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The Magus Era - Chapter 317


Chapter 317: Mutual Hurt

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

Waves of howling and wailing rose into the air, as one fell, another rose. Limbs of Jiang Su's warriors were cut off one after another while their woken Magus Acupoints were punctured through. Large flakes of flame spurted out from their collapsed Magus Acupoints, along with, their life-force was draining rapidly.

In the time span of a few breaths, these warriors, whose Magus Acupoints were broken, all fell into the junior level. Despite that, their bodies were still as strong and solid as Senior Magi's body, and all wounds healed themselves quickly, but they could never regrow their broken body parts anymore.

’’Well, now we can talk.’’ Ji Hao smiled, shaking his head then waving his sleeve. Following his move, a strong gust of wind swooshed up from the ground, blowing those injured warriors, who were all disabled from moving, towards the edge of the island.

If they sent these warriors back to the main human army, they could still provide some valuable information regarding the owners they served. Therefore, Ji Hao wouldn't just let them die so easily. Spies hiding among the human armies and working for the non-humankind... Si Wen Ming and other ministers got to be so interested in these people.

Di Sha sneered, carelessly swinging his hands.

Tens of Jia Clan's warriors with long bows pulled their bows open right away, and followed by tens of muffled 'pops', all those warriors, who were sent out of the island by Ji Hao, were shot on the heads and died immediately.

’’Was that for keeping them quiet? Ah, such a shame, I was going to dig some information out of those people.’’ said Ji Hao, while staring at Di Sha with a calm and weird grin on his face. The sword was held in his right hand and the ninety-nine beams of golden sword light had been hovering around Ji Hao all the time, while his whole body was wrapped up by a thick layer of Gold Crow flame.

Yu Mu took a long breath, and while carrying his giant pot up with difficultly, walked up behind Ji Hao while gasping quickly and heavily, standing still, looking at Di Sha with a pair of crystal-clear and innocent eyes. He then talked out slowly with an extremely weak, pitiful tone, as if he was a poor little girl who couldn't even defeat a chicken.

’’I am too tired to fight against you, so I'll just surrender if you defeat Ji Hao.’’

What a cowardice utterance.

However, the looks of Di Sha, Di Suo and Di Mo changed suddenly and simultaneously when they heard Yu Mu. Subconsciously, each of them crushed a jade talisman tied around their waists. Followed by a series of cracking noise, a bright blood-red light spread out from those talismans, adding a faint, blood-red color to the entire bodies of Di Sha, Di Suo and Di Mo.

An ear-piercing noise started around their bodies. In the air, some unknown, highly poisonous thing suddenly began clashing against that blood-red light that had been protecting Di Sha, Di Suo and Di Mo.

The piercing yet hoarse noise lingered in the air, sounding like concentrated sulfuric acid dripping into clear water. In the meanwhile, large clouds of black, green and blue smoke rose from that blood-red light.

Di Sha, Di Suo and Di Mo'faces were darkened severely. They glared at Yu Mu, gritted their teeth and said, ’’You bloody barbarian! Such a strong magic poison!’’

Di Sha even roared out in rage, ’’Damn you! You stupid fatso! When I catch you, I will refine every single drop of your oil out from your body, turn it into torches and throw them into mines to serve as lights!’’

Yu Mu let out his typical grin, slightly shook his head and responded, ’’No, you don't want to do that. For my dear fat, I have eaten so, so many delicious foods! Do you seriously want to drain my fat? Then I'll have to kill you before you actually do that, sorry.’’

Yu Mu's speaking tone was gentle and calm, yet, while speaking, thick watery mist ceaselessly rose from the sandy ground around him, and soon condensed into a huge cloud above the island. A muffled thunder came down from the pure black rain cloud, and after that, a heavy rain roared down. That rainwater was multi colored and had been emitting a crazily pungent scent that could even choke someone to death.

From behind Di Sha, a Xiu Clan's old man walked out, proudly taking out arm-thick incense sticks. With a slight swing, those three six-feet long incense sticks were set ablaze without any fire. Three streams of smoke, that had the colors of white, cyan and black, rose from those three incense sticks, quickly spreading out and bumping against the poisonous rain water.

Hearing a loud sizzling noise, and watching the poison rain water turning into clear, pure water, the Xiu Clan's old man said proudly, ’’My dear lords, this little fatso's magic poison is not even worth mentioning.’’

Ji Hao looked at that Xiu Clan's old man, who had already walked out of the protection of those Jia Clan's warriors. Suddenly, a raging cloud of flame swooshed out of his back, condensing into a pair of fiery wings. In the following moment, Ji Hao brought up hundreds of afterimages and rose into the air, darting to before the Xiu Clan's old man almost immediately. At the same time, Ji Hao swung the Flame Dragon Sword down.

’’You reckless ignorant barbarian!’’ A Jia Clan's warrior, whose skin was dark-purple in color, and under that dark-purple skin were large amounts of totems and patterns formed from silver threads, swiftly moved before the Xiu Clan's old man and accurately shielded the old man with the heavy shield holding in his left hand. Meanwhile, he swung the horn-shaped short axe sideway with his right hand, intending to cut Ji Hao into two.

Ji Hao didn't move his eyes away from that Xiu Clan's old man, who had shown a proud grin on his face already, and still, Ji Hao swung the sword down towards the Xiu Clan's old man. Nevertheless, the straightforward swinging route of the sword had now become a magical and beautiful arc.

Golden light darted out of Ji Hao's pupils in thick streams. Ji Hao fully activated his Gold Crow eyes and in that pair of eyes, every single slight move made by that Jia Clan's warrior, even the slightest shake made by his hair, would cause a ripple of the air. Every ripple was connected with a powerful spell symbol and these spell symbols were all connected with each other. But, Ji Hao also saw different sized rips between these spell symbols.

The edge of the Flame Dragon Sword hacked into the biggest rip, with a destructive power.

Puff! The incomparably sharp sword cut straight the Jia Clan's warrior into two, along with that huge and heavy shield and that half a foot thick armour of his. As for that Xiu Clan's old man, before the grin dissipated on his face, Ji Hao's sword had reached his head and right in the next moment, he was chopped into two as well from the top to the bottom.

The short axe of that Jia Clan's warrior struck on Ji Hao's shank, against which, the Gold Crow Flame Cloak released a dense fiery light, serving as a strong defensive power, which was as good as the top-limit Ji Hao's body could go.

Ji Hao's muscles tightened automatically, preparing for the coming heavy strike.

The short axe exploded while the cloak stayed perfect unharmed, yet, a great stream of power, that was weakened by the cloak by around thirty percent gusted into Ji Hao's hand through the cloak.

Ji Hao's solid muscle absorbed about thirty percent of that power;his Magus Acupoints lit up, releasing pure streams of power that then condensed into a shield of power inside his body, neutralizing another thirty percent of that power.

The last ten percent of that power managed to hit into Ji Hao's body, giving him a sudden pain from his internal organs that made him spurt out a stream of blood a hundred zhang away, after which he hurriedly moved backwards.

In a deep shock, Ji Hao stared at the dead Jia Clan's warrior who was killed by himself just now - this was actually a horribly powerful one whose power was at least three times greater than Ji Hao's power.

If he didn't have the Flame Dragon Sword and the cloak, facing such an incredibly powerful Jia Clan's warrior, he would have been crushed immediately without even having a chance to fight back!

Di Sha suddenly pressed his hand on his chest. That Jia Clan's warrior was the most trusted guard of his, the leader of his guards, the most powerful guard gifted to Di Sha by Di Sha's father. His power had almost reached a certain point that with a little bit of improvement, he could become a considerably powerful one among all Jia Clan's big warriors. But, but Ji Hao had just killed him!

Di Sha actually felt sad, as if someone had just stabbed him in the heart. He screamed out with a high-pitched voice that sounded almost like crying.

’’All! Kill this little monster! Kill him! No! No! He's injured already! Capture him alive! Alive!’’


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