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The Magus Era - Chapter 319


Chapter 319: Rise of the Magic Formation

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

Di Sha, Di Suo and Di Mo had brought over a thousand Jia Clan's warriors to this island in total, and those warriors were all the strongest Jia Clan's warriors among their own armies. Each of those Jia Clan's warriors was half step Jia Clan's generals already, that with a little bit of hard work, they could officially become a Jia Clan general, as powerful as human Magus Kings!

In ordinary battlefields, such a strong army formed by over a thousand Jia Clan's big warriors could at least destroy a large-scale battle formation of a human army that had tens of thousands of elite human warriors.

However, facing Man Man's flying hammers, these elite Jia Clan's warriors were like birds in a storm that, although they could still fly in the air, but at any moment could fall on the ground turned into a meat paste a by a sudden thunderbolt

Man Man gasped quickly and heavily. From her arms, clouds of steam rose into the air, making her look like a pot of boiling water. After having thrown out the pair of flying hammers for nearly a thousand times, Man Man's pair of arms finally slumped;she stopped attacking, seeming to be quite tired.

The pair of flying hammers swooshed back to Man Man, nimbly hovering around her body like two pet birds. Man Man laughed out happily, swinging her swelled arms quickly, bringing up streams of fiery lights coiling around her arms, quickly replenishing her consumed power.

’’Ji Hao! Just a moment! I'll be ready to fight again in just a moment!’’ While swinging her arms, Man Man yelled excitedly, ’’In only a second, I can continue smashing those bloody non-humankind ugly monsters with my hammers!’’

Then she paused briefly, nodded and mumbled, ’’Who has said this again... That only dead monsters are good monsters?! So true!’’

In the flat area that Ji Hao had just cleaned out on the island, over five hundred Jia Clan's warriors were lying on the ground in horrible shapes. Among these Jia Clan's warriors, over two hundred were relatively weak that, they were smashed straight by Man Man's hammers and died immediately, while the rest three hundred warriors had their armors and shields broken or punctured, lying on the ground, continuously vomiting blood, and were all disabled from moving.

In the old days, this over a thousand elite Jia Clan's warriors army could be considered as a high-grade army that could be harmed only by deadly, life-risking and large-scale attacks launched by a great human army that had at least ten-thousand human Senior Magi warriors. Nevertheless, facing Man Man, this elite, high-grade army was broken in the short span of three to five breaths, by throwing her newly-crafted 'toy'.

’’What a monster!’’ Di Sha was badly enraged and frightened. He even sensed a wave of burn and swelling from his eyes, such that his tears had almost gushed out of his eye sockets.

In the meanwhile, Di Suo and Di Mo'faces had both darkened to a certain degree. They turned to Di Sha simultaneously, glaring at him with a malicious look - Di Sha had to pay for their loss no matter what, he just had to.

To cultivate a Jia Clan's warrior into a proper big warrior required huge amounts of money and resources. Not to mention the daily supplies and cultivation resources they needed, merely their weapons, armors and shields would cost a fortune.

At this moment, over two hundred Jia Clan's big warriors were directly killed by Man Man's flying hammers while around three hundreds were injured severely and, over five hundred high-grade armors were destroyed. Di Suo and Di Mo would never ever bear such a tremendous loss by themselves, even though Di Sha was their cousin and they all came from the same family. No, not even a chance.

Both Di Suo and Di Mo had been trying so hard to accumulate powers for over a thousand years, and as a result of their hard work, the number of big warriors in each of their armies was only around one thousand. For this surprise attack, both of them had brought a big half of the most elite forces of their armies, but within a short time span, such a huge, unbearable loss struck right onto their heads. This made Di Suo and Di Mo not help but want to poke a dagger straightly into Di Sha's beating heart!

But of course, Di Sha had to pay for their losses before that!

If Di Sha couldn't make up their losses that they had just suffered, he wouldn't even be able to die!

Gasping tremblingly, Di Suo said in a weird tone, ’’What a monster! That, that little girl, I want her alive! Hehe, I fancy her so much. Aha, I'm gonna select the strongest Jia Clan's warrior for her and they will have children. Those children will be extremely special and talented!’’

Far from them, Ji Mo, who was blown away by Ji Hao a bit earlier, staggeringly struggled back up from the ground while coughing intensely. Slowly, those bloody wounds on his body had been healing themselves, and the Gold Crow flame attached on his wounds was gradually absorbing into his body. Gasping deeply, Ji Mo walked towards the battlefield step by step.

Di Suo threw a sideways glance at Ji Mo full of dislike, waved his hands and said blandly, ’’Useless douche, but you're at least a loyal slave. If you capture these few little bastards for me, I will spare you for your stupid mistake you made today.’’

Ji Mo looked down at those dead bodies, which were still twitching on the ground. Those were his warriors, who shared the same blood and origin as him. They were together for over a hundred years;they fought battles, drank booze, talked about women and brawled against warriors from other human armies or corps;they did everything together.

As a spy working for the non-humankind, these warriors were the only ones that Ji Mo could and dared to trust amongst all human armies, who were basically enemies to him. Ji Mo entrusted these warriors with his own life but, following a simple order given by the master that he had been devoting himself heart and soul to, these warriors were slaughtered like a bunch of dogs and pigs.

Hearing Di Suo, Ji Mo thudded heavily against the ground with one knee, while he growled in a resonant voice, ’’Yes, master!’’

After that, Ji Mo stood back up and crooked his fingers. A heavy machete instantly zipped into his hand from the ground. He glared at Ji Hao. He was so indignant that he even sensed a scorching stream of raging flame gushing right into his head from his heart. 'You! All because of you! Why did you fight back?! Why don't you just let us catch you alive?! Why the hell did you ruin our mission?!'

’’It's you! My brothers are now dead because of you!!’’

Ji Mo roared out madly, then leapt high into the air, raising the machete and hacked down towards Ji Hao's head. At this moment, Ji Hao was his biggest enemy, who was absolutely irreconcilable;he had blamed the death of all his brothers on Ji Hao and Ji Hao's teammates.

’’We didn't make you a dog of those non-humankind monsters!’’ Ji Hao growled back at him in a harsh tone, ’’We didn't ask you to betray your own kind! We didn't force you to kill your own clansmen! We just wanted to live a peaceful life on the lands that belong to our own ancestors!’’

A flying sword that was transformed from a Gold Crow pattern on Ji Hao's cloak swished out at a lightning speed, on the machete held in Ji Mo's hand.

The Gold Crow flying sword let out a high-pitched, silver caw, nimbly circled around and flew back to Ji Hao. The heavy machete was shattered into a million pieces and right after that, the flying sword punctured Ji Mo's right shoulder, leaving a fist-sized hole in his body.

Blood spurted out in thick streams. Ji Mo howled out in pain, and yelled at Ji Hao, ’’What do you even know?! You ignorant barbarians! Only the Yu Clan can be the real dominator of this world, how can you even resist? You're way too weak, vulnerable... You can never fight evenly against those great Yu Clan's lords!’’

’’You can only obey! Submit to the great Yu Dynasty! Do your best to support the domination of the Yu Clan! Only in this way we can earn a fair, peaceful life in this world;only in this way the war will stop, no more killing and no more death, thus, we can...’’

Ji Hao stared at Ji Mo with his all fine hair stood straight up. Those words he said and that tone he used deeply disgusted Ji Hao. Ji Hao didn't even want to say a single word to argue with him!

’’What a poor, fawning dog.’’ giving a heavy sigh, Ji Hao locked his hands together.

’’The magic formation, rise!’’

said Ji Hao in a deep voice.


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