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The Magus Era - Chapter 312


Chapter 312: Clansmen

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

Enormous thunderbolts seemed to dazzle the entire world, while Ji Mo's simple leather armor was struck into pieces. Just like venation on leaves, those thunderbolts swiftly spread out on Ji Mo's body, ripping his skin and muscle open, and drilled into his bones, leaving clear slashes on his bones.

Ji Mo's golden lizard suffered even worse. A long and high-pitched scream was squeezed out of its throat, along with its hundred-zhang long and sticky tongue, that was thrust out straight towards the sky. The thunderbolt ripped this senior-Magus-level Golden lizard's skin and wormed into its body, nearly smashing a fist-sized sphere of spirit blood contained in the lizard's lower belly.

Along with a shrill sizzling noise, this golden lizard, which was just about to condense its soul power into a beast Dan and grow consciousness and intelligence to evolve into a spirit beast from an ordinary animal, fell on the ground in a sloppy shape, only puffing out black smoke from its nostrils.

Thunder and lightning had always been seen as the punishment launched by the heavens that could naturally restraint all kinds of evilness and darkness, and was especially destructive to these fierce beasts. This golden lizard now stared at Ji Hao, seeming to cry but unable to shed any tears. It had cultivated itself for over a thousand years in order to become a spirit beast, however, Ji Hao's thunder just crushed all it had ever achieved.

’’God damn it!’’ Ji Mo staggeringly struggled up from the huge pit caused by the thunder strike while cursing. As his spirit blood started boiling, all his wounds began healing and regrowing, along with those cracks on his bones. After the time span of only one breath, every single one of his wounds were gone.

Except for the slightly weakened sense of power released from his body, one couldn't possibly find even a slight bruise on his body.

The melted and twisted long spear had been wasted completely, therefore, Ji Mo pulled out the long sword tied around his waist in great rage.

Nevertheless, the long sword was forged from metal as well, which meant, it had absorbed a good amount of thunder power just now. As a consequence, Ji Mo sensed a loss of weight of the sword once after he pulled it out. In the following moment, he saw this long sword, that was made with high-grade steel and had tens of magic spell symbols attached to it, burned scorching-red by the thunder power. Half of the sword body immediately turned into steel water, dripping on the ground drop by drop.

’’You!’’ Ji Mo glared at Ji Hao, and sucked in a deep breath in both anger and shame.

He knew that Ji Hao was a Fire Crow Clan's clansman, who was supposed to know nothing but attack people with the fire power. 'When have Fire Crow Clan's people learned to launch thunderbolt attacks? Isn't the thunder power a special ability, possessed by and only by the Thunder Lustre Clan and the other few clans which own the bloodline of the Thunder God?'

Those warriors stood behind Ji Mo were knocked down as well.

Yu Mu's rain cloud had been shrouding the entire area and the gentle rain served as the perfect conductor when the great thunderbolts struck down from the heaven, turning into smaller electric bolts and darting out everywhere. Tens of warriors were all hurt pretty badly by those electric bolts, such that even their hair had straightened up.

Fortunately, those electric bolts that had affected them were not so strong, and among these warriors, even the weakest one was a Senior Magus who had one Magus Acupoint awakened. They tremblingly stood back up from the ground, and all gained their powers back in the span of a few breaths.

’’I am Ji Hao, came from the Special Army, a member of the main human army.’’ said Ji Hao while creaking his own finger joints loudly. Silhouettes of Gold Crows had been sparkling faintly on his cloak, as vivid as living creatures.

Looking at Ji Mo with a pair of cold eyes, Ji Hao asked, ’’Why did you attack my teammate?’’

Ji Mo took a long gasp, gritted his teeth, and responded word by word, ’’We are inspecting this mountain area under orders. One of your teammates is under suspicion of being a spy of the non-humankind, and we are qualified to deal with such a situation.’’

Ji Hao laughed out loud towards the sky, then abruptly threw a heavy kick right onto Ji Mo's face.

Ji Mo moved swiftly as well. He dropped the damaged long sword and punched against Ji Hao's foot with both hands. A thunderous boom was generated, and at the same time, Ji Hao sensed a massive stream of power against his foot. Nimbly rising into the air, Ji Hao then flew backwards for around a hundred zhang, while Ji Mo's body shook slightly. His foot stamped against the ground, knocking a gigantic hole out of the ground, as he staggeringly stepped back for nearly a hundred zhang as well.

Neither of them had used any magics and launched their moves with pure physical powers, and the winner was not determined at all.

’’How is it even possible?! How old are you, you little bastard?!’’ Ji Mo yelled out angrily while tightening his entire body. On his chest, back and limbs, over a thousand dazzling light spots suddenly emerged, after which, bright fiery light spurted from those light spots. He was ashamed into anger, staring at Ji Hao as he growled, ’’I've been slaughtering my way out of battlefields for nearly a hundred years, that is how I achieved my powers! But you! You're only a kid! How many Magus acupoints do you have?!’’

Ji Hao sniffed coldly while a dense fiery light surged out of his cloak, covering up the fiery light spurting out of his over ten woken Magus Acupoints, which were gradually lighting up.

Looking at Ji Mo, Ji Hao said in a bland tone, ’’Simple, I'm the genius one and you're the dumb one... don't you see?’’

Stamping his foot heavily against the ground, Ji Hao took out his identification tablet and raised it high, saying, ’’I am a soldier of the Special Army, we were sent into this mountain area to kill as much non-humankind warriors as we can, using any method. Can I also suspect your people as spies and launch my deadly attack on you?’’

Ji Mo paused briefly, looked at Ji Hao's tablet, then slowly took out a thick tablet from the leather bag tied around his waist, saying, ’’I am the captain of this Dare-to-die corps, I did not launch the deadly attack just now!’’

Ji Hao turned his head to Yu Mu, who carried the huge pot on his back and had been gobbling a piece of well-grilled serpent meat that no one knew where he got from. Seeing Ji Hao look at him, Yu Mu shrugged, curved his lips backwards, then said carelessly, ’’Well, he couldn't kill me anyway. In the worst case, he might injure me badly and I'd poison them all to death. This is how simple it is.’’

Ji Mo's eye corner instantly twitched, then gave a complicated, malicious glance at Yu Mu, who was a white, fat young man and looked so harmless.

Just as Yu Mu said, even if Ji Mo poked his spearhead into Yu Mu's throat directly at the first place, Yu Mu wouldn't die immediately due to the strong life-force of a Senior Magus. However, Yu Mu's poison-using skills were brutal and horrible, that could indeed make Ji Mo and all of his warriors stay in this place forever.

Gasping deeply, the piercing sense of power released from Ji Mo's body dissipated slowly. He raised his head, saw Mr Crow, who was floated above Ji Hao's head, and suddenly yelled out in a surprised, even trembling tone, ’’This, is this... a Fire Crow? You, you, are you...?’’

Ji Hao narrowed his eyes, carefully observing Ji Mo while responding blandly, ’’I am from the Gold Crow Clan, in the Gold Black Mountain, Southern Wasteland. You seem to possess the Gold Crow bloodline power as well, am I right?’’

Ji Mo showed a faint, yet extremely weird look hearing Ji Hao. He stared at Ji Hao and spoke nothing for quite a while, then abruptly gave a bitter grin.

’’Gold Crow Clan? Have you got the title back already? Is our clan so strong today? We, we...’’

All of Ji Mo's warriors headed down, gasping quickly and heavily.

Ji Mo remained silent for a while, then slowly turned to South and kneeled.

’’Abba, Amma, I finally meet a clansman that came from the Southern Wasteland! Not from the Fire Crow Clan, but the Gold Crow Clan! Our clan have risen again! One day, I will take your bone ashes back to our homeland and bury you well!’’

Looking at Ji Mo, Ji Hao finally threw the question out, ’’Are you from the Gold Crow Clan as well?’’

Ji Mo kowtowed to the South for a few times, then slowly stood up, and responded in a slightly sad tone, ’’Yes, but we have never been to the Southern Wasteland. Our ancestors were slaves, captured in the Southern Wasteland and sold to the Midland by those non-humankind slave dealers. It was the human Emperor's army that freed us from the mine we worked in.’’

Ji Hao took a tumble, and couldn't help but show pity on his face when he looked at Ji Mo and his warriors.


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