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The Magus Era - Chapter 323


Chapter 323: Capture

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

An insufferable pain woke Julou Xiu from the coma and made him scream out in a high-pitched voice, struggling in pain. With some sensitive instincts that belonged only to Xiu Clan's people, Julou Xiu sensed something strange inside his body. That was something with an evil, frosty power, which could take his life away anytime.

’’What is it?! What have you put in my body?!’’ in a bad panic, Julou Xiu barked at Ji Hao.

’’Now you're my slave!’’ responded Ji Hao while satisfyingly rubbing his own hands, grinned and continued, ’’Elder Wulong has told me that it is nearly impossible to capture alive Xiu Clan's people in battlefields, because even if the Yu Clan's armies are defeated, they would send you people away ahead of time.’’

’’An alive Xiu Clan's man, additionally, a 'master'in the sphere of magic formations and medicines, you can be worth at least a piece of land that has the radius of a hundred thousand miles, in the Pu Ban City.’’ Maintaining that big grin on his face, Ji Hao continued while patting Julou Xiu on his shoulder, ’’I'll sell you to the Magi Place as soon as you give me all the knowledge in your head. Don't worry, I'll definitely sell you at a decent price that fits your status.’’

Julou Xiu stared at Ji Hao with a deadly pale face. 'Give him all the knowledge in my head?!'

’’No! I will never, ever give my knowledge to you! You stupid, ignorant barbarians!’’ yelled Julou Xiu while looking at Ji Hao, with his head held high.

’’Bite him!’’ Ji Hao immediately patted the pair of fire snakes coiled on his shoulder. The two baby snakes, which had shrunk their bodies to a foot long, happily darted out, coiled around Julou Xiu's neck, then each took a huge bite at one of his ears.

The intolerable venom that contained great fire power quickly spread into Julou Xiu's body along his meridians. Even if the pair of baby snakes had taken a good control of the amounts of their venoms, Julou Xiu's upper body still speedily turned fire-red. The horribly powerful fire venom had almost cooked half of his body!

’’Please! Don't kill me!’’ Julou Xiu screamed, ’’I'm one of the top-five-hundred master magic formation artists in Liang Zhu City! I can be valuable to you! I can't die here!’’

’’Hm, glad you're aware of that.’’ Ji Hao said then clapped his hands. Followed by his moves, the two baby snakes each put the mouth near one of Julou Xiu's ears and sucked the venom back. After that, they leisurely coiled back onto Julou Xiu's neck, using Julou Xiu's body as a temporary bed, not intending to move even an inch for maybe the next couple of hours.

’’I see why Elder Wulong and the other elders all said that your Xiu Xlan 'masters'are all bitches! Without been beating up you can never understand how terrifying 'barbarians'can be!’’ standing straight, Ji Hao looked down at Julou Xiu, who sat on the ground weakly and limply, and said in a cold, harsh voice, ’’Since you have been despising us with your so-called 'civilization', I don't mind teaching you a little bit about the powerfulness of our barbarism!’’

Clenching his fist, Ji Hao gave a sneer and continued, ’’You live on your own power! This is the only living principle in the Southern Wasteland, same here in the Midland! Don't try to cause yourself any more trouble, or I'll break a hundred pieces of bones of yours every single day, then set them back together!’’

Julou Xiu raised his head, looked at Ji Hao in despair, letting out a moan in pain.

Indeed, he always considered himself as one of the civilized, noble and respectable kinds, but all that 'superiority'couldn't help him even a little bit in the current situation. Facing 'barbaric'violence, all that so-called civilization, nobleness and respectable-ness were as useless as the pair of silk boots he was wearing on his feet, which were now entirely covered in mud.

Taking a glance at Di Mo, who lied on the ground half-dead, unable to even move a little finger, Ji Hao then walked to Di Sha and Di Suo with big steps.

Di Suo had already begun screaming in a weirdly hoarse voice, ’’I am the twelfth heir of the Di Family, which possesses the purest bloodline among all branch families of the Dishi Family... that is the noblest family among all Blood Moon bloodline possessors! You must treat me in the way that matches my noble status... you cannot treat me like you treated...’’

Ji Hao raised his foot and heavily stamped right on Di Suo's head.

’’Heir? Hm? Can you still inherit something as a dead man?’’ Such homicidal, threatening words made Ji Suo immediately shut his mouth. He looked at Ji Hao in a great fear, and suddenly found that Ji Hao was so different from all human warriors that he had ever met.

When the other human warriors saw Yu Clan's noble people like Di Sha, Di Suo and Di Mo, their eyes would instantly be filled with anger and vigilance, or panic and despair, or curiosity and desire of exploration. But at this very moment, from Ji Hao's pair of eyes, Di Suo could only see coldness, blandness and carelessness, as if all these fights and capturing Yu Clan's people actually happened every single day.

If one was to say that all those human warriors Di Suo had met before were a bunch of rustic people who rarely saw any nobles, then Ji Hao's reaction made him look like the noblest man who could frequently get into emperors'palaces and clink his glass with those emperors! After all, Ji Hao had never taken the Di Family, even the Dishi Family, seriously.

He didn't act so coldly and carelessly on purpose, instead, he never believed in the so-called 'noble status'of Di Suo and other Yu Clan's people. What was happening right now was nothing special but defeating another enemy, as if, Di Suo was no one but another slave that he had just captured.

After he discovered the difference from Ji Hao's eyes, Di Suo kept his mouth firmly shut, daring not to let out even the slightest noise.

Ji Hao then walked up to Di Sha, grabbed his long hair, and dragged him up from the puddle of mud. Di Sha struggled as hard as he could, but Yu Mu's poison had paralyzed and weakened his body, combined with the fact that Yu Clan's noble people never pursued physical strength. Therefore, he now looked just like a weak tiny ant which tried to move a giant mountain. Ji Hao's hand was held perfectly still, not moving even a slight little bit.

Slightly swinging the Flame Dragon Sword, Ji Hao cut Di Sha's broken armor off then put the sword back, merging with his own body. Quickly and conveniently, Ji Hao stripped off that magic space bangle worn on Di Sha's wrist, that had an amazingly huge storing space. The bangle was worn on Di Sha's wrist pretty tightly, and Ji Hao had just forcibly taken it off with pure violence, even peeling a thick layer of skin and flesh off from Di Sha's wrist and palm. Blood gushed out right away.

’’Oi, unseal this bangle! Now!’’ said Ji Hao to Di Sha while looking at him right in the eyes, ’’I will count to three, if you don't...’’

Di Sha raised his head in pride, and stared back at Ji Hao. Although he was captured alive, he did not prepare to give up on his dignity and noblity, that naturally belonged to him, as a Yu Clan's noble man. Looking at Ji Hao, Di Sha yelled, ’’If I don't do it, you'll kill me, right? You stupid barbarian, this poor kind of threat can never shake a Yu Clan's noble man!’’

’’If you don't, I will castrate you.’’ said Ji Hao while looking at Di Sha with a ruthless look, ’’Right before the faces of your fellows, I will cut your ba*ls and pe*is off, bit by bit.’’

Di Sha quivered and looked at Ji Hao when he heard this. Abruptly, a dim light flashed across his erect eyes and the bangle was instantly unsealed.


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