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The Magus Era - Chapter 318


Chapter 318: Flying Hammer

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

The rest of Jia Clan's warriors lined up at their highest speed into the highest-standard battle formation. Warriors in the first line straightened their large and thick shields, constructing a wall of shields;warriors in the second and third lines raised their long spears, aiming at Ji Hao and his teammates. Closely following them were warriors with heavy axes and machetes who were especially good at close combats. On both sides of the formation, archers were distributed, moving along with the main formation. These over a thousand Jia Clan's warriors who seemed to see Ji Hao and the few of his teammates as a ten-thousand people human army.

Ji Hao gasped deeply while boosting his spirit blood up, flushing around inside his body. In the following moment, the inner injury caused by the axe strike just now had fully recovered.

Looking at the long wall of shields that had been approaching over quickly, Ji Hao gave a grin then threw a backwards kick, sending Yu Mu flying away. Yu Mu let out a high-pitched howl, flew into the air over ten zhang high from the ground then suddenly disappeared in the air. Right in the next moment, Yu Mu reappeared beside the altar, next to Man Man.

Seeing this, Di Sha and Di Suo couldn't help but quiver, fixing their eyes where Yu Mu and just disappeared and reappeared.

The distance between those two spots was around ten zhang, which meant, Ji Hao had set some kind of weird magic formation on this island long ago, such that, all these things and people they were seeing at this moment, could be illusions.

Di Mo turned up his palm, showing a fist-sized jade talisman. He then crumbled the jade talisman with his fingers, following which, a blood-red beam of light darted out, struck on the ground and exploded, releasing thousands of different-sized spell symbols swishing around in the air.

Followed by a series of loud popping noise caused by those spell symbols, huge air ripples emerged from the air and the ground, yet, the altar remained perfectly still. the silhouettes of Man Man, Shaosi and Yu Mu did not change at all either.

Ji Hao laughed out loud, then said, ’’Magic formation? Hm, I have indeed set a magic formation on this island. Feel free to try your best to break it!’’

Di Mo almost screamed out, and said, ’’Why the hell can't I find even a trace of his magic formation? Is this an ambush? Is this a trap? Di Sha! What on earth is going on here?!’’

Di Sha and Di Suo were nearly falling into panic by now as well. This shouldn't even happening, not even those super-scale magic formation designed by the Magi Palace, with great rivers and mountains, could ever possibly hide so perfectly under the power of the great Blood Moon;it should, at the very least, show some traces.

’’Don't worry! Don't panic! This little bastard is right here! Go get him!’’ Di Sha abruptly pointed his finger at Ji Hao and barked out, ’’Get him! No matter what kind of trap this is, it won't work!’’

Lying on the thick and huge straw mattress, Yu Yu lazily turned over, supporting his head with his left arm while looking sideways at those Jia Clan's warriors who were approaching him quickly.

The weird thing was that, Yu Yu was just lying right under the sunshine and didn't try to hide himself at all, and Man Man and Ji Hao could easily see him by turning around their heads. He was only less than ten steps away from those Jia Clan's warriors, however, none of those Jia Clan's warriors actually saw him.

Not only so, even Di Sha, Di Mo, Di Suo and that Xiu Clan's magic formation constructor who was controlling this large-scale Blood Moon formation in the woods crossing the river, seemed to neglect Yu Yu's presence;as if Yu Yu was as ordinary as a reed leaf, hiding among the thick reed woods and had completely merged with the surrounding environment, so naturally and harmoniously.

With a faint grin, Yu Yu waved his hands towards Man Man then said, ’’Hey, violent little girl, go ahead and try your newly crafted hammers. Don't leave the altar, just simply try the few small tricks I left in your hammers.

Hearing this, Ji Hao glanced at Man Man in curiosity. 'Did Yu Yu just say that he had left some small tricks in Man Man's hammers?’’


Man Man yelled out in excitement then directly swung her arms forwards and threw the pair of lotus-formed hammers out.

Bang! Bang! Followed by two thunderous bangs, the pair of hammers stirred a wave of white and fierce airwaves up, then disappeared straightaway.

Two heavy and muffled booms then rose into the air in a row, and at the same time, two over four meters tall Jia Clang's warriors, each holding a three feet thick shield and walking in the first line of the battle formation, suddenly swayed their bodies. In the following moment, the thick and large shields held in their hands, and embossed with thousands of spell symbols having been through countless fights, each got struck by one of Man Man's hammers and burst out a dazzling light.

The two Jia Clan's warrior swayed intensely, then stopped moving.

Warriors behind them growled out while pushing their bodies with all of their strength;warriors beside them stopped as well, looking at them in confusion. The booms sounded indeed great and terrifying, yet, those were only a pair of seemingly ordinary, human-head sized hammers. What could those possibly do?

To these giant-like Jia Clan's warriors, Man Man's hammers were too tiny in comparison with the tall and study bodies of themselves. Besides, Man Man was only a little girl, tiny and adorable... how powerful could she even be? How hard the pair of hammers, thrown out by her, could hit?

’’Idiot! Keep moving! Move! Move! Move!!!’’ Di Sha roared out ragingly, ’’Get Ji Hao! Get them all! Alive!!’’

At this moment, from the gaps between the armors of the two Jia Clan's warriors, large streams of blood suddenly gushed out. Then their bodies slumped down, knees thudded against the ground, dead, without even letting out the slightest moan. After that, an ear-piercing cracking noise started. The thick shields held in their hands and their armors all began cracking, rapidly covered with countless, extremely thin, dense and intensive cracks, that looked like the spider net.

A series of clangs followed right after the cracking noise. Countless small metal pieces fell off onto the ground. Two five meters tall, three meters wide and three feet thick, wall-like shields cracked into countless thumb-sized pieces in literally no time. Those pieces broke into smaller pieces that had the size of soybeans, then the mung bean size;at last, the two shields, that were forged with the best alloy in the world and had fought countless battles with their owners turned into two puffs of metal sands, easily blown up into the air and dissipating.

So did their armors.

After their armors broke into ashes and were blown away by the wind, their soft, seemingly boneless bodies finally exposed in the air.

The pair of hammers, which were thrown out by Man Man purely with her physical strength and the horribly large weight of the hammers themselves, had managed to smash all bones and internal organs of the two Jia Clan's warriors, right through the thick shields and armors, and kill them directly.

’’The great and supreme Blood Moon! You have watched this! What the hell is this woman?!’’ Di Mo screamed in shock and panic, ’’Is she a human-shaped dragon?!’’

Man Man heard this and shouted out in anger, ’’You're that kind of large snakes with claws! I am Man Man! Man Man is Man Man!’’

Along with a long and shrill swishing noise, Man Man's pair of hammers flew back into her hands. With displeasure, Man Man swung her arms even harder than before and threw the hammers out once again.

Another two earth-shaking booms ringed against two Jia Clan warriors'bodies. That meant another two thick shields had broken and two Jia Clan's warriors were crushed to death.

In almost no time, the pair of hammers flew back into Man Man's hands and with a big grin, Man Man threw them out once more.

The pair of flame-red hammers were now wrapped in piercing fiery lights, bringing up multiple beautiful and magnificent light tails that looked like a rain of shooting stars.

Swoosh! Bang! Boom! Ding! Puff! All kinds of weird noises came one after another. In the short time span of a few breaths, over a hundred Jia Clan's warriors were shamed by Man Man's pair of flying hammers.

A few archers, whose armors were relatively thinner than the other warriors, were straightaway struck into a puddle of splashing blood-red liquid along with their poor thin armors by that pair of flying hammers.


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