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The Magus Era - Chapter 326


Chapter 326: Shock

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

More astonishingly, all captured Jia Clan's warriors were big warriors, who were only a step away from becoming generals. In other words, they were all elite warriors, at the peak-senior-level. With a little hard work and the right moment, any of them could become a powerful, Magus-King-level warrior.

Such an incredible-scale capture had never happened in any large-scale war that the humankind had ever fought before. The human army had exterminated thousands, even tens of thousands of Jia Clan's warriors, but the largest number of Jia Clan's warriors who were captured alive all at once was only hundreds. This time, nearly a thousand Jia Clan's warriors were captures alive, and additionally, all of them were top-grade big warriors. What an amazing achievement!!.

Capturing nearly a thousand Jia Clan's big warriors alive was already shocking enough, but in addition of that, Ji Hao had also captured Julou Xiu alive. This news made many super senior, legendary-level master Magi of the Magi Palace, who had been concealing themselves in the human army, pop out, despite their high status.

Over a thousand master Magi of the Magi Palace curiously circled Julou Xiu around, as if he was some kind of rare, legendary and magical creature. A few master Magi, who were all pretty influential in the Magi Palace, even started arguing for the proprietorship of Julou Xiu, one after another. They each offered a sky-high price to Wulong Yao, intending to turn Julou Xiu into their own property.

Julou Xiu was a Xiu Clan's magic formation artist, having him could do a great help to the Magi Palace's research projects regarding magic formations, but to ministers like Si Wen Ming and Huaxu Lie, who were mainly responsible for managing the army and winning the war, Julou Xiu wasn't as attractive as he was to those master Magi.

Nevertheless, the other captures, Di Suo and Di Mo had even brought those paramount-level ministers, such as Si Wen Ming, up from their chairs. They all came to where Di Suo and Di Mo were kept as soon as they could, completely surrounding these two Yu Clan's army commanders in the middle.

Before, the humankind had indeed captured a few hundreds of Jia Clan's warriors alive in battlefields, as for Yu Clan's army commanders and noble class, in all these years only a very few of them were killed in the battlefields against the humankind, but never captured alive. This time, Ji Hao had truly created history - for the very first time, the Yu Clan's people, who were in such important positions and had such a high status among their own kind, were captured by the humankind, alive!

Not to mention that Di Suo and Di Mo were not only army commanders of official Blood Moon armies, but also, they were direct descents of the Di Family, which was the most important branch families of the Dishi Family. Besides, both of their numbers in order of succession to the throne were especially high.

After all, the Di Family's people had much higher status than the Ju Family and other branch families'people, who were also possessors of the Blood Moon bloodline.

Only the fact that Di Suo and Di Mo had been sharing the same blood with Dishi Yanluo, the current Emperor in power of the Blood Moon, could deliver a significant political effect - as long as the human side announced Di Suo and Di Mo'identities to the public, the morale of the human army would raise by at least two-hundred percent;as for the morale of those Blood Moon armies, it would reduce by thirty to fifty percent minimum.

The entire alliance of human clans had fallen into a magically excited atmosphere. Under such circumstances, Ying Yunpeng had yelled himself hoarse, accusing Ji Hao for what he had done to Di Sha, which was referred as 'intentionally killed a capture who had special value, for selfish purposes'. However, this small thing was like a fistful of ash falling into a flood, failing to cause even a slight ripple.

All captured Jia Clan's warriors were imprisoned with the most brutal methods, in the Magi Palace, where they were heavily-guarded.

A big group of Magi Palace's magi rapturously came down to the prison, using all kinds of poisons and magic spells on these Jia Clan's warriors, one after another. These master Magi were about to find out what kind of poison were the most effective on Jia Clan's warriors, what kind of magic spells could harm these Jia Clan's warriors the worst, the degree of striking power their bones and muscles could bear and among all types of powers, including the firepower, ice power, lightning power and wind power, which one could bring the most harm to them...

Before, finding experimental subjects could be truly difficult for these master Magi. But now, thanks to Ji Hao, that talented good boy, he had captured nearly a thousand Jia Clan's top-grade big warriors all at once. This equaled to putting an immense piece of meat right before a group of starving wolves'faces. Soon, hoarse howls, roars that sounded so painful and despairing, along with mad cursing words... all of these noises let out by those Jia Clan's warriors began coming out of this heavily guarded prison.

Nevertheless, in the hands of these master Magi, those Jia Clan's warriors couldn't even die.

The death was never the most dreadful thing, instead, it was falling into the pre-dying state and being saved, over and over again. Every time after they recovered to their best status, they would suffer even more horrible pains.

Those master Magi from the Magi Palace were all quite responsible - they clearly knew that all these Jia Clan's big warriors were now Ji Hao's personal properties, and Ji Hao was pretty close to Wulong Yao and other few master Magi, who possessed the highest status and best reputation among all Magi Palace's magi. Therefore, they had been extra cautious when running their experiences. Although they had been using terrifying methods on these Jia Clan's big warriors, they always kept these captures very much alive.

Quoted from a master Magi who was especially good at the using of poisons, ’’We can't make that good kid, Ji Hao, suffer any loss. These Jia Clan's monsters are all incredibly valuable. So my old friends, we should be more careful when using these captures, can't make Ji Hao lose even a single jade coin. Be careful, keep them alive, and always keep them conscious!’’

'Always keep them conscious', this had become the deepest nightmare of those Jia Clan's warriors, that would haunt them for the rest of their lives.

After learning that, Julou Xiu was actually a master magic formation artist, by a group of Magi Palace's master Magi, who especially majored in the art of magic formation, under the lead of Fangfeng E, who was known as the top-1 magic formation artist in the Magi Palace, quickly surrounded Julou Xiu, just like a group of hungry tigers surrounding a poor little rabbit. With all kinds of cruel methods, this group of magic formation artists began madly squeezing all knowledge in Jilou Xiu's head out of his mouth.

One had to admit that in certain aspects, these master Magi from the Magi Palace indeed had some special gifts, which made them as fearful as devils.

At first, they politely and gently started the conversation with Julou Xiu, easily learning that Julou Xiu had already lived for eight-thousand, nine-hundred, seventy-two years, three-hundred, twenty-three days, eighteen hours and seven minutes.

After that, they even poured Julou Xiu a glass of wine when upgrading the conversation to the next level. Without too many difficulties, they made Julou Xiu tell them that he started learning magic formation art when he aged only one year and three months, and had successfully built his very first killing magic formation when he was only one year and nine months old!

What came next was Julou Xiu's true nightmare.

Fangfeng E called a group of magic mediciners, who were good at healing people and saving people'lives, then began using all kinds of ruthless excruciations on Julou Xiu.

’’Julio Xiu, what have you learned on the first day when you were one year and three months? Hm? Repeat every single word of the books you have read on that day and draw all magic formation patterns you have learned back then! Now!’’

’’When you were one year and four months, in the third day of that month, what have you learned? Hm? What? You don't remember. Good, chop one of his fingers off!’’

After letting out a loud, shrill howl in pain, Julou Xiu racked his own brain and tremblingly told those master magi everything he had learned on that exact day.

’’Very well, so, you were capable of building teleporting formations when you were only one-hundred and ninety-two years old, is that right? Were you talking about the secret, special kind of teleporting formation that belongs only to your Blood Moon? Quick, draw all formation patterns and spell symbols regarding that teleporting formation! What? You don't want to?! Cut off one of his legs!’’

Another howl rose into the air.

’’Ear, cut one off!’’

A howl...

’’Arm, vertically cut three feet!’’

A howl...

Under a cold-blood, ceaseless torture, poor Julou Xiu, an over eight-thousand years old, master magic formation artist, told everything that happened since he was a year and three months, when he started to have memories;including things like when he peed his pants and when he sneakily kissed a female for the first time. Every single thing.


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