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The Magus Era - Chapter 316


Chapter 316: Magic Formation Artist

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

A blood-red, perfectly ground and flawless sphere of crystal floated up into the air, in front of Di Sha, Di Suo and Di Mo. From the crystal, one could clearly see the reflection of every single thing on this island, even that of a grass or a bug.

When he saw Ji Hao say goodbye to Ji Mo with a sad look and his eyes even misting with tears, Di Sha couldn't even stop sneering and murmuring in a teasing and scornful tone, ’’What a stupid, ignorant barbarian... he actually believed that lowly slave! You dumb animal, do you really think that you can trust anyone who shares the same blood as yourself?’’

Di Suo rubbed his own tender chin, and responded also in a teasing tone, ’’Absolutely not trustable. Not to mention people sharing the same blood as you, even your own I going too far?’’

Di Mo shrugged and said carelessly, ’’Not really, you're just saying the truth. That is why we would never fall into such a trap. But this poor stupid little, those two young women seem quite juicy to me, Di Sha!’’

Coughing slightly, Di Sha narrowed his eyes, stared at the altar on the island, and said in a cold voice, ’’I'm not interested in those two young women at all... you can do whatever you want with them. The only thing I want is to destroy that altar and save Ju Xiu. Oh, another thing, I want Ji Hao alive... I need his oral confession.’’

Di Suo and Di Mo glanced at each other, then nodded. Of course, they knew exactly what kind of confession Di Sha wanted. They swept across the small island with their eyes, and obviously, many thoughts had been crossing both of their minds at this moment. Probably, they were pondering how should they ruin Di Sha's perfect plan and cause him some small troubles.

Di Sha's eyes were still narrowed while he threw a sideways and suspicious glance at Di Suo and Di Mo. The curse was aimed at Ju Xiu, which meant whoever cursed Ju Xiu was targeting Di Sha as well. This meant, ruining the family cooperation between the Di Family and Ju Family that would begin once Ju Xiu and Di Sha got married, could also be a purpose of the enemy. Therefore, Di Sha had to be extra careful. 'Who knows if Di Suo and Di Mo would trouble me intentionally for some particular reasons...'thought Di Sha.

When Ji Mo and Jiang Su launched their surprise attacks at Ji Hao, Di Sha laughed out loud in relief, even yelled, ’’You're indeed a dumb, stupid lowly barbarian, that you're just rolled by some ignoble but loyal slaves with a small, simple trick, that you...’’

Before he finished his speech, Feng Xing darted out from the ring of encirclement and swiftly shot out three arrows in a row, killing whole twenty-four people immediately. Di Sha's face, that was blushed in excitement instantly turned blue, while an ear-piercing teeth-grinding noise coming out of his mouth.

In the following moment, Yu Mu flicked his finger and that caused Ji Mo and over a hundred warriors of his to fall straight on the ground, intensely twitching their bodies and howling like hell, as if all of their bones had just been smashed. Seeing this, all of Di Sha, Di Suo and Di Mo'faces turned blue directly.

Those warriors were all Senior Magi, no weaker than Di Sha, Di Suo and Di Mo themselves. Although the Blood Moon's bloodline had gifted them all kinds of special abilities and magics, facing that horrible poison that seemed to even be invincible, they still sensed a strong threat.

In the meanwhile, Ji Hao's red cloak blasted out, blowing half of Ji Mo's body off and sending Ji Mo flying out. When Ji Mo fell back on the ground, he looked even worse than a corpse. After blowing Ji Mo away, Ji Hao pulled out a fiery sword and slaughtered Jiang Su as carelessly as killing a dog, directly burning him into a puff of smoke without leaving a single chance for him to fight back. The terrifying destructive power released by the Flame Dragon Sword made Di Sha, Di Mo and Di Suo'pupils suddenly shrink into needle size.

Right after that, the ninety-nine gold crow patterns on Ji Hao's cloak transformed into flying swords and darted out, creating a heavy rain of sword light beams that then easily struck over a hundred warriors into a total mess. Within the span of a few breathes, over a hundred Senior Magi were cut into pieces and bodies covered in all kinds of punctured wounds.

Ji Hao had just defeated nearly two-hundred warriors as easily as cutting fruits and vegetables. Watching all this, Di Sha, Di Suo and Di Mo even forgot about the shock that Yu Mu and Feng Xing had just brought them. Instead, they fixed their eyes on Ji Hao's cloak with pairs of extremely greedy eyes, while murmuring, ’’Amazing stuff, I want it!’’

’’Di Sha!’’ Hearing each other, Di Suo and Di Mo quickly glanced at each other and said simultaneously, ’’We have brought our best guards here to HELP you!’’

Di Sha quivered, teeth gritted as his face turned pale. He gasped deeply, then said with a reluctant tone, ’’I, I surely will let you have that treasure cloak...but that sword!’’

’’We have taken such a huge risk by coming out of the city-fort, where it was perfectly safe, into the line of defense of the humankind, to HELP YOU!’’ Di Suo and Di Mo yelled out altogether once again.

Di Sha quivered even more intensely, glared at his 'brothers'in anger, then slowly took a deep breath and squeezed a few words out of his gnashed teeth, ’’Good, I am fully aware of your kind and honest goodwill towards me... You can have all you want... I, I just want that little bastard alive!’’

Di Sha thrust out his finger and pointed at Ji Hao's reflection in the crystal sphere.

’’I want him and his teammates all alive!’’ said Di Sha to Di Mo and Di Suo in a frosty voice, ’’I don't want any accidents, my dear brothers. If any of your people accidentally cut his head off, I wouldn't...’’

Di Suo and Di Mo glanced at each other again, then sighed and said, ’’No accident would happen at all dear brother Di Sha. We have the same ancestor, we're brothers who share the same blood. The happy marriage between you and Ju Xiu will benefit us as well.’’

Di Sha took another deep breath, then clapped his hands and said, ’’Do it.’’

An area that had a radius of around five-hundred meters in the woods by the river was cleared out already. With pure violence, a group of Jia Clan's warriors had cut off all trees and destroyed all plants, making this area completely empty and flat.

In the middle of this area was a model of the small island where Ji Hao and his teammates were on, made from sand. The model was nearly three zhang long and was exactly the same as that small island, even the shapes and details of the few repulse bays were completely same.

A fat and short Xiu Clan's old man, who had dark skin and was wearing a black cloak, was standing before the sand island model, hands fiddling with a few tiny models of towers that were made from a blood-red crystal.

Hearing Di Sha's order, this Xiu Clan's old man gave a creepy grin, then threw out eighteen blood-red crystal towers, which were about a foot tall. Those crystal towers fell on the ground into a perfect circle around the small island model.

On the ground, the large-scale spell symbol that was painted before abruptly lit up, emitting a dense blood-red light. Those blood-red crystal towers sank into the ground for three inches deep once they landed on the ground. Along with a low and resonant noise, thin streams of blood-red light spurted out from tips of those crystal towers, within which, an erect eye slowly emerged, hovering above the island model. Eighteen blood-red light streams quickly wove into a giant, blood-red net, shrouding the entire island model.

As a result of this small magic formation set tens of miles away from the small island, the real island where Ji Hao and his teammates were on was enveloped by a gigantic, blood-red cap. Streams of blood-red mist rose from the island, soon condensing into different-sized swirls, swooshing around.

Soon, Di Sha, Di Mo and Di Suo took over a thousand fully armored Jia Clan's warriors, and walked out of those blood-red swirls, right near Ji Hao and the others.


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