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The Magus Era - Chapter 315


Chapter 315: Pounce

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

Seeing all this, Man Man and Shaosi almost bounced up from the ground, but hearing Ji Hao's shouts, they immediately stepped back, shielding the altar and Taisi behind.

Tens of Ji Mo and Jiang Su's warriors pulled out their weapons simultaneously, sprinting towards the altar. However, the air abruptly and slightly rippled in front of them. Turning for a few times, those warriors found that the altar, Taisi who stood beside it, and the two girls, were like illusions which had been continuously disappearing and appearing again;these warriors couldn't even approach the altar.

A low yet resonant roar rose into the air, along with which, Feng Xing, who was surrounded by seven to eight warriors, suddenly leapt up into the air. A fierce gust of wind that had a faint cyan color swooshed up from under his feet, that seemed to raise his moving speed by at least ten times. Those warriors who attempted to wall him had almost grabbed his limbs, but before they clenched their fingers, Feng Xing darted out swiftly to tens of miles away, just like a loach which was covered in oil.

Turning around and pulling the longbow open, Feng Xing shot out three golden shining arrows in a row.

Puff! Puff! Puff!

The three golden arrows screamed across the air along with beautiful arc-shaped routes, magically puncturing the heads of over twenty warriors, then swishing out of the island and piercing into the river.

Blood surged out and pieces of flesh were brought up flying in the air by those arrows for over ten zhangs far. Twenty-four warriors brought by Ji Mo had their heads blew up by Feng Xing's magical archery without even letting out a moan. They fell on the ground, and began twitching intensely.

The life-force of Senior Magi was strong and thriving, therefore, although the heads of these warriors had all gone and they had died almost immediately, the great life-force still lingered inside their bodies. Their hearts kept beating like drums and their blood spurted out in huge streams to three even five zhangs away, like fountains.

A small half of the island was dyed red by the fresh blood. Feng Xing, whose power was consumed up already, curved his lips upwards and proudly took a glance at his marvelous work, then took a long gasp and jumped into the river, swiftly diving down. A long and slim human silhouette flashed across the river, then disappeared completely. No one, not even Yu Mu, knew where did Feng Xing go.

Yu Mu gave the two warriors, who had their hands pressed on his pot, one of his symbolic simple and honest grin, then said, ’’No one should touch my pot without asking me.’’

The two warriors raised their eyebrows. They were still in great shock caused by Feng Xing's archery and the sudden death of their fellows, which made them lost patience towards this seemingly weak and dumb fatso. They gripped the edge of the pot and intended to break it into two. In the meanwhile, around ten warriors raised their weapons and rushed over, intending to take out this fatso at first.

’’Well, you shouldn't eat my grilled meat,’’ said Yu Mu calmly and even a bit amicably, ’’My friends can improve their powers by eating my grilled meat, while you...might die!’’

All Ji Mo's warriors including himself suddenly paused, and in the following moment, their faces all turned horribly green. Strength seemed to be drained from their bodies such that many of them couldn't help but loosen their hands, letting their weapons clang against the ground.

Ji Mo, who had Ji Hao's shoulders tightly locked with his arms, instantly felt a hell-like pain from his stomach. From his eyes, nostrils and ears, green blood stream gushed out. Ji Hao's shoulders were still grabbed in his hands yet, no matter how hard he tried, he could never clench his finger.

’’Ke...eke!’’ A weird mumble came from his mouth, and tremblingly, Ji Mo squeezed a few words out of his throat, ’’Poison...I...I've checked the meat with...poison��proof talisman...How, how can I get poisoned...’’

Ji Hao didn't say a word. A raging flame swooshed up from his Gold Crow flame cloak, delivered a terrifying impulse force that directly sent Ji Mo flying into the air for hundreds of zhangs. Under the effect of Yu Mu's poison, Ji Mo's internal organs were corroding while his bloodline power was dissipating and he couldn't resist that strong impulse force at all. As he was trying his best to grab Ji Hao, half of his body was nearly blown off;even worse, the Gold Crow flame attached on his wounds, quickly burning his muscles and tendons into ashes.

A beam of fiery light darted out from the middle of Ji Hao's brows, within which, the silhouette of a fiery dragon emerged. Ji Hao gripped the dragon's tail with his right hand while straightening the forefinger and middle finger of his left hand, which swept across the dragon silhouette. Following his move, the stone sword, which had been thoroughly reformed by Yu Yu, roared out of the fiery light while spewing streams of flame.

Jiang Su was basically sending his twisted, claw-shaped hands onto the sword edge. Watching his hands reaching the sword edge, Jiang Si screamed out and tried taking his hands back. However, earlier when he launched the move, he had used all of his power in order to put Ji Hao to death.

A long howl burst out of his throat. With a slight touch of the sword edge, blood instantly splashed everywhere. His forearms were cut off entirely, then along with a slight shock of the dragon silhouette coiled around the sword, the pair of broken arms was instantly burned into nothing. At the same time, Jiang Su's wounds were set ablaze by the flame attached to them.

’’The first battle of this holy weapon needs fresh blood offering.’’ Ji Hao looked at Jiang Su and said with a cold sneer, ’’With your power, you are certainly qualified to be the first blood offering of this 'natural crafted Flame Dragon Sword'of mine. Don't blame me for being cold-hearted... blame yourself for pissing the wrong person off!’’

While speaking, Ji Hao lunged the sword. Jiang Su had lost his arms and had been thrown into a deep panic. Therefore, before he could launch any reaction, he watched the sword pierce into his own chest.

Soul-burning flame surged around Jiang Su's body within a moment, and soon, tiny streams of fiery light darted out from his pores. In the time span of merely one breath, Jiang Su was burned into a stream of smoke.

’’Kill!’’ watching their captain's death, Jiang Su's warriors roared out altogether. They pulled out their weapons and madly dashed towards Ji Hao and his teammates. Those golden teeth beavers bounced high up into the air, as if they could actually fly, and brought up shreds of afterimages with their long and muscular tails, whipping towards Ji Hao and the others.


Shrill and resonant caws resounded across the sky, following which, Mr Crow suddenly expanded his body into over a hundred zhang, flying into the air with his entire body wrapped in golden flame. Streams of golden flame breathed out from Mr Crow's beaks, while he looked down at those beavers with a pair of brightly shining eyes.

Sensed the scorching hot sense of power released by Mr Crow, over a hundred golden teeth beavers instantly turned around and fled at their highest speed. Gold teeth beavers were indeed capable and powerful, yet, they were still rodents living on the ground. What they feared the most were fierce flying beasts from the sky, which were their definite natural enemies.

Once Mr Crow expanded his body and rose into the air, all golden teeth beavers ran away towards all directions. This had the attacking formation formed by Jiang Su's warriors broken, and the order rank of warriors instantly fell into chaos.

Ji Hao sniffed coldly. Ninety-nine Gold Crow patterns on his cloak transformed into fist-sized, golden flying swords and zipped out of the cloak. At that moment, even the sky seemed to be filled with dazzling, golden sword beams, which hovered in the air and coiled around each other, then suddenly dove down like countless crows, striking on the bodies of Jiang Su's warriors.

Those were Gold Crow Flying Swords, crafted by Yu Yu himself... therefore, it was not difficult to imagine how sharp and powerful they were. Beams of sword light darted down thickly like a heavy rain, penetrating those warriors'bodies. Even though they were all Senior Magi, their bodies were still punctured by those thin and golden beams of light very easily.

Blood surged up into the air and broken body parts fell all over on the ground. Who could even imagine that over a hundred Senior Magi were defeated immediately by a sword formation attached on Ji Hao's cloak.


A faint, blood-red light screen abruptly rose from the edge of the island, forming a blood-red light cap that enveloped the entire island.


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