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The Magus Era - Chapter 33



The fat bear immersed its entire body in the brook, then slapped its huge bear palms hard onto the surface of the water. The water then splashed up and sent up a five-feet-long, pure white and scaleless fish. The fat bear largely opened its drooling mouth, caught the fish then swallowed it instantly, then let out a few cheers.

In the valley, a part of slaves were still working hard to build shelters and the fence wall;the other part of slaves have already started making simple stone tools for mining works under the supervision of a few Fire Crow Clan warriors.

Ji Hao was standing on the fence wall, which was nearly built up and frowningly looking at those slaves who seemed so lifeless.

In the South Wasteland, the mining work has always been extremely dangerous and heavy. Even a strong man with the healthy body would probably be disabled after working in the deep and dark mine hole for two to three years. However, there were very few healthy men among the slaves Ji Hao was looking at;nearly a half of them lacked an arm or a leg;the rest of them were either children or old people;even a few sick people who couldn't walk straight were there.

A half of them wouldn't last even a minute in the mine hole. Where did Ji Shu found all these wastes? Ji Hao thought.

Ji Hao gave a sigh, then shouted to Ji Ying, who was supervising those slaves: ’’Uncle Ji Ying, just pity those poor kids! Set them off into the jungle to find some fruits. They can do nothing around here anyway.’’

Ji Ying was holding a whip;he lashed the ground annoyingly then took a glance at those poor scrawny kids who couldn't even carry a piece of wood, then growled: ’’Damn Ji Shu! When I become stronger, I'll have to kick his ass and teach him some rules!’’

’’Take these useless kids away! The two of you! Send them to the back of the valley where there's a piece of wild fruit woods. Let them fill their stomachs then bring all those fruits back to us!’’ Ji Ying said to a couple of warriors who were standing behind him.

Ji Hao shook his head then turned around, looked into the dense jungle. In the morning, just after the sunrise, Ji Xia went into the jungle and started hunting with a group of warriors. Feed thousands of people wasn't easy at all, which would need at least hundreds of hunted big animals.

A few slaves were carrying huge stones even taller than themselves on their backs and gasping heavily. They walked up beside JI Hao step by step, then put those stones into the fence wall heavily. These slaves's bodies were bared without even a leaf to hide their private parts. The crocodile tattoos on their skins showed that they came from the Bloodcrocodile Clan, which was a subsidiary clan of the Black Water Serpent Clan.

The Fire Crow Clan and the Black Water Serpent Clan have been fighting against each other for decades;it was not uncommon for them to captured and enslaved people from each other and their subsidiary clans. Ji Hao checked the few slaves working beside him with his spiritual power, found that they were all Novice Magi under the second level.

’’Yohohoho~ Yo! hoho~’’

A strange shouting came from the jungle. A few figures flashed through the jungle then countless trees started shacking. A couple of spears darted out of the jungle along with the ear-piercing sound of sharp winds started by them.

At the next second, a few slaves were speared and nailed on the fence wall.

’’Enemies...’’ While Ji Hao was shouting, a tall and strong man rushed out of the woods and ran up to Ji Hao. This man was almost naked;his waist was wrapped around by a small piece of fur;and his whole body was covered with thick black hairs;a wooden stick was holding on his hand.

The wooden stick held in his hand was as thick as Ji Hao's lap and as long as Ji Hao's height;it was covered with dried blood. The man was only an inch shorter than Ji Hao;but his shoulder was half a feet wider than Ji Hao's shoulder, which made him seemed like a human-like chimpanzee. He raised the stick high in the air then let out a growl and smashed it down toward Ji Hao's head at the same time.

Ji Hao grabbed a spear which was leaned against the fence wall beside him then let out a growl as well.

The appearance of enemies was too abrupt, which left Ji Hao no time to cast any sorceries or magic spells;he could only fight back with his physical strength.

All of the black hair covered the strong man's body then straight up;a cloud of black smoke appeared faintly behind his body. Inside the smoke, a red tiger head was roaring silently. A wisp of powerful black smoke then spurted out from the stick and transformed into a tiger claw, slapped toward Ji Hao's face rapidly.

Obviously, this strong man was a Junior Magus warrior. Only magi in the Junior or higher level can transform their powers into a certain shape. Usually, a Magus's strength will go beyond 'twenty-thousand stones' when he or she reached the top level as a Novice Magus;once he or she upgraded to a junior Magus, his strength will grow to 'thirty-five stones' bottoms;added with his or her bloodline power, a Junior Magus'punch will be at least two times stronger than a top level Novice Magus.

Before Ji Hao triggered his internal power, the spear bumped against the stick.

The strong man stared at Ji Hao happily. He only saw a ball of faint light shining behind Ji Hao, which means that Ji Hao has already started to make the connection with his bloodline power but hasn't triggered it yet;and Ji Hao was only a twelve level Novice Magus tops!

’’Die... Meat... Delicious kid...’’ The strong man murmured, his arms started swelling, which showed that his has used all his strength.

’’Savage! Damn cannibal Savage! Fight! Fight! Kill them all! Damn! Ji Hao! Step back! Quick!’’

'Bang!' The spear and the wooden stick exploded into pieces simultaneously. The explosion didn't hurt Ji Hao at all. He slightly shook his arms and looked at the strong man. He found that the man was not as powerful as he thought.

Different from Ji Hao, both of the strong man's palms were broken into several pieces;blood spurted out from his wounds. He stared at Ji Hao in shock while he was sent flying backward.

’’Kill!’’ Ji Hao growled. He was half shocked and half surprised.

He was controlling his power and strength intentionally and keeping himself in the eleventh level as a Novice Magus. However, he has only used six percent of his physical strength just now and completely beat a Junior Magi up.

’’The magical 'Bu-Tian Bu Lou Magic Spell' gained me extra strength;the dragon blood gave me a perfect human body;and the Senior Magi blood from Abba and Amma, it was so powerful!’’ Ji Hao cheered silently in his head.

He then let out a growl, grabbed a pair of axes from two warriors' hands and rushed toward the strong man.

Tens of Savages rushed out of the woods while screaming and shouting. Ji Hao waved the axes and broke into the crowd of Savages like a whirlwind. Soon, the tens of fifth to sixth level Novice Savage Magi warriors were all chopped into pieces by Ji Hao. Blood splashed everywhere.

’’Kill!’’ Ji Hao growled hoarsely. His pupils turned red. More Savages rushed out of the woods continuously. Ji Hao then madly darted toward them.

Hundreds of Savages were slaughtered by Ji Hao in the blink of an eye. The ground was littered with body pieces.

Suddenly, an angry growl came from the jungle. A three-meter tall man who was plump and sturdy then rushed out. Three red light spots were brightly shining on his chest, which means that he was a Senior Magus who had three 'magus caves' waken!

The Savage Senior Magi grabbed a savage warrior who was running beside him and threw hard forward.

The poor savage warrior let out a deep howl while darting toward Ji Hao like a human cannonball. Ji Hao sensed a strong wind came along with the human-cannonball when it was still tens of feet away from him. He felt a strong chest pain and he couldn't even breathe.


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