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The Magus Era - Chapter 330


Chapter 330: Free Him From the Pain

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

The floor of the cell was thoroughly covered with fresh blood. The blood of Senior Magi contained strong life-force, therefore, although that blood had already shed on the ground for quite a few hours, it was still as red as before and no sign of solidification could be seen at all. The entire cell was filled with a bloody scent, which was so dense and thick that one would feel like they could even touch it. In fact, if one was there, one could actually see a faint blood-red hue in the air.

Ji Mo lied on the ground, and was completely disabled from moving. His body looked clean and healthy, completely scarless and woundless, like a newborn baby who just had his very first bath;however, his pupils had dilated and obviously, he had suffered a severe mental breakdown.

’’Kill me...please, kill me...’’ Ji Mo opened his mouth with difficulty, mumbling weakly and torpidly.

Ji Hao flicked his finger. Following his move, a small stream of water spurted right out of the air, washing his palms. Gradually, the thin stream of water had cleaned up his hands, which were covered in blood, then dissipated in the air. After that, a flame rose from the air, quickly evaporating the water on his hands.

Slowly and orderly, Ji Hao packed those weirdly, horribly shaped tools of torturing, then looked at a big pile of bones in a corner of the cell. Those bones had an obvious, blood-red luster, and had been shining with a bright light. Those bones were translucent, a bit like crystals. With rough calculation, that big pile of bones could at least be patched up into over a hundred, complete human skeletons.

’’Senior Magi are indeed good.’’ looking at Ji Mo, Ji Hao said with a slight evilness and cruelness contained in his voice, ’’Ordinary people would have died long ago under such a brutal torture, even the pain could kill them easily. But, the life-force of Senior Magi is so strong, that every time I take a piece of bone out of you, you can regrow another one. Ah, just as I thought, Senior Magi are the best torture objects!’’

’’Kill me!’’ Ji Mo begged Ji Hao while trembling. By that time, his eyeballs had already turned deadly grey.

He was tortured by Ji Hao for hours. The cruelness of Ji Hao's torture had gone way beyond Ji Mo's imagination. In Ji Mo's expectation, Ji Hao would at most, beat him up, break his arms and his muscles, even peel his skin or remove his tendons from his body;he wouldn't care any of those.

Although he had thrown himself into the slavery and was willingly living as a slave of the non-humankind, in Ji Mo's heart, he had been seeing himself as a solid steel block. In his imagination, no matter how severely the enemies tortured him, he would never betray his followers.

Nevertheless, what Ji Hao had done to him was completely overtopping what the word 'cruel'could ever describe. Ji Mo had tried his best to endure the pain for so long but at last, he collapsed. He told Ji Hao about every human spy that he knew about, who was hiding in the human army. He gave Ji Hao their names, backgrounds, current positions in the human army and all the other information about them. He gave Ji Hao all he had.

Looking at those bones piled up in that corner, which were took out from his own body by Ji Hao one after another, and thinking of those inhuman, extremely brutal things that Ji Hao and done to him during this process, Ji Mo abruptly shouted out hoarsely with the last bit of his power.


’’Am I the monster?’’ Ji Hao squatted beside Ji Mo, slightly pressing his finger on Ji Mo's chest and said, ’’Perhaps you should thank me.’’

’’Indeed, I have tortured you just now,’’ continued Ji Hao in that gentle yet frosty voice, ’’but do you remember what exactly have I done to you?’’

Ji Mo looked at Ji Hao in confusion. He felt like his brain was all blank. The hell-like pain he had been sensing from his body had disabled him from recalling what exactly Ji Hao had done to him. He even forgot most of those bloody scenes that he had just been through. If he remembered all of those, he would be driven crazy.’’

’’I took out your bones, dug out your marrow and drained your blood. I have even replaced all of your internal organs, including your heart, lungs and livers.’’ Ji Hao said while taking out a translucent leg bone that was shaped slightly different from human leg bones.

’’I assume you still remember this, don't you? I took a little bit marrow out of this piece of bone, which does not belong to you, and planted it into your body.’’ Ji Hao's look was quite weird. He looked at Ji Mo, he seemed was thinking about something, and continued in a low voice, ’’that was only a little bit marrow. After all, I had burned his entire body up, and only a pile of bones remained. I've looked through all his bones, only finding a little bit of remaining marrow.’’

Suddenly, Ji Mo popped out his eyes. He abruptly sat straight as if a new stream of strength had just gushed into his body from a mysterious source. He looked at Ji Hao with an indescribably exciting look, and said loudly, ’’That was Lord Di Sha's marrow...Have you just replaced my lowly bloodline with his noble marrow?!’’

Ji Hao smiled faintly, looked at Ji Mo, who seemed like a whole new person, whose body was releasing a totally different sense if life, and responded blandly, ’’Yeah, that was indeed Di Sha's marrow. I replaced your old marrow with it. All of your new blood that grew out after that is nourished by Di Sha's marrow.’’

’’By now, your internal organs, your muscles, your tendons and bones, as well as your skin and hair, are all newly grown, and nourished by Di Sha's marrow.’’ continued Ji Hao with that bland tone, ’’I can't say for sure but, for at least for a big half, you're now a Yu Clan's man.’’

Two lines of tears gushed out of Ji Mo's eye sockets. With a trace of unspeakable gratefulness, he looked at Ji Hao and asked, ’’Did you do this to fulfil my wish?’’

Ji Hao shrugged, maintaining the bland tone, and said, ’’If you want to thank me, give me the deepest secret buried inside your mind. Because I know, although I have given you probably the most horrible physical pain, due to some kind of mysterious forbidden spell that had rooted in your soul, perhaps, I still couldn't dig all of your secrets out.’’

’’But now you're all different. You're now a Yu Clan's man, so noble, and the biggest dream in your life has just come true. You don't need to keep secrets for those lowly things anymore, do you?’’ very easily, Ji Hao talked into Ji Mo, ’’Now, you're one of the Yu Clan's people. You're so special, so different. You have been sublimed, your bloodline has become noble and respectful. Your skin, hair, muscles, tendons and bones are now all noble, exactly as same as the skin, hair, muscle, tendons and bones of your noble master!’’

’’You don't want to be harmed now, not even a little bit, do you?’’ Ji Hao continued while looking at Ji Mo with a faint smile and slowly holding a dagger against Ji Mo's throat. ’’Hm, what other secrets do you have? Just tell me all, don't keep them and don't hide them. After all, you don't want to be harmed now, do you?’’

Ji Mo took a deep breath while a slight stream of blood-red smoke flashed across the middle of his brows. Remaining silent for a good while, he responded, also in a bland tone, ’’You're right, why should I suffer any harm because of those lowly idiots? I have an emergency backup contact in the human army, he is a minister. Hehe, I was in disguise in the alliance of human clans for all these years, but I've never contacted him.’’

Ji Mo then said a name with a low voice. Ji Hao shook his head, and suddenly chopped his head off.

Looking at Ji Mo's head that was rolling all over the ground, Ji Hao stood up and said blandly, ’’Go be a Yu Clan's man in your next life. Don't be one of the humankind anymore...You despise your ancestors'bloodline, while we, the descendants of our ancestors, despise men like you.’’

Slowly walking out of the cell, Ji Hao nodded at Si Wen Ming and Huaxu Lie, after which, he suddenly felt great stomach convulsions, and began vomiting intensely.


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