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The Magus Era - Chapter 328


Chapter 328: Reprimand

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

Thinking briefly, Ji Hao realized that this was the most reasonable answer. 'High position and great wealth', this was truly one of the evilest and fiercest dagger in this world, that could go beyond the differences of kinds and bloodlines, the sense of right and wrong and the moral bottom line.

’’Yeah, high position and great wealth!’’ Ji Mo raised his head, showing a strange, unspeakable glow on his bleeding face. He looked down at Ji Hao with a proud yet bland face, as if he was standing high above the masses. That look of his was truly hard to describe.

That look was a combination of extreme disdain and scornfulness, a slight little bit of derision and absolute sense of superiority, just like the look those residents of wealthy big cities who never worried about their well-being would show when they saw rustic people who had mud on their bare feet and gunnysacks carried on their shoulders.

That obvious sense of superiority and disdain that came out of his soul and his entire body, making Ji Hao want to break Ji Mo's neck right now.

’’Ji Hao, you don't understand.’’ looking at Ji Hao, Ji Mo slightly turned his head and said very seriously, ’’You are with those ignorant barbarians since you were little, so you truly can't understand.’’

’’Have you ever seen tableware that was crafted exquisitely with pure gold and top-grade jade? Have you seen wine containers made from precious gemstones and inlaied with magic crystals? Have you seen beds that was made from the most treasured, scented woods and decorated with gold and jade? Have you seen houses that had the foundation of alloy, roof of gold, walls of silver and pillars of jade? Have you ever seen a city that can fly in the sky and accommodate millions, even tens of millions of people?’’

’’All you have ever worn are leathers and linens, have you even seen silk? What about brocade? Have you ever tried them? Can you imagine the magical feeling you would have when the nicest textile touches your skin? What is the best wine you have ever tried? What is the best food you have ever tasted? Do you know that a particular kind of dessert requires one hundred and thirty-six backing processes? Have you ever seen a small glass of juice that costs a hundred thousand jade coins?’’

’’Back in the Southern Wasteland, how many personal properties do your Abba and Amma have? Do you have any slaves? Do you have any maids? You live in thatched cottages, wear leathers and linens, you step in mud and animal wastes with your bare feet, even the leader of a clan needs to join the hunt himself, otherwise he couldn't have even a single piece of meat to fill his stomach!’’

’’But you know what? My Abba and Amma are the senior supervisors under our master's command. My Abba can decide the life and death of two hundred thousand slaves, so can my Amma;my Amma is in control of the futures of ten hundred thousand female slaves. They each have three hundred slaves and one hundred maids taking care of their daily lives, these three hundred slaves and one hundred maids are their personal properties.’’

’’My Abba has the right to do whatever he wants to any female slave that he fancies. If any slave dares to disobey what he says, that slave would be beheaded, and the corpse would hang on the highest spot of the mine to terrorize those stupid slaves.’’

’’They eat delicate food, wear silks and brocades, they have comfort rides when they travel and they live in a gorgeous house.’’

’’Because of the grace of our master, my Abba and Amma possess respectful high positions, even higher than ordinary warriors of our master. Because of what our master awarded us, my family had been possessors of high positions and great wealthy!’’

’’By now, you should know better about high positions and great wealthy, am I right?’’ looking at Ji Hao with a pair of glowing eyes, Ji Mo continued saying, ’’I have been living an extravagant life since I was little. I ate good food, wore good clothes, all of my daily supplies were high-grade. I played with my young masters, and once they were happy, the master would award me. I had so many jade coins that I could never use them up... I was able to buy anything I want!’’

’’Our master needed capable helpers, so I joined the training camp when I was five. I worked crazy-hard, madly improved myself. Back in the camp, I was awarded by our master multiple times, and you can never imagine how rich and generous those awards were.’’

Ji Mo looked at Ji Hao in a nearly crazy look, his eyeballs filled with blood streaks. ’’I have a magnificent palace, I have broad territories and great wealth. I also own so many nice and obedient female slaves, that I can do everything, every single thing I want to them!’’

’’Ka ka,’’ greedily licking his own lips, Ji Mo then let out a series of weird laughers, ’’Have you ever paid any attention to those clanswomen? Those who are as sturdy as beasts. Their waists as thick as bulls'waists and their skins as rough as leathers, also had a kind of animal odor.’’

’’But those female slaves of mine, they were so slim, their skins were snow-white and soft, because they had been bathing in milk since they were babies. They use all kinds of ointments to protect and nourish their skins. Their skins were tender, white, smooth and have beautiful, dense aromas. Every time when I lied upon them, their wails and screams were as silvery as the singings of nightingales.’’

Ji Mo pityingly looked at Ji Hao and continued, ’’Truly, you can never imagine that feeling, which was as amazing as floating upon clouds. You can never imagine how adorable those sweet girls are.’’

Ji Hao looked back at Ji Mo blandly, and said, ’’Shaosi is quite pretty, and Man Man is adorable. I don't know about other clans, but every Qing Yi Clan's girl is astonishingly beautiful. They were not only beautiful on the outside, they were also powerful archers and Maguspriests... they were all powerful enough to be in charge of their own lives!’’

’’Those women you own are only dolls. Their souls were destroyed, and all you have are their hollowed bodies.’’

’’While those beautiful girls I've met, those girls of the humankind have boiled blood and strong muscles. They have their own thoughts, they can laugh and cry, and freely express their emotions. They have the opportunities to pursue the lives they truly want. They are living human beings instead of dolls, toys and properties. They're not that kind of disgusting, dead thing you have just described.’’

’’As for those clanswomen, those Ammas you have just despised, they might not look that pretty, their skin might be rough and their faces might be wrinkled, but they raise their children with their own hands, they comfort and support their husbands. They're the ones who make those clans thriving.’’

’’They might not be beautiful enough, but they are definitely as great as people can ever be. They are like the earth of this Midland and four wastelands, broad, primitive, nourishing and full of life-force. They have raised generations of clansmen... they are the springs of our lives.’’

’’All those so-called high positions and great wealth that you have been bragging about, those fancy houses, delicate foods, nice clothes, the rights of controlling the others'lives, are just so ridiculous!’’

Ji Hao held his head high, stared at Ji Mo with a pair of cold yet determined eyes, and said, ’’I have captured your master. As long as I delivered my word to their people, they will immediately send all those so-called 'high positions and great wealth'over to me, along with their big and fake grins. Whether I am gonna accept those things will depend on my mood that day.’’

Swaying his fist in front of Ji Mo, Ji Hao continued with a harsh tone, ’’I can earn myself all that so-called wealth with my power! But you, you are a bunch of well-trained dogs, you wag your tails only to beg for an extra piece of bone given by your bloody master!’’

’’What 'high positions and great wealth'... all bullshit! You are nothing but a group of spineless maggots that can't even stand straight and can only live on leftovers given by the others!’’

While speaking in a resonant voice, Ji Hao threw a heavy slap on Ji Mo's face, smashing all of his teeth.


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