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The Magus Era - Chapter 329


Chapter 329: A Hard Nut

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

The other two men who had been listening to Ji Hao's speech couldn't stop nodding. Huaxu Lie even lowered his voice and said to Si Wen Ming, ’’What a good talk! These slaves betrayed their ancestors, their bloodlines, and dedicated all they have to those monsters, hurting their own kind for those so-called 'high positions and great wealth'. They actually deserve to die.’’

Si Wen Ming held his hands behind his body, sighed slightly and responded, ’’The number of these slaves has been growing bigger and bigger in the recent years. In fact, I am never afraid of starting a real war against the Yu Dynasty. We die when we have to die. As long as our people still have that anger and hope in the hearts, we will never fall. We will be able to fight till we win.’’

’’However, once they gave their anger away, willingly kneeling down beneath those monsters'feet, and as Ji Hao just said, living on what those monsters give them, like maggots... If so, our humankind will truly die! Being slaves can really satisfy them?’’

’’Ka ka, Ka ka!’’ Ji Mo shook his bleeding head, insanely letting out a series of weird laughter towards Ji Hao.

While laughing, he spat out broken teeth along with blood. Although all of his powers and his entire body had been locked, the great, thriving life-force and bloodline power belonging to a Senior Magi was still flushing inside his body. Boiling hot blood streams surged to his face, quickly healing his wounds. Soon, his hollowed face plumped back up and his teeth grew out again.

’’Maggots?’’ Ji Mo raised his head in pride, gnashed his teeth and yelled at Ji Hao, ’’Even if we are really maggots, we were raised with delicate foods, in the best clothes and nicest houses! You can call yourselves human beings as much as you like but, you roll in mud, you eat chaffs! You wear leathers and linens, you're wrapped in odors! You act like animals!’’

’’Besides, what quality do you have that make you feel you can call us 'maggots'?’’ Ji Mo popped out his eyes, and roared at Ji Hao, saliva spraying out from his mouth.

’’Your clothes are like rags, can't even cover your bodies... your food can barely fill your stomachs and, you don't even have a complete character system. You are a group of ignorant barbarians!’’ Ji Mo straightened his neck, looking down at Ji Hao in a scornful way, and continued, ’’You don't have 'civilization'.’’

’’Civilization! Ji Hao, you idiot! Do you even know what it is?!’’ Ji Mo laughed out loud, showing a proud look, then pointed his finger at Ji Hao, and said, ’’Civilization is the fire, is the wisdom, is the sun that can light up everything. It is power that can rule this world.’’

’’Civilization. It gifted our masters the culture for long standing, the wide knowledge, and inexhaustible powers;it gave them the right to rule billions of other kinds in the whole universe.’’

’’Civilization gifted our masters a character system. They created the history, invented the hierarchy, differentiated the higher from the lower. Exactly as same as when this universe was firstly created;clear, positive powers had risen while muddy, negative powers had descended, a differentiation that had set a solid foundation of this world.’’

’’Civilization gifted our masters great weapons that are powerful enough to shatter anything in this world, solid armors that can never be break, cities that can never be destroyed and powers that are supreme. They found this world, came to this world and conquered this world! Billions of kinds will become their slaves, the ones that obey will live while the ones that disobey will perish. No one can resist our masters'wills!’’

’’Civilization. We are the most loyal, humblest slaves of our masters. We are willing to shower under the shine of civilization, even if we have to be obedient dogs, trained animals, wagging our tails and begging for mercy, even if we have to be the maggots you called us. Even if so, we can be the 'maggots'of civilization!’’

Ji Mo yelled and laughed, proudly and arrogantly.

He threw a sideway glance at Ji Hao, then continued with that complacent tone, ’’You have no idea about how powerful our masters are, you have never seen the horribly great power they possess! You don't even know how your masters defeated your ancestors and built the Yu Dynasty, that is ruling everything at the current stage!’’

’’Your ancestors?’’ Ji Hao responded blandly, ’’Weren't they your ancestors as well?’’

’’No!’’ Ji Mo barked out with hoarsely, ’’do not humiliate us with your lowly bloodlines! We are the most loyal and humblest slaves of our masters... we will die for having the slightest, faintest stream of our masters'bloodline inside our bodies... I am not a descendant of that stupid Gold Crow Clan!’’

’’I have that Gold Crow Clan!’’ Ji Mo gritted his teeth and yelled at Ji Hao, ’’You know what? Ever since I can remember things, my dream had been of destroying the Gold Crow Clan, even the entire Southern Wasteland! Because that bloody Gold Crow Clan, that damn Southern Wasteland, gave me such a lowly bloodline!’’

Ji Mo's body trembled intensely while he shouted, ’’Why is my skin in such a lowly, yellow color? Why is my hair such a disgusting black? Why are my eyes such a lowly brown? Why can't I have hair that are as beautiful and colorful as my master's hair? Why can't my skin be as white and tender as my master's skin? Why can't my eyes be as florid as my master's eyes?’’

Ji Hao stared at Ji Mo and growled harshly, ’’The night sky is a mysterious black and the earth is yellow, these are natural, original colors of this world. We are the people who were born and live in this world, so our bodies have the same colors as this world itself. Black and yellow are the two most respectful colors in this world!’’

’’Pooh!’’ Again, Ji Mo spat towards the ground and yelled, ’’Black and yellow are the two most disgusting colors in the world! I'd rather have pure black skin, as same as the first batch of our masters'slaves, than this yellow skin I am having now! Even those pure black skins are a million times prettier than this bloody yellow skin!’’

Ji Mo then raised his head again, looking at the cell roof and began mumbling, as if he had lost in his own thought. ’’I despise my bloodline, the bloodline of the Gold Crow Clan, of the bloody humankind. I'd rather, rather become a black-skinned 'slavekind', I'd rather... I wish, I can have, even a slightest little bit of my master's bloodline...’’

Ji Hao shook his head, looked at Ji Mo and said, ’’You've already gone crazy.’’

Ji Mo lowered his head, looked down at Ji Hao, as if he was a god sitting upon the cloud and looking down at an ordinary mortal creature, and said, ’’You don't understand! You ignorant idiots! You guard these old, rotten things, such as your bloodlines, your clans and your people, with your lives, you resist the shine of our masters'civilization... you don't want to become our great masters'slaves, so you are doomed. You will be destroyed!’’

Ji Hao stood up. 'Such a hard nut, he has the slavery rooted deep in his bones.'thought Ji Hao.

Ji Hao had nothing more to say to such a person.

Slowly, Ji Hao took out a full set of tools that were specially designed for cruel tortures. Those were all sharp, ice-cold tools that had been emitting a dense bloody scent. Ji Hao took out those tools, and orderly placed in front of Ji Mo in a line.

’’You are a descendent of the Gold Crow Clan, therefore, I asked them to allow you to have a good meal, including that delicious wine.’’ said Ji Hao in a gentle yet cold voice, ’’Now, you've had your meal and I have asked my questions, and you have answered. Hm, are you going to give me the information I need forwardly, or I'll have to torture it out of you?’’

’’You must have recruited quite a lot 'slaves'for your master during all these years, from human groups, haven't you? Give me their names, every single one of them. If you do as I said, I can still let you have a few painless days, but if you don't, I guarantee you, you would beg for death.’’

Picking up a long needle that had countless hook-shaped thorns on it, Ji Hao's face suddenly became malicious.

’’I am kindly warning you before we fact, I am pretty good at torture.’’


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