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The Magus Era - Chapter 320


Chapter 320: Magic Formation Kill

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

As for those Jia Clan big warriors who were embattling all this while, although they were frightened pretty badly by Man Man, still, many of them burst out loud into laughter at Ji Hao, ruthlessly teasing him.

’’The magic formation rise? Ha, do you even have a magic formation set in here?’’

’’Stupid people, ignorant barbarians, haven't you seen what is shrouding this island all these time?’’

’’The Blood Moon Great Sealing Formation, created by the famous master magic formation artist of the Xu Clan, Julou Xiu. Do you even know what it is?’’

’’The great, supreme power of the Blood Moon has enveloped this entire island. All kinds of powers and energies in this world are now under the great Blood Moon's control, not a single one kind of magic formation could ever activate under the divine power of the Blood Moon, unless it is our unique Blood Moon Great Formation!’’

Di Sha, Di Suo, Di Mo, and those Jia Clan's big warriors all began laughing at Ji Hao ruthlessly. Ninety percent of the magic formations mastered by the humankind were all from the Xiu Clan;those were all stolen or bought at incredibly high prices from Xiu Clan's magic formation artists.

However, the Xiu Clan's magic formation art was originated from the ancient magic formation art created by the humankind. As for the Blood Moon Great Sealing Formation, it was one of the extremely mysterious kinds amongst the Xiu Clan's magic formation art creations. Within the space under the effect of the Blood Moon Great Sealing Magic Formation, almost no humankind's magic formation could ever be activated.

Perhaps, some immeasurably powerful divine Magi among the humankind could forcibly trigger their magic formations under the effect of the Blood Moon Great Sealing Formation and reverse the bad situation with their horribly great powers. However, Ji Hao was only a Senior Magus, a human kid who was even not mature yet, and just now, he had actually said 'the magic formation, rise'. How could that even be possible?

Ugly laughter lingered around the small island, frightened by which, countless birds living in the surrounding area and their babies, which couldn't yet leave their nests, couldn't help but quiver intensely. A dim blood-red light released by the Blood Moon Great Sealing Formation had been covering the entire island. Those smart birds dared not to make any noise and instead, they were all stunned by that cold and scary blood-red light.

Smoothly, Ji Hao locked his fingers together and quickly changed hand motions;as his fingers flicked slightly, a burning lightning bolt suddenly darted out of his palm and released a thunderous boom in the air.

Huge air ripples spread out immediately from which, forty-nine weapons that were thickly embossed with spell symbols emerged. Before they set the altar in this small island, Ji Hao and his teammates had been fighting in battlefields every day and had struck down quite a lot non-humankind warriors. Therefore, Ji Hao had collected a good amount of high-grade weapons as his booty;each of these weapons embossed with magic spells could worth a fortune back in the Pu Ban City.

At this moment, from the surfaces of the forty-nine embossed weapons, each having the length of meters, water ripple like blue light streams began surging. Meanwhile, a gigantic amount of watery mist emerged in the air quickly and suddenly, then speedily gathering into a blue water screen.

This small island was located right in where the two rivers met. The river surface that surrounded the island was nearly a hundred miles wide, which, by now, was shrouded entirely by extremely dense watery mist.

The Blood Moon Great Sealing Formation abruptly released a dazzlingly bright blood-red light, within which, countless fist sized, blood-red spell symbols connected with each other, forming thousands of long spell symbol chains, that then wove into an enormous net, seeming to seal the entire space completely.

The frosty and sticky power of the Blood Moon seemingly had devoured the sky, and gradually, the blood-red light turned black. The blood moon power possessed by possessors of the blood moon bloodline naturally contained concentrated dark power of corrosion and curses. Therefore, as more and more spell symbol chains emerged in the air, blood-red and black snowflakes began descending from the sky.

’’You...You...little could possible?!’’

Di Sha, Di Suo and Di Mo, all three of them suddenly popped out their eyes in a great shock, staring at Ji Hao as if they were looking at an actual ghost.

For countless times, once the Blood Moon Great Sealing Formation rose in battles between the Blood Moon's people and the humankind, not a single one of the humankind's magic formations could ever release even a slight little bit of its power. At this moment, the Blood Moon Great Sealing Formation was merely controlled by Julou Xiu himself, and indeed the divine object which had been supporting the formation was only high grade, which meant, the power of this Blood Moon Great Sealing Formation was relatively weak... yet, it was definitely good enough to seal Magus Kings.

But Ji Hao was nothing but a Senior Magus, a young, immature Senior Magus. According to the information provided by a spy, he was only an apprentice of the Magi Palace, a small, unimportant apprentice! How on earth could he activate his magic formation under the effect of the Blood Moon Great Sealing Formation?! How could it even happen?!

’’Ordinary magic formations are nothing but tools, those can surely be sealed by fetters.’’ looking at Di Sha and his fellows, Ji Hao gave a faint, cold smile and said, ’’But my magic formations are the universe itself. What kind of fetter can seal the universe?’’

The magic formation used by Ji Hao was created by Yu Yu, it was based on the natural law and originated from the universe and countless creatures living in it, while the magic formations created by the Magi Palace were piled up by multiple spell symbols, and were tools that simply contained huge amounts of powers.

The above two types of magic formations were not even at the same level!

Di Sha, Si Suo and Di Mo were all confused pretty badly by Ji Hao's words. After all, as possessors of noble bloodlines, Yu Clan people had always been living extremely easy lives. They had Jia Clan people fighting battles for them, Xiu Clan people dealing with all kinds of arts and craft, and slaves as labors. Among the Yu Clan younger generation, those who were willing to learn a little about how to run family businesses, manage armies and fight battles, or how to expand territories, could already be considered as elites.

For the above reason, none of Di Sha, Di Suo and Di Mo knew anything about magic formations. Ji Hao's words were too complicated to be understood to them.

’’As long as your Blood Moon Great Sealing Formation can't seal these rivers, it will never seal me!’’ growled Ji Hao in a deep voice, while three lightning bolts struck on those floating embossed weapons in the air in a row. Immediately, all forty-nine embossed weapons began shaking intensely and from the river where this small island located, roaring waves rose one after another. Earth-crushing watery power gathered towards this small island in great waves, swiftly surging into those embossed weapons.

In the short span of a few breaths, the amount of water power gathered in those embossed weapons had reached a point that could make the strongest Jia Clan warrior among all present people feel appalled. By now, the water power absorbed by each embossed weapon was already great enough to break those thick armors and shields of Jia Clan warriors and harm their bodies.

The most horrible thing about powerful magic formations was that they were able to continuously release powers at the highest standard!

A well experienced Jia Clan's big warrior abruptly yelled out in a resonant voice, ’’Good lords, just retreat, we...’’

A flying hammer swooshed over and smashed right heavily into his face, thrusting the rest of the sentence back into his throat.

At the same time, Man Man was whirling her arms while shouting at Ji Hao, ’’Ji Hao! My arms are recovered! I don't feel any pain now! I get to throw my hammers and smash monsters again! Fun! Who do you think would be the next?!’’

Without any hesitation, Di Suo and Di Mo turned around, walking away as quickly as they could. While fleeing, they yelled harshly, ’’Retreat! Retreat! We can't waste any more of our resources here!’’

Hearing their orders, ninety-five percent of the remaining Jia Clan big warriors followed them to leave.

As for Di Sha, he leapt up in rage and yelled out at his fellows, ’’You two cowards! Stay! Stay! We have to destroy the altar and save Ju Xiu! Have you all forgotten our family glory?!’’

Di Mo turned around, yelled back while he was still running, ’’Di Sha! You're talking about your own glory! That has absolutely nothing to do with us! So you should go defend your glory with your own sword! We are not gonna waste any more of our resources in here! We have done more than enough for you!’’

Slightly curving his lips upwards, Ji Hao pointed his finger at the group of fleeing Jia Clan big warriors. Following his move, the forty-nine embossed weapons suddenly transformed into blue, howling waves, surging down directly. In the very next moment, over a hundred Jia Clan big warriors had been struck down to the ground by the blue, destructive wave. Blood spurted out of their bodies in streams but they could only let out muffled groans.

Following right after the blue wave, waves of dazzling sword light beamed across the air, easily putting more Jia Clan big warriors down along with hoarse howls.


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