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The Magus Era - Chapter 324


Chapter 324: Kill a Di

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

Di Sha's face twitched intensely, looking at the bangle held in Ji Hao's hand, with a sorrowful look, as if someone had been cutting his heart with a sharp dagger. That bangle was a genuine treasure, gifted to him by his father. Its inner space was immense, enough to store all supplies that could support an entire army for a whole year. That bangle was a real strategic treasure.

Nevertheless, compared to his own dignity, Di Sha chose that dignity without any hesitation.

Been castrated right in front of Di Suo and Di Mo'faces, by Ji Hao? Di Sha couldn't even imagine how horrible that would be, how badly this would affect him and his family. He tried but failed to imagine what his life would be like when he got back to the Liang Zhu City, if Di Suo and Di Mo really saw him castrated by Ji Hao. This would definitely bring his family a grave-deep disgrace that might last forever! This great shame might even force his family to cast off him, barely washing it off.

'He could unseal the bangle sooner or later after he killed me anyway, all he would need is a little bit of time!'Di Sha explained to himself in this way. 'I still have hopes as long as I stay alive. I can kill Ji Hao and wash off all the shame he gave me. There is still hope!'

’’Nice stuff!’’ pleased, Ji Hao fiddled with this exquisite bangle. He cut his finger broke and dripped a drop of blood on it, which was quickly absorbed by the bangle. Along with that blood drop, a stream of Ji Hao's spirit power gushed into the bangle, leaving a tiny, special mark on the seal that was located in the core of the bangle's inner space.

By now, this bangle had opened up before Ji Hao's face, without any mystery or secrecy attached to it at all.

The inner space of that bangle was so incredibly huge that even Ji Hao was shocked by it. In that broad and square space, whole thirty-thousand spare sets of armors and accessory parts of those armors were piled up in one corner. In another corner were thousands of exquisitely crafted armaments, including a few extra large-scale ballistae and other weaponry, such as crossbows and arrows.

After seeing this huge amount of top-quality weapons, an enormous pile of brightly shining magic crystals nearly choked Ji Hao in surprise.

The number of magic crystals that a ten-thousand people army would consume each day, was already a shocking one. Since Di Sha had taken his army, that had tens of thousands of warriors, out of the Liang Zhu City for a war, he should have enough amount of magic crystals and other supplies that could support the whole army for at least an year, added with the amount that the Blood Moon divine Tower and all those large-scale weapons would cost.

Quickly scanning the pile of magic crystals that was as gigantic as a mountain, Ji Hao roughly did the math, and found out that these magic crystals were more than enough to support him and his teammates'regular cultivation for over a hundred years.

But of course, what had occupied more room inside the bangle was the food, which was, mostly dried meat, covered in a thick layer of spices and salt, contained in metal boxes and piled up orderly.

Those Jia Clan's warriors were at least four to five meters tall and mostly were senior-level warriors. At their level, the meat of ordinary beasts wouldn't be able to satisfy their stomachs anymore;instead, their food has to be blood and flesh that came from senior-level beasts.

As the main commander of an army, Di Sha had left the most part of supplies in the supply storage camp, but for emergency use under certain circumstances, he took enough amount of supplies that could support the whole army for half a month with him.

From Ji Hao's spirit space, the mysterious man's voice abruptly came, ’’Haha! Little guy, this time you can finally eat as much as you want! After you eat up this flesh mountain, your physical power will allow you to fight equally against a pure-blood dragon.’’

Pausing briefly, the mysterious man gave a faint laugh then continued, ’’And a mature pure-blood dragon can equally challenge a Magus King merely with its physical power.’’

Ji Hao grinned pleasingly, and wore the bangle on his left wrist. After having absorbed Ji Hao's blood, that bangle had turned golden-red. Additionally, streams of warm fire power began spreading out from it.

Intentionally swaying the bangle in front of Di Sha, Ji Hao then threw a heavy, nearly brutal kick on Di Sha's lower belly.

’’Now, tell me the names and contact information of all of your human spy and followers, who have been hiding in our human armies. Tell me all! Otherwise, I will still cut your man parts off, slice by slice!’’

Looking at Di Sha's twisted face, Ji Hao continued slowly, ’’This time, if you don't give me the name list and their contact information, I will strip you and cut your d*ck right in front of all your fellows in that metal city-fort, and all of your warriors! Tell me all that you know!’’

Di Sha stared at Ji Hao, face filled with a soul-deep fear, as if he was staring at the evilest monster that came straight out of the hell.

Being castrated in front of Di Suo and Di Mo could already be an unbearable, burning humiliation;but being stripped and castrated piece by piece, by Ji Hao, in the presence of Di Huo and Ju Tu, who were both powerful and influential in their own families... this would go far beyond a deep disgrace. If that really happened, Di Sha would have absolutely no choice but to kill himself, as for the Di Family, without a doubt, they would have to carry this bone-deep shame forever.

’’Those were just names of a few lowly slaves.’’ forcibly choking back the great pain came from his lower belly, Di Sha tried his best to act calmly, even squeezing a grin out of his face. He looked at Ji Hao and said, ’’I think, we shouldn't let too many unnecessary entanglements happen between us, only because of those lowly slaves. ’’

Taking a deep breath, Di Sha grinned again, looked at Ji Hao in the eyes and continued saying, ’’Just like that guy back on the small island, I can give you him and all of his clansmen, his father, mother... you can have them all and do whatever you want to them! However, I am a noble man... I hope that I can be treated in the way that fits my status.’’

Letting out a few fake coughs, Di Sha smiled and went on, ’’You should know that our lives are extremely valuable. As long as you don't talk about capturing us, our families would love to pay you a good fortune to redeem us back, secretly. This also benefits you, doesn't it?’’

Coldly, Ji Hao looked at Di Sha and responded, ’’Just give me the name list of your dogs, and their contact info!’’

Di Sha swallowed nervously, then quickly gave nearly a hundred names, after that, he pointed his finger at the bangle worn on Ji Hao's wrist, said, ’’All secret spell symbols for getting in touch with them are in there. You can easily use those spell symbols;you just need to follow the power streams releasing from those spell symbols, that will lead you to their accurate position.’’

After having memorized all names given by Di Sha, Ji Hao's pupils suddenly shrunk to the size of needle points, staring at Di Sha right in the eyes.

Looking at Ji Hao's eyes, Di Sha instantly sensed an ice-cold from his heart. He screamed out as hard as he could such that he even shouted himself hoarse.

’’Ji Hao, we, there... there is indeed some hatred between, between us... but, but, we can still negotiate... everything can be negotiated, you know? In, in our eyes, all hatred is dissolvable...’’

’’I, I swear with my family's glory, from now on, I will never, ever see you as my enemy again. Even if we met each other again on battlefields, that should merely be because we're on different sides. But I will never, never again, try to take vengeance on you, for my personal enmity to you.’’

’’Too late!’’ Ji Hao looked at Di Sha with a frosty look, ’’One of my friends cursed a woman with his secret, mysterious treasure, handed down from his ancestors, to get you. Now, since you have come just as we planned, you'll have to die. Your corpse will earn me a sweet amount of credits... well, not as much as the amount you are worth as a living being though, but in consideration of the personal hatred between us, more appropriately I think, I should just kill you.’’

While Ji Hao was speaking, the Flame Dragon Sword roared out of Ji Hao's sleeve and punctured Di Sha's chest along with a horribly great heat.

Maintaining that cold-blood look, Ji Hao looked at Di Sha and continued, ’’This is not only for the hatred between us, but also for those Southern Wasteland people, who were captured, enslaved and sold by you!’’

Ji Hao suddenly twisted his wrist and following his move, the sword tip was about to cut into Di Sha's heart. Unexpectedly, a raging shout came from afar.

’’Ji Hao! How dare you kill a captive without reporting?!’’


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