who had done the most harm to the humankind were no one else but them. Therefore, in fact, Di Luohang never hoped that the humankind could release those Jia Clan's big warriors.

When Ji Hao mentioned those Jia Clan's big warriors, Di Luolang's eyeballs immediately began shining brightly.

Even to the Di Family, training nearly a thousand Jia Clan's warriors was never an easy thing to do. If all those Jia Clan's big warriors could go back to the Blood Moon in full shape, that would surely be the perfect thing. However, Di Luolang had already seen what Ji Hao could do in the field of extortion. Extra cautiously, he said, ’’But dear Lord Ji Hao, you have to understand that, the value of those Jia Clan's warriors can never be compared with Di Suo and Di Mo.

’’Sure, sure, I'm fully aware of that. You can't sell dragon meat and Jurassic beast meat at the same price, can you?’’ said Ji Hao while nodding and patting on Di Luoyang's shoulder. As for Di Luolang, he seemed to be choked by Ji Hao's words, and couldn't say anything for quite a while.

What Ji Hao said was totally reasonable, however, it was also quite hurting.

’’Firstly, we can't release them before this Chi Ban Mountain war ends,’’ looking at Di Luolang, Ji Hao said with a serious face, ’’I hope you can understand. Every single one of them is way too powerful, and if they go back, each putting on a new armor, they would immediately become nearly a thousand armored Jia Clan's big warriors, capable of devastating a human army of one-hundred-thousand warriors.’’

Di Luolang remained silent, and after a while slowly nodded, and said, ’’I hope they can be treated well during their custody.’’

Ji Hao gave a big grin, nodded hurriedly and said, ’’Our humankind is always kind, generous and friendly. We certainly won't do such things as abusing captives.’’

While Ji Hao was speaking, from a corner of the special army campsite, a thrilling howl suddenly rose into the air. Magi Palace's people had been doing their experiments on those Jia

Clan's big warriors, only god knew what they had just done to make the voice of some poor Jia Clan's man transmit into the main camp through layers of enchanted screen.

Di Luolang's look slightly changed, while Ji Hao gave a simple, innocent smile, and said, ’’Ah, that's for sure, but if any of them dared to break the rules of the prison, they would definitely be punished severely. But of course, you need not worry. They would lose a few bones tops, and absolutely no one will die.’’

Di Luolang had his teeth gnashed with hatred and glared at Ji Hao right in the eyes, then, he slowly and reluctantly nodded.

’’Good, secondly, you will pay ransom for them. I totally understand that those Jia Clan's big warriors are not as valuable as Di Suo and Di Mo, so...’’ said Ji Hao while rubbed his own hands hard and stared at Di Luolang with a pair of glowing eyes, ’’that many of Jia Clan's big warriors, can at least be worth, ten metal city-forts, like the one Di Sha and his brothers were using before, right?’’

Di Luolang couldn't help but quiver his body, nearly spurting a full mouthful of blood out. Desperately, he screamed out, ’’No! Not gonna happen! Every single one of those portable metal forts has its own unique code, and we can never fulfil your requirement, because we cannot sneakily give you any of our metal forts!’’

’’Then we won't do it sneakily, we can just take one!’’ said Ji Hao with a bland and unperturbed look, ’’You go find a small family, let them take the blame for us. Use your resources, provide them ten metal forts, but also secretly arrange your people in those forts. After we launch the attack and break those forts, those forts will naturally become ours.’’

Di Luolang, who was yelling at the moment, instantly shut his mouth, stared at Ji Hao stunned, unable to let a word out for a very long while.

’’You see, dear Elder Di Luolang, everything is negotiable, everything can be settled.’’ Carelessly, Ji Hao slapped on Di Luolang's shoulder again and said, ’’Now, you should quickly think of some poor small family that had wrongly offended you before, or the one you have something personal against them, to be our target to frame; then we can just destroy them with our plan!’’

Di Luolang quickly blinked his eyes while his eyeballs rolling speedily in his eye sockets, then he said slowly and lazily, ’’To a big family like us, the cost of making metal forts is nothing. However, in this case, the risk is too big. That kind of portable metal fort is the Xiu Clan's newest work during the recent years, and those top-level people have their eyes on those metal forts very closely.’’

Ji Hao pressed his hand hard on Di Luolang's shoulder and said, ’’I'm going to say this again, your Yu Clan is so strong and so powerful, giving us a little bit benefit can never actually harm you. That's nothing but ten portable metal forts. I assure we won't use those forts in the battlefront for this Chi Ban Mountain war. We will use them to build our own territories.’’

Di Luolang looked at Ji Hao in surprise, asked, ’’Really?’’

Ji Hao looked back at him seriously, responding in a matter of fact tone, ’’Of course!’’

Di Luolang let out a breath in relief, smiled and said, ’’If those metal forts won't appear in the Chi Ban Mountain war, this would be much easier. However, ten are too much. They were only nearly a thousand Jia Clan's big warriors. For their lives, we will give you two metal forts at most. This is our bottom line, beyond which, we won't pay you even another single jade coin!’’

Ji Hao looked at Di Luolang's incomparably determined face, realizing that this time his decision was unshakable.

Remaining silent for a while, Ji Hao sighed and said, ’’What about you give us ten metal forts and we give Di Suo and Di Mo a heavenly great military exploit?’’

In a great shock, Huaxu Lie's head heavily bumped against the long, wooden table before his face; Si Wen Ming, Elder Wulong and the others who were still standing outside the camp had also largely popped out their eyes.

Give then a military exploit? How could that even happen?! During wars between the humankind and the Blood Moon, military exploits of the Blood Moon's people were calculated upon how many human civilians, warriors or commanders they had slaughtered!

Di Luolang looked at Ji Hao in a weirdly careful look and asked, ’’Military exploit? You give us a military exploit? I...I'm afraid that this is impossible, isn't it?’’

Ji Hao smiled, looked back at Di Luolang and said gently, ’’Why not? Everything is possible. Come, let's just carefully and cautiously make a plan. You should listen to my plan at first and see how it is.’’

While speaking, Ji hao took out a map painted on leather from the drawer in front of Huaxu Lie. After that, he pointed his finger at a spot on the map, looked at Di Luolang sideways with a weird, evil and even creepy smile on his face, and said, ’’For example, the Qian Family. They're your enemy, aren't they? You always have a bad relationship with them, right?’’

Hearing Ji Hao, Di Luolang's eyes suddenly sparkled. ’’The Qian family...You've got lots of information from them, haven't you?!’’

Ji Hao smiled and responded, ’’Good, let's take the Qian family as an example. The Qian family's army that is in the battlefront, is encircled by our human army because of wrong information.’’


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